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  1. seneschal

    #ShipsofRQ are on their way...

    Hmmm. Great sage is what I put on my poultry dishes, but I’ll check out the link. 😉 Whew! That was a mass of technobabble worthy of Star Trek. In general, I am as skeptical of philophers as Krugman is of creationists. I think they should all spend a minimum of four years flipping burgers at Wendy’s or cashing groceries at Walmart (surviving meanwhile on ramen noodles and mac and cheese) and only then dare to tell me how the world works. Comparative advantage is one of those clever ideas that sounds great but may not pan out in reality. Should nations excel economically in what they do best? Sure, but not to the exclusion of all else. Swiss watches, precision German machinery, fine Italian leather shoes are all great. But creating a world where you can only get time pieces, car parts or footgear from those places would be a mistake, for national security reasons if nothing else. Western businesses are pursuing short term profits while leaving themselves and their countries increasingly vulnerable to capricious and potentially hostile foreign interests. So enjoy your German sports car, but keep your local auto industry alive in the meantime. China is currently the cheap labor powerhouse but its huge population now consists largely of aging single men (because of the one-child policy, all the girls got aborted). Once they get too old to work, there won’t be an equivalent rising generation to replace them. The few young potential mothers remaining won’t be able to pop out babies fast enough. Because human beings are each nation’s real essential product. Yikes! On second thought, Meints, forget the books but make sure everyone on the Chaosium staff has at least 15 kids ... right now! 😳
  2. seneschal

    Tooleys Underwhelming Projects

    Which is why self-driving vehicles are a really, really bad idea.
  3. seneschal

    #ShipsofRQ are on their way...

    U.S. printers can’t handle hardbacks for a reasonable price? At least now I understand why the Australians are getting their games first. They’re physically a lot a closer to the printers. Nothing against Aussies, especially the cutie who was explaining how to play Call of Cthulhu. How long will it take for her to arrive in the States?
  4. seneschal

    #ShipsofRQ are on their way...

    Not intending any snark here, but is there no one within Western civilization who can print and bind books at an affordable rate? I mean, we already depend on the Chinese for essential military parts, Christmas toys and decorations, and national flags. Now we depend on them for reading material, too? They can shut down our military and cancel Christmas at a whim — and they control our gaming! How many Chinese Runequest, Pendragon and Cthulhu fanatics have we created? 😱
  5. seneschal

    Pres Release: Ken St.Andre to Write Mythic Aztecs for Mythras

    Daimajin, stone giant warrior of wrath. Fits the Mythras/Runequest vibe perfectly.
  6. seneschal

    Pres Release: Ken St.Andre to Write Mythic Aztecs for Mythras

    Greeks vs Aztecs ... on Monster Island!
  7. I'll have to do some noodling on these. Both Spectre and Fate are classic long-running characters from the Forties worthy of write-ups. But their powers are so broad and vast they'd be hard to represent with game mechanics. By comparison, 1940 Superman is fairly easy to quantify: strong, tough, fast, flies, has enhanced senses. Kent "Doctor Fate" Nelson possesses all of these (and immortality) before he dons the Helmet of Nabu. With his headgear, he's practically a mystical Swiss Army knife. You could divide his powers among the members of a super team and call them the Hex Men. Likewise, The Spectre isn't merely a scary guy who dishes out punishment to people who deserve it (that would be The Shadow or The Spirit). He's the official, licensed Wrath of God (from a time when it was OK to acknowledge the Judeo-Christian God and His ultimate divine authority). I mean, we've seen him as a celestial giant physically (metaphysically?) holding Earth 1 and Earth 2 apart to prevent their destruction. How do you write up a guy like that? The Vision is much more doable. Interestingly, he's one of those characters that made his debut around the same time as a competing publisher's hero who possesses similar abilities. Both Vision and the Martian Manhunter are lonely (and bald and green) outsiders who are super strong, can fly, and can become intangible. Both are members and sometime leaders of their respective publishers' top super team. Maybe they could meet up after hours and form a support group. Don't know about The Crow. I'm not much into grim, dark, tragic, angst-filled superheroes. Hence, all the Batman '66 write-ups. The Shadow and The Spider were grim and dark, but they didn't feel guilty about it, never apologized for anything, never sought psychiatric help. Sorry, Crow, Punisher, Logan, heh, even Batman. You guys are Johnny-Come-Latelys. Dang it, just go ahead and kill The Joker, Doctor Doom and Deathstroke, enjoy a romantic dinner with your honey, then go home to an untroubled night's sleep. You just saved the citizenry untold suffering and misery as well as thousands, if not millions, of tax dollars.
  8. seneschal

    Tooleys Underwhelming Projects

    I was perfectly happy with Windows 98 ....
  9. It isn’t an RPG but Osprey publishing’s “A Fistful of Kung Fu” is a skirmish game with roleplaying elements that screams “Big Trouble,” especially when you see the miniatures for it.
  10. After watching too many cube square law videos and calculating conflicting sums, I guesstimate that a consistently 24-foot Kong would have a mass of about 16 tons. That’s based on an average 6-foot gorrila weighing 500 pounds. Kong would be four times stronger than his smaller cousins (at four times the size) but 64 times the mass. It seems a bit excessive — the other result I kept getting was 3 tons, 12 times the mass. Despite being a Hero System fan, the math was confusing to me. If we downsize Kong to his originally intended 18 feet tall, he is 3x bigger than a regular ape, 2 and a half times as strong, 27x mass — just under 7 tons (6.75). This is the size he appears to be while chained up on that doomed Broadway stage. Found my own old write-up here: Given our recent calculations, Kong’s SIZ should have been 64. I’d raise his INT to 8 or 10.
  11. I agree. The original 1933 King Kong is still the best. And the movie monsters of the Twenties through the Fifties are perfectly suited for horror and adventure scenarios. In fact, some of the best ideas come from Grade Z films. In role-playing you have an unlimited special effects budget. To stat up 1933 Kong we still need to decide how big he is. Animator Willis O’Brien intended the ape to be 18 feet tall, almost double the size of the largest known prehistoric gorilla, but increased Kong to 24-25 feet tall in the urban scenes to make him more impressive against modern skyscrapers. Fine. Except the producer varied King Kong’s actual size throughout the film to make him as scary as possible in every scene. So he ranged up to 40 feet tall, the arm that reached through the bedroom window to seize Ann Darrow was that of a 70-foot gorilla, and RKO publicity papers set Kong’s height at 50 feet. Yow! At least Peter Jackson’s 2005 remake kept Kong at a consistent 25 feet tall.
  12. Hmmm. Well, Shi Godzilla and the Legendary Pictures version of Kong have already kind of gone there. Let me think. The Elder Gods’ whole schtick is that they are mysterious and unknowable as well as disgustingly powerful and dangerous. Humans can’t comprehend them, can’t determine their goals or motives, can’t communicate with them. Azathoth, their chief, is mindless. Godzilla was like this in his early movies — an unstoppable and unpredictable engine of destruction. But King Kong and Godzilla are more fun when they aren’t merely massive destructive beasts, when they show personality. Both of them fight other monsters and smash buildings not only to survive in a harsh world but because they enjoy it. Kong is a sucker for a pretty face and will pursue his favorite across continents. Godzilla has allies and enemies among the monster population and is a bit of a bully. His 1990s incarnation actually smirked when he thought he’d blown away Mothra’s hatchlings only to roar in pain and chagrin when they latched onto his tail. In contrast, do we have any idea what Cthulhu wants or enjoys? It is the difference between the monster being a symbol or impersonal event or the monster being a character, however unpleasant. Which is scarier? An entity that kills you because you just happened to be in the way, or a monster that hunts you specifically because you displeased it somehow? Stats for Godzilla here (2 write-ups):
  13. seneschal

    Playing a trickster

    So, you introduced the equivalent of The Joker or Marvel’s Loki as a PC in your fantasy game? What could possibly go wrong? What about modeling a kinder, gentler trickster — Bugs Bunny, Woody Woodpecker, Brer Rabbit, Turtle from African folktales. Annoying and selfish, yes, but they didn’t kill anyone. Except maybe Daffy Duck ... multiple times. 🤨
  14. seneschal

    Movement Rate

    I think it would make Atgxtg’s back saur, I mean sore.
  15. seneschal

    Movement Rate

    Whee! Can I ride on your shoulders? We can charge, er, I mean, stroll casually into battle together. It’ll be epic! 😃