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  1. A good problem to have, yes? The new version is a hit.
  2. seneschal

    Build a Better Monster Contest, Part II

    I like the write-up but the Mahars should be at least man-sized. In one novel David Innes disguised himself as one by donning a Mahar skin or pelt. Yeah, itโ€™s far-fetched even for Burroughs but at least Innesโ€™ stature didnโ€™t give him away. ๐Ÿ˜
  3. seneschal

    What price for Dune?

    So, if a giant steps on a shielded Arrakisian warrior, a) the giant squishes the warrior b) the giant shoves the warrior and his shield into a newly created depression in the earth c) it doesn't matter since a skyscraper-sized sand worm immediately swallows them both
  4. seneschal

    Calling All Heroes!

    I am intrigued. And in the preview characters I like the brother/sister team of Tortoise and Hare.
  5. Heh, Jonny Quest investigated mysterious events and battled monsters, mad scientists and well-organized goons. You could build a pretty good campaign emulating his adventures
  6. This scenario really reminds me of the Jonny Quest episode "The Sea Haunt." Might view it for additional inspiration (and the groovy 1964 opening theme). Also William Hope Hodgeon's 1912 short story "The Derelict." Good creepy bits there, too.
  7. seneschal

    Renaissance/Age of explorationw Era game

    See the D100 family threads. Cakebread and Watson have options for you
  8. seneschal

    RQ3: Targeting items on an enemy with a spell

    NPCs pull dirty tricks on the good guys all the time. Darth Vader snatching Han Solo's blaster from across the room. Maleficent luring Princess Aurora into an isolated tower room via ghost light. Circe turning Odysseus' men into pigs during dinner. It's time to turn the tables on 'em.
  9. seneschal

    RQ3: Targeting items on an enemy with a spell

    Game mechanics aside, I have to agree with Rosen's second point. The examples listed in the OP are creative and fun uses of magic, distracting without necessarily being debilitating. Giving a foe a wedgie, causing his cloak to flip over his head, jerking a loosely held item out of his unsuspecting grasp, tying his shoelaces together are things I can see magicians (and especially their ornery young apprentices) attempting to do. I'd let them give it a shot and not get too worried about the rules. If you can't have fun with magic what's the point?
  10. seneschal

    If not Stormbringer, what then?

    Heh, Dark Shadows was part Jane Eyre, part Turn of the Screw for 200 or so episodes BEFORE everyone's favorite vampire -- Barnabas Collins -- made his debut. If you're renovating a building and stumble upon a hidden sealed room, don't remove the heavy chains from the coffin you find within.
  11. seneschal

    If not Stormbringer, what then?

    Obviously we need to think outside the box on this one. Since role-playing itself and many of our favorite properties are 1970s things, a logical license is ... General Hospital. Luke and Laura! Larceny and lechery! Streetwalker nurses! Gangsters, assasins and Bond villains! Betrothal and betrayal! Dastardly deeds at the disco! After all, if someone can turn "Dallas" into a rpg why limit ourselves to nighttime soap operas? ๐Ÿ˜
  12. seneschal

    Continuum 2018

    Glad.you had fun (despite the sweet potato fries). ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  13. seneschal

    17th century Paris

    My Rolemaster supplement "At Rapier's Point" gives a rundown of people, politics, culture and events in 17th century France and England. No Mythos connection but there's plenty going on to keep investigators busy. Best fencing rules I've encountered are Hero System's martial arts adaptation.
  14. seneschal

    Curses in CoC

    What about the investigator becoming irresistible to reptiles? They now just love her and want to be with her and follow her and snuggle up to her wherever she goes. They won't injure her but may threaten anyone who attempts to assist their new favorite darling.