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  1. Now, if the Beacon was Mavis, eVerything would be neatly typed in a reasonably sized font and we could read it easily:
  2. Nah, the satanic panic was ancient history long before the Internet was even invented. (I'm an old fart. I was there for both events.) And it is ardent young liberal secularists that write the algorithms at Google and YouTube. The folks who worried about D&D back in the 1970s and early '80s have either passed away or are much more concerned about video games these days. Something as archaic and passé as in-person tabletop pen-and-paper roleplaying just isn't on their radar anymore. 😉
  3. It is. The string of comments criticizing the PM is endless.
  4. Just like Galaxy Quest was the best recent StarTrek movie. You gotta love and respect the genre you're trying to emulate for your efforts to succeed.
  5. I've noticed YouTube creating "playlists" for me of the same 5-10 items I most recently watched. If I let them pick, I'd never hear or learn anything new ever again. Meanwhile, their selections on search topics can be pretty wonky. A list of videos about the West End Games d6 Star Wars rpg included one on recovering from demonic possession. Because Emperor Palpatine was planning to take over Rey's body, I guess? Maybe?
  6. Downloaded random free Star Wars paper minis and noticed they were close enough in scale to work alongside the usual Call of Cthulhu silhouettes. That's ... unsettling. The galaxy suddenly got much more dangerous! 😳
  7. I chimed in to contribute sympathy as someone who also dwells where fires sometimes present a danger. I apparently wasted my breath. Found fire coverage only when I specifically searched for it. No mention of it popped up in my usual news channels over the holidays, although other.stories did. Since Ian objects to everything I post on any conceivable subject, I've learned to discount his opinion.
  8. I'd go for a film version of "Splinter of the Mind's Eye." Does it fit continuity and canon? No, but then neither do the sequels. 😉
  9. It doesn't fit the tone and morality of the rest of the series. The Rebels were the good guys, resisting the ruthless Evil Empire. Our Heroes didn't slaughter Imperial minions for sport, but the latter were clearly on the wrong side of the moral scale. The heroes could defend themselves without remorse. Just like Legolas could pick off cannibalistic orcs without shame or James Bond could eliminate SPECTRE agents that were trying to kill him anyway (not that he had qualms in the first place). If you humanize and make sympathetic the heartless foot soldiers that casually murdered Luke Skywalker's family, an entire clan of Jawas, and the unresisting population of the planet Alderan, you've changed the dynamic and inner logic of the whole saga. And, as I mentioned, that's exactly what happened in the last three movies. The bloodthirsty troopers are now victims and the self-sacrificing Resistance fighters are ruthless killers. With competent plotting and characterization (not in evidence in the sequels) that sort of thing might make an interesting story -- but it wouldn't be Star Wars. FN-0000 is a missed opportunity, and as a character he never gets a break. He refuses to participate in a massacre (good) but strips off his gear and runs away from Captain Phasma rather than fighting her and attempting to thwart her evil plans (is he a coward?). He never gets to be the hero but is consistently depicted as incompetent comic relief (but we already have C3P0 for that). In fact, the first thing that happens to him after his escape is that he gets beat up by a a girl half his size with no military training (Rey). Later, it is implied that he is falling in love with Rey -- but since she is the Messiah-ess she's above such things even if FN wasn't merely the hired help. Except she heals and kisses Kylo Ren, the emo villain wannabe who has only been trying to kill her for three movies. Women! Poor FN eventually meets a nubile former Stormtrooper with a life story similar to his own -- but the relationship goes nowhere and he STILL doesn't get the girl. No fair!
  10. Must be the hot chocolate and ski babes. Oh wait, that was "On Her Majesty's Secret Service." Darn! Why can't Delta Green have as much fun as George Lazenby?
  11. Well, Matango involves spore infection and the other two long distance mind control. If your creature can psychically lure victims to it and/or give them orders, it doesn't need to roam around and hunt. Or it can ride its prey as it consumes them, exercising its powers on the hoof to infect as many people as possible. It can spore-blast would-be rescuers even if they aren't under its domination -- and they'll still turn into a fungus brain even if they retain their personalities to the last. Transformation could be as slow and horrible as you want to make it. Or a proto-fungus could go on a murderous rampage before collapsing into a mycelium heap, with each corpse supporting a new brain growth. Your fungus brains are not mindless zombies. They can read a target's thoughts, call to him or her with the images or voices of loved ones, lie in wait where they know the potential victim is going to hole up. They don't even have to be violent. Perhaps contact with a victim's skin or breathing/swallowing passages is enough. They explode in a cloud of choking spores or a sticky tangle of mycelium as soon as prey gets within range. Yuck! No combat occurs, and the host is toast unless he is encased in a hazmat suit. Its only a matter of time.
  12. Matango meets Donovan's Brain meets Beast With One Million Eyes. I like! But you consider it a minor threat??? It's like three or more B movies in one!
  13. Stormy About Imperial Stormtroopers WARNING! Possible Minor Spoilers! Not That They Matter At This Point. After listening to various YouTube reviews I had decided to skip "The Rise of Skywalker." "The Force Awakens" needed to go back to sleep, and "Rogue One" -- while well done -- was simply depressing, quite unlike the energetic, hopeful tone of the original trilogy. However, when we went to the movies as a family during Christmas, RoS (in IMAX 3-D!!!) was the only thing available. "Spies In Disguise" was full, and we decided to let "Frozen 2" go. In addition, my wife bought me the 30th Anniversary reprint of the WEG Star Wars d6 RPG (30% discount!), and I later spent a whopping $1.10 to print out an army of Star Wars paper minis at the public library (why are Stormtroopers easier to find for free than generic fantasy goblins?). And all this got me thinking again about those ubiquitous Stormtroopers. In "Star Wars" you weren't sure at first whether the skeleton-looking armored things were alive or not. They might have been as robotic as R2D2. Mid-film it seemed that they might be human since Our Heroes could slip into their armor -- but that wasn't a sure thing since stealthy sci-fi good guys had been hiding in robot outer shells at least since "The Phantom Empire" (1935). Much later, the prequels established that Stormtroopers were mass-produced clones designed to mindlessly follow orders, which helped explain why they were such indifferent soldiers. Suddenly in "Force Awakens" FN-whatever peels off his gear during combat and flees rather than participate in a massacre. He later claims he was kidnapped and forced into First Order military service as a child, a nasty real-world practice that the former Empire never found necessary. Now, in "Rise of Skywalker" we have whole contingents of forced-labor Stormtroopers-of-color risking instant death to lay down their arms out of conscience in the middle of battle -- and despite everything we've seen in eight movies about the martial competence of Stormtroopers they managed to defeat their officers and escape sans weapons, armor and powered vehicles. Remember, they simultaneously all laid down their arms. And their officers presumably didn't. Hmmmm. Since when do Stormtroopers possess cowardice (lookin' at you, FN) or morals or a reasonable sense of self-preservation? Why make any of them sympathetic, or a member of a supposedly abused group, when they're the Bad Guys? See, you can mow down hordes of Stormtroopers without guilt as long as they're faceless white male clones with conservative political leanings. But their deaths seem much more plentiful and personal in RoS than in previous Star Wars films I've seen, multiple exploding Death Stars notwithstanding. Since "Force Awakens," they're now innocent victims of Imperial ambition -- yet the alleged heroes of the tale murder them more aggressively, nay, eagerly than Luke, Han, et.al., ever did. What next? Lord of the Rings orcs and the White Witch's Narnian monsters are sympathetic victims, too? Sure, and Count Dracula will retire to run a quiet resort and care for his children. Next ya'll will want to, I don't know, run Cthulhu for president or something!
  14. Haven't heard a peep about these in the U.S. news. Sorry you're having to go through it. Our reporters are too busy trying to un-elect a president to let Americans know what is going on overseas. Worked as a reporter in rural Oklahoma where small volunteer fire departments and dry conditions are the norm. I sympathize.
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