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  1. Yes. That's why I thought you'd enjoy this discussion.
  2. For something different, check out the "Cthulhu Clue" thread.
  3. I've never read it. I will have to hunt it down.
  4. It wasn't that the monsters were wimpier in Howard's tales but that his protagonists were quite a bit younger and manlier. No aging academics or antiquarians for him! "The Hoofed Thing" and "A Witch Shall Be Born" are good examples. A bit of testosterone (or heroic skill points) is what your PCs need. 😉
  5. Hmmm, she escaped with the Handsome Lead (tm) in Lowlander IX, the LEGO Disney Princess Movie, The Revengers: Iron Legacy, Man, and with the evil emperor's hunky great-grandson in Solar Wars -- Absolutely No Hope. I suspect it is the princess. 🤔
  6. Nah, the goblin horde will double-cross Conan and he'll be forced to aid the PCs to ensure his own survival. Then he will run off with the nubile princess the adventurers just rescued from the Goblin King (but she won't mind even if they and her father do). Darn! How does he keep getting away with this stuff?
  7. Yes, BRP heroes are much more fragile than PCs in other games, so using tactics and terrain to your advantage is a must. Better to sneak around and pick off your foes one at a time than to wade into a crowd, even if they are mooks.
  8. Jared Leto as "Elric!"? (Ducks; flees precipitously)
  9. The Queen of Sheba gets mentioned twice, in 1Kings 10:1-13 and in 2 Chronicles 9:1-12, pretty much duplicate passages. She comes to negotiate a mutually beneficial trade deal and is impressed by Solomon's wisdom and wealth, which she says exceed the rumors she heard back home. She praises the God of Israel for both in terms that make one wonder whether she is a believer herself. Then she goes home. And that's it. No torrid romance. No occult shenanigans. No details on her age or appearance or religious and political views. All we know is that she was loaded and had a list of tough questions for the King of Israel to answer and he managed to wow her on both points. 😉 So far, Queen of Sheba sounds more like Judge Judy than Megan Fox. Yikes! 😳
  10. Don't forget Kipling! He's not all jungle tales and Just So Stories. 🙂
  11. The monograph "Berlin '61" may be slightly late for the time period you want but its Cold War sensibilities may provide the bleak outlook you are seeking. It is set in a divided city roiling with intrigue where no one's loyalties can be trusted.
  12. STR 32 is plenty to slap around a group of goons. Damage resistance 12 is pretty good but she's not completely bulletproof is she? So she's got to fight smart and sneaky, take 'em by surprise and not have scruples against fighting dirty if she has to. Very pulpy! With her POW 9 and APP 15 she's got a winning enough manner to pull a fast one but isn't so attractive that she can't blend into a crowd.
  13. What? Undead Revolutionary War soldiers who behead random travelers isn't good (or is it bad?) enough? 😱
  14. Merge this with the Don Quixote thread in the Pendragon section and the Sancho Panzer meme and we've got a post-apocalyptic campaign on our hands! I can totally see Don Quixote on his faithful hog Rosita taking on Washington Irving's Headless Horseman on some deserted Mad Max stretch of highway.
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