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  1. seneschal

    RWBY/RWBY Chibi

    So when do we get write-ups for the teenage monster mashers?
  2. seneschal

    State of BRP

    Tut, tut. OF COURSE we want to proselytize and spread BRP like a religion. That's what advertising and marketing and free market capitalism are all about. It's why Chaosium's latest products are all color (All-singing! All-dancing!) all the time. It's why you are a bad dad if you don't buy your kids Little Caesar's Pizza, are uncool if you drink Coke instead of Pepsi, and are downtrodden and unsanitary if you don't use Stay-free Maxipads. So switch to BRP, the only role-playing system guaranteed to combat unsightly Cthulhu-itis, freshen your Broo, and put the myth back in your characters' mythadventures! Anything less is Ducking your responsibilities as a GM. "Just the Prax, ma'am. Just the Prax"
  3. seneschal

    What is is about Stormbringer?

    How did we go from "I love Stormbringer because ..." to "Tolkien is a crypto-fascist"? I don't even know what that is but I suspect it has something to do with Superboy's dog. So, Tolkien was a closet DC Comics fan? Who knew!
  4. seneschal

    RWBY/RWBY Chibi

    I would start with SIZ+CON hit points and ridiculous amounts of Armor vs. kinetic attacks. That way characters can survive outrageous physical punishment and keep going. Throw in some Defense levels to increase their likelihood of avoiding attacks -- "You just missed me!" If I remember correctly, the RBWY crew are pretty acrobatic as well as tough.
  5. seneschal

    Runequest 1978

    Oops! Missed that earlier thread on the PDF release, although I did search for previous discussions of RQ1.
  6. seneschal

    Runequest 1978

    We've had lengthy discussions of the virtues and vices of Runequest 2 ("Classic") vs. Runequest 3. We've reviled Mongoose Runequest 1, sneered at GORE, and charted the evolution of MRQ2 into Legend and Runequest 6/Mythras. We've ooooohhh'd and aaaahhh'd about the upcoming glories of Runequest: Glorantha. But I notice the original 1978 game is available for download for $10. As a guy who loved Melee/Wizard and Classic Traveller, I'm curious about the heady early days of the game. How was it different from the version(s) we're used to and what made it worthy of a second edition? What enabled Runequest to give Dungeons & Dragons, The Fantasy Trip, Tunnels and Trolls and other early fantasy games a run for their money?
  7. Preview was disturbing (as no doubt intended). The last Lovecraftian computer game I played was "Alone in the Dark." Abbott and Costello were never around when I needed them.
  8. seneschal

    What is is about Stormbringer?

    See? Elfquest would never generate this sort of passionate discussion despite having Leetah on the cover and its own Marvel Comics adaptation. So, broody pale homicidal elves beat sexy, wolf-loving homicidal elves. Hmmm.
  9. After perusing the threads, other than the Big Two (Runequest and Call of Cthulhu) Stormbringer/Elric! seems to get the most love of all the BRP iterations, even forming the basis for other versions of the game. What makes Stormbringer special in a way that other out-of-print products, say Ringworld and Superworld, aren't? (I mean, with the latter two your character could one-punch that giant cave troll and sent it drifting off into space!)
  10. seneschal

    A sense of scale

    That was my point earlier in reference to the Odyssey. Bronze Age civilizations and empires were smaller than the later Alexandrian and Roman ones we are more familiar with. Doesn't make them less epic. Augustus Caesar didn't have to worry about every petty god in the pantheon messing in his personal business. The Bronze Age guys apparently did. Consider the Minoan Empire, which ruled the Mediterranean world the way the British Empire did the whole planet in the 18th century. King Minos has the best soldiers and the largest most advanced navy. His trading fleet brings wealth to Crete from strange people living on distant shores. He wows the rubes with his posh palace (a literal maze of rooms), his slinky topless snake priestesses, and his bull-vaulting dancers. He extracts harsh tributes from those dirty, uncultured fishermen on the Aegean coast north of him (that's Greeks to you and me). He's on top of the world -- until a volcanic explosion on the island of Thera sinks his fleet, burns his buildings, swamps the islands the Cretans have colonized with massive waves. The greatest civilization known destroyed in one day by cataclysm. While the Minoans feebly try to recover from disaster, those dirty fishermen have enough breathing room to start to develop a civilization of their own.
  11. seneschal

    A sense of scale

    Not the physical article I read, but covering some of the same territory (pun intended): https://www.nationalgeographic.org/maps/travels-odysseus/
  12. Easy, in-company solution: take all those excess deities and sic them on the hapless investigators of that other game (what was it called again?), 😄
  13. seneschal

    A sense of scale

    Re: Bronze Age territory sizes, a couple decades ago National Geographic writers attempted to retrace Odysseus' epic journey, matching events in the poem to actual locations. Turns out the world of Greek myth was (to 20th century eyes) smaller than expected. The world is a much bigger place when you have to depend on capricious winds or your own aching feet to get anywhere.
  14. seneschal

    Steampunk soundtrack

    How about the soundtrack to the 1960s version of "Around the World in 80 Days" or "Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines"? Both thematically appropriate. Or the Disney version of "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea"? Jules Verne invented steampunk, after all.