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  1. How would you say that should affect other actions? I would say that limiting other non movement actions seems reasonable, but again I'd prefer RAW.
  2. Yeah, that is one interpretation I got from that and likely the one I am going to go with. It just isn't as explicit as I would like and I don't want to run on a house rule and learn a year or three later that I was 'doing it wrong', which creates problems with online groups and expectation management.
  3. 406 of the Keepers Handbook and 255 of the investigators handbook. They seem to apply to weapons such as crossbows and older firearms. A lot of weapon entries from Down Darker Trails have these rules, and I want to have the RAW down before I start a Pulp Down Darker Trails campaign with my friends.
  4. Hello. I am a new keeper (starting with 7th edition). I am looking to figure out all the rules concerning the / notation fire rates. There seems to be only one sentence covering it. Can anyone explain it to me in detail or provide page numbers. As best I can tell its intended to represent a longer reload time. What, by RAW, are the limitations on player action during those times? Can a player just take a penalty die as normal to reload and fire or is that eliminated for such weapons? I've been digging and can't seem to find much. I've considered checking 6ed for rules or dig through the Basic Roleplaying System.
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