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  1. Why dont you have kickstarted the project ?
  2. In Heroquest 2, there is a community resources chapter. If we do not take into account that the characters may also had some kind of internal resources, why take into account the resources of a community if that does not help in any way to make '' better stories'' ? If everything should always be infinite, why not remove the health levels as well ?
  3. A rule to illustrate that the characters don't have unlimited inner resources like mana, willpower etc. is not a bad idea at all. I think all Heroquests game masters have made their own rules in this regard. An official rule would be welcome in Questworlds.
  4. Here is a part of how i frame things with magic vs multiple opponent like repel undead, meteor shower, fear etc. Group simple contest and extended contest 4.0 Some spells affect multiple opponents. When one of these spells is cast as part of a simple group test, the combat is divided into three tests: one to determine whether the spell succeeds or fails, the other to measure the result of attacks made by other members of the side to which the caster belongs. The points gained or lost by the caster will be added or subtracted from the result of another group test between th
  5. 10 spells launch available in the beginning of a new adventure. +1 recover after sleeping 8 hours and another +1 if they ate and drank enough in the journey. The total is 10, even if the caster have 3 masteries. The magic cant be infinite. I make a rule for that because the game dont tell anything linked to this. All spells even the most powerfull cost 1.
  6. Its simple. The divine magic, nature magic or fundamental magic for keywords, and all spell as break out. And a description for each abilities/spells. But its a lot of work. Evocation, conjuration, divination etc. is a good idea too un der the umbrella of divine, nature and fundamental, for game master who want only abillities/spells name and a free system of casting. Fireball can be cast for example with 18 skills in evocation and meteor shower only for player who have 2 masteries etc. But, again, its some work of judgment and its subjective. Some very powerfull spell cant be cast by beginner
  7. Hi. I know the game advocates story obstacles. But the door should be open to players and game masters who also want to play tasks. I get the impression when I read Questworlds that they want to force us to roll the dice only for story obstacles. In some examples of Heroquest 2, we are more in the presence of tasks than story obstacle, it seems to me. It is worth pointing out that the game can make story obstacles. But whether we want to focus exclusively on that, I wonder a little. The game works very well with taks too. I use the rules in a simulationist and traditional way, without changing
  8. 1 : It is said in the SRD that ''...the number in front of the M is now the target number you seek to roll or less to achieve a critical!. Where in HeroQuest 2nd we can see that ? 2 : I have character with W15 and that character fight a monster with 14 for resistance. The character roll 14 and the monster roll 10. Critical versus succes ? The character can use a bump but it is not necessary because the result is already a critical. The bumps will be used when the player roll 17, for example, to have not only a succes but a critical ? 3 : I always think that W15 mean that a result
  9. What is Questworlds ? The name of the open licence game for Heroquest ? I have found nothing about that.
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