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  1. seneschal

    Advice BRP For Fantasy

    Well, I have to admit that I cut my role-playing teeth designing Traveller starships and Champions superheroes, building stuff comes naturally to me. If you need cheap, quick and dirty the BRP Quick-Start is a good way to go. If you want to throw Imperial stormtroopers at your sword and sandal types, GORE is free in the downloads section and has the sci-fi gear ready. 👽 Plus GORE has the rudimentary magic system that the Quick-Start lacks.
  2. seneschal

    Advice BRP For Fantasy

    To me, the toolkit aspect of BRP is a feature not a bug. Hercules-like PC demigods? No problem with super powers. Need a custom space alien or interdimensional monster? You’ve got the whole Chaosium magic and power suite to work with. Combat too lethal for D&D-ers? CON+SIZ for better hit points. You aren’t locked in to a particular rules-mandated play style.
  3. That has been the pattern in every region of the globe.
  4. seneschal

    A player as antagonist

    Glad it all worked out and that your group had fun. What a soap opera of a plot!
  5. seneschal

    Wondering About Wonder Woman

    Oops! Spoke too soon. In Sensation Comics #6 Wonder Woman goes home for a vacation. I’ll have to see what transpires. And it seems the Amazons begin to pop up more frequently in future stories.
  6. seneschal

    Wondering About Wonder Woman

    So far, in the early Forties stories I’ve read Wonder Woman is on her own once she reaches the United States, no help from home. However, she gets plenty of backup from plump college girl Etta Candy and her spunky sorority sisters from a nearby university. The plucky, adventuresome co-eds tackle gangsters, spies, paramilitary groups and mad scientists armed with nothing but their feminine wiles and youthful athleticism. After all, the bad guys are mere men. Later in her career, in comics from the 1970s through the 1990s, Wonder Woman has lots of adventures with her fellow Amazons. But the point of the early stories is apparently that, inspired by Diana’s example, American womanhood is unstoppable. It is interesting to compare Wonder Woman’s early attitude compared to that of her later incarnations. In 1941 she is very young, very feminine. She wears a modest skirt rather than bikini bottoms (although her open backed top is scandalous to some of the women she meets). She pines for Steve Trevor’s attention and follows him everywhere, is jealous of his secretary. Battling villains is as much a lark for her as it is for Etta Candy and company. By comparison, more recent and more mature versions of her are grim and imperious.
  7. seneschal

    Odd Soot - Sci-Fi Mystery in the 1920s

    So many of these look aquatc. If they operate in an atmospere do they stand and move via telekinesis? I can’t see them getting around on those delicate cilia in regular gravity on land.
  8. seneschal

    AI-powered horror

    And then they put the computer in charge of the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland. 🙀
  9. seneschal

    What Would Sci-Fi Look Like in the 1920s?

    Don’t forget the grandaddy of all summer blockbusters, the silent film Metropolis.
  10. seneschal

    What Would Sci-Fi Look Like in the 1920s?

    Don’t neglect the adventures of Anthony “Buck” Rogers (novels and newspaper strip) in the 25th Century. It began as a post-apocalyptic war saga with ancient Han invaders living forever in a few domed cities while defeated Americans skulked in a North America returned to primeval forest. Only after a second invasion by the Tiger Men of Mars (!) did it gradually morph into an outer space story. Both Edgar Rice Burroughs’ “Beyond Thirty” and H.G. Wells’ “Things to Come” had the Great War dragging on for decades and civilization restored by airmen bringing law and order back to a post-apocalyptic society. “Things” featured a moon rocket but “Buck Rgers” and “Beyond Thirty” and “The Skylark of Space” and other novels assumed you’d need some sort of antigravity technology to escape Earth’s gravity well. Rocketry was in its infancy and few people imagined yet that you could shove a payload into space by brute force. Burroughs and Buck Rogers had rockets to push their ships around in an atmosphere because it was cool, not because they thought it could get their heroes off planet. Rocketships for interplanetary travel become a thing in thr Thirties.
  11. seneschal

    What Would Sci-Fi Look Like in the 1920s?

    A little bit. Its approach is to present several full samples of vintage science fiction in a given sub-genre (usually short stories) and extrapolate rules and campaign guidelines from there. So far there are eleven sub-genres fleshed out. It is all HTML, so no physical book, just electronic pages to download or print out as best you can.
  12. seneschal

    What Would Sci-Fi Look Like in the 1920s?

    Check out Forgotten Futures, a game covering several genres based on Victorian fiction. Good for inspiration and original sources. Vacuum tubes, giant bus bars, slide rules but no computers. With the tech level, bigger really is better, more capacity and power. http://www.forgottenfutures.com/
  13. That Cutter is just too intense. Dude has Leetah on his arm and still can’t crack a smile. Put Treestump in charge and take a day off, man!
  14. Got the Warp Graphics original first issue many moons ago at a comic book convention. Never dreamed it would morph into a sprawling soap opera saga. Too bad the game designers didn't have more background material to build the setting, but that stuff was still being dreamed up and written by the comic’s authors. It would be like coming up with a Fantastic Four RPG with only the first issue to work with. Could you use the rules as is with an omnibus volume of the comics as source material?
  15. seneschal

    A Superman Surprise

    Heh, I read that issue!