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  1. also eagerly awaiting Mountains of madness and Horror on the Orient express reprints any news on when they will be available to order ? and for how much ? definitely want to pick up both ASAP to add to my collection
  2. Hi there peoples got a quick question what will the full price of the standard book set cost I bought the PDF as soon as it was available to help keep the cost more affordable but wondering what the full cost will be to make sure I have the right amount when it's ready ....also love the PDF's really done well IMO
  3. nope don't read French but at least I know the game is not gonna happen anytime soon well here's for keeping hope things come together
  4. Hello fairly new to the Choasium Forums mainly sticking around the Call of Cthulhu end but have loved Stormbringer since the first edition when I picked it up in high school so is there any chance of a new edition ? or is there something with the IP that has changed ? or is someone else gonna bring out a version ? I would prefer a Choasium release but would like any info anyone has on the subject would be great thanx
  5. tiny place called Lakeside
  6. not everyone lives in the city some of us are stuck out in the middle of no were I live in a small village on the coast in Oregon not close to anything like that really get most stuff through Amazon so something like a character packet like what Wizards makes for D&D would be nice
  7. well most things they have in there online store they have at brick and mortar stores that's what I was trying to get at so if you have a game store by you you could just drop by and grab some
  8. So I was wondering if you were going to release a Character Sheet package that could have 1920's and modern and Pulp Versions as well I know you guys offer them for Free as PDF's but putting out a pack would be great for last minute game nights and people without printers ohh and one more thing make them like the ones in the Starter set ones you can use pencils with thanks for your time
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