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  1. The Crimson Bat? Isn’t that the superhero character that TC (Telmori Comics) is suing Prax Publishing over?
  2. “Are you pondering what I’m pondering, Pinky?”
  3. Makes sense. “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” assures us that mice are actually ruthless pan-dimensional beings with sinister designs on our planet. Felines may be our ultimate salvation!
  4. But the plague is alive and well today in the once beautiful cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco — brought by sick illegal aliens and nourished by armies of the homeless who pee and poop on the pavement and cover their waste with used needles (given them by town hall to somehow reduce drug use or something). Who needs Cthulhu or World War Z? The authorities are too politically correct to deal with these real dangers and instead focus on banning plastic drinking straws and soft drinks. It would be as if Godzilla were wading out of Tokyo Bay and the authorities ran around issuing parking tickets and arresting anyone who engaged in “hate speech” against the big lizard. Indigenous mutated sea creatures have rights, too! Oh, and giant rats (and their attendant plague-carrying fleas) have taken over the basement of the Los Angeles main police station and the cops can’t get rid of them. Where is Willard now that we need him?
  5. Shin Godzilla played on the fear of an unprepared bureaucracy. EricW’s fears remind me of the silent film ”Nosferateau.” When Count Orloff (aka Dracula) comes to London he brings plague with him, in addition to killing whomever he snacks on. The outbreak doesn’t subside until the vampire is vanquished.
  6. Ten years ago? Do you realize how many Spider-Man reboots there have been since then? 🙂
  7. Plus “Arkham Now” was published in what, the ‘80s or ‘90s? There’s been a lot of “now” since then. 😉 Even if unofficial, a little catching up won’t hurt.
  8. The Emirates aren’t totally without precedent. Both the Cat from Pinocchio and the Tiger Men Fro Mars were wheeler-dealers, although not honest ones.
  9. I don’t want to derail the Monster Creation thread. But I do want to discuss what monsters you find disturbing and why. As I mentioned earlier, some critters scare me more than others. Gollum, The Stepford Wives, and the Pod People from “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” are creepier to me than, say, the Universal Monsters or King Kong. Maybe it is because the threat is more personal than Godzilla, who will stomp anybody, or a horde of zombies, who will eat anybody. In the former case, they’re coming after YOU specifically. In the same vein (pun intended), the modern day vampire from the original “The Night Stalker” TV movie scared me more than any version of Dracula I’ve seen. He drove a car, raided a blood bank for supplies, kidnapped and kept a woman prisoner as a potential snack (after casually strangling her attack dog), and lived in a rental house that could be just across the street from yours. Yikes! Somehow, the vicious orcs from “The Two Towers” or the titular apes from the original “Planet of the” series didn’t affect me the same way. Sure, I wouldn’t want to meet them in a dark alley (or in a daylit street) but the fear factor, the eerie chill down one’s spine, wasn’t the same. Likewise, the assorted androids from the original Star Trek (or the Cylons from Battlestar Galactica, or Doctor Who’s Daleks) weren’t nearly as terrifying to me as the Borg. The others merely want to kill or enslave you. The Borg want to make you one of them. Why do you think this is so? What monsters scare you particularly and what makes them so eerie?
  10. Agree. I found Gollum from Lord of the Rings much scarier than Sauron. The latter might be more powerful but the schizoid little cannibal who might crawl through your kitchen or nursery window really creeped me out. Same with many B-movie monsters. The big rubber carnivore might be scary but The Stepford Wives coming after you ... (shudder). The Wolf Man seems cuddly by comparison.
  11. Once saw a real Roman helmet in a museum. It was tiny! Because of diet and nutrition, the tough guys of yore were as tall as a modern 8 to 10-year-old child. It is entirely possible our brawny female soldier is only 4 or so feet tall.
  12. But surely the classic Red Sonja chainmail bikini derives its armor rating from its distraction value. ”I’ll carve up your guts —whoa Momma!”
  13. Obviously, the pot and helm are on the end of things so she can quickly fling them in the face (or dump them on the toes) on an attacker! 🤗 Notice the fresh scars on her limbs and how muscular and, um, chunky she looks. No skinny Wonder Woman or lithe Xena here. Make sure you SMILE when you greet her, stranger.
  14. Same with OpenQuest, GORE, and other members of the BRP extended family.
  15. I would say a discussion of how to derive monsters' motives and methods would be helpful. Slapping together a critter that can slap around the PCs isn't hard, but making it interesting, unique and memorable can be. For instance, a grizzly bear, a werewolf, Bigfoot, and a gorilla are all strong, hairy mannish things that can mess up your day. So how do you take that basic monster template and make it special and scary for your players?
  16. "Berlin '61," if it is still around, might fit the bill. It is set in divided post-World War 2 Berlin with Germans, Americans and Russians vying with one another. And the Mythos is crawling around, too. The monograph was published before nu-Chaosium but might still be available in PDF form.
  17. “Cthulhu. The Animated Series”? I’m in! Where are Bruce Timm and Paul Dini now that we need them?
  18. But of course the Marsh is shrinking. It’s all the fault of those Bison Riders and their accursed farting mounts! 😤
  19. A lie spell? As in cheating with magic? Bah! That’s what Fast Talk is for. You never saw Bugs Bunny or Woody Woodpecker resorting to the occult to bamboozle their victims. ”Rabbit Season!” “Duck Season!” “Rabbit Season!” “Duck Season!” ”Actually, Doc, its baseball season.” “Batter up?” BLAM! ”You’re despicable!”
  20. The Chinese just burned one of your licensed supplements and you are rewarding them with a full version of the game? Hmmm. If they did it to your licensee, they will do it to you.
  21. But “Q” is waaaaaay too recent. Go back to the innumerable black-and-white films of the 1930s through the early ‘60s starring Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, J. Carrol Naish, or George Zucco (among others). Mad scientists, world-weary detectives, apes with human brains (or vice-versa), space aliens of all descriptions (did you marry one? some of them are hotties), zombies and werewolves and indestructible murderers and vampires created by SCIENCE!, old dark houses, cults that meet at the same cozy home where you attended a Tupperware party last week. It is too much popular culture to allow to go to waste.
  22. The irony is that cheesy B movies make great RPG scenarios. Of course, with tabletop games you have an unlimited special effects budget.
  23. Pretty! Hmmm, no scabbard. What do you sheath it in? An anvil atop a stone that mysteriously appeared in the churchyard on Christmas Day?
  24. Oh, the set also includes a Bast figure who could easily be Michelle Pfeiffer.
  25. Sorandib ... sort of like Detroit then? Only their fire demon got outsourced overseas.
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