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  1. The concept has legs. I can totally see an Oven Mitts of Madness (what is consuming the great chefs of Europe?) supplement, followed by Baseball Mitts of Madness (who has 18 tentacles and catches flies?) as Mythos forces conquer the Earth.
  2. Gather the troops from Agony and Ecstasy and send ‘em after those aliens. “Ersatz Avengers, Assemble!”
  3. Family members have told me they’d like to play a game that is sort of like Star Wars Meets Lord of the Rings. Sounds like I will need to choose a cinematic rules set, but what would such a genre-bending setting look like? So far, I’m thinking Sword and Planet, something like Burroughs’ Carson of Venus series, although Thundarr the Barbarian might fit the bill as well. Maybe with some alien steampunk tossed in. Any thoughts or suggestions? As far as system I am debating Hero System or Mini Six. My initial impulse was Classic Traveller, but it is far too lethal for Buck Rogers/Flash Gordon hijinks. BRP has lethality issues as well, and while Mutant Future might fit the tone its zero to hero character progression doesn’t. Sword and Planet protagonists are Big Darn Heroes from the get-go.
  4. Money is often based on metals but need not be. It could be pieces of polished shell, beads of volcanic glass, small plates of jade or other semi-precious stone, thick dried leaves of a certain plant, discs of bone or horn. Your medium of exchange just needs to be fairly rare, possibly pretty, and considered valuable. And, of course, portable. In ancient Sumeria, they issued letters of credit in the form of clay tablets. So even mud can be money, depending on the culture.
  5. First Japan, now Poland. Gee, Cthulhu really is taking over the world!
  6. So, despite the onslaught of rock ‘n roll and powerful car stereos, moderns are better listeners than Jazz Age folks? Hmmmm. 🤔😉
  7. We lost a lot of characters in Classic Traveller, too, but never felt the need to keep a mortuary list. Of course, burial in space may put the kibosh on such things.
  8. We’ve still got four locations and four NPCs to figure in. Care to toss in your two cents?
  9. Crypt + death trap — Said crypt is the final resting place of the reverend Rabbi Josef Levi Schaum of Antwerp. Unfortunately for the PCs, the crushing walls aren’t a mere mechanical contraption but are powered by the Rabbi’s former assistant and guardian, the golem Caleb. His power comes from the aforementioned crystal, which is embedded in an inconvenient portion of his anatomy. (I will leave the exact location to the GM, but adventurers won’t simply be able to snatch it off him.) The crushing confrontation in the crypt need not be the adventure’s climax. Caleb is mobile and intelligent and may need to do some globe-trotting to fulfill his master’s final instructions, whatever they might have been. After all, we’ve got six exotic locations to include.
  10. Here"s what I got: Hook: In Media Res – literally “in the middle of things”. The players are thrown into the plot whether they like it or not. The GM begins the adventure in the middle of the fight, chase or hazard. The heroes need to react quickly to figure out what is going on.MacGuffin: Object – Groundbreaking Invention. Unlike Prototype Weapons, this Mcguffin is usually well known and anticipated.NPC's: (Roll 1D4)… EntertainerDetectivePilotArchaeologistPlot Twist: Death Trap – Walls/Ceiling closing in. A grand tradition, the death trap usually appears in the villain's secret lair. Designed to prolong the agony of the heroes this provides them with the opportunity of escape.Locations: (Roll 1D4+2) Then fit together for fun and interesting story...JerusalemThe AmazonIslandAt SeaForestCryptThe Principle Action Sequence…Investigation – Several clues leading towards the principle villains are scattered about the scene/adventure. Clues coming together will build tension.
  11. Whatever you do, don’t open the lid!
  12. And at this point, some of the uploaded files can be found nowhere else. It is a service worth maintaining no matter how “primitive” it is.
  13. I remember Elf Quest but it doesn’t seem to get much love, unlike Stormbringer.
  14. Wait, wait! I could have played an Ent??? Quote: "I am Groot!" GM's major complaint: Player's wooden delivery Disadvantages: Fear of Japanese beetles I see your point with Balrogs, however ... "No, Azaroth! You may not help staff the party's fireworks stand."
  15. About 1,500 years ago the Nazca Indians created giant geometric pictures in the Peruvian desert that can only be seen from 200 feet in the air. One (totally unsupported) theory is that the Nazcas viewed their handiwork from hot air balloons. I can totally see a group of pre-Columbian Jules Vernes becoming untethered and drifting across the Americas and beyond.
  16. Where are the Fifth Dimension now that we need them? 😉
  17. Well, I have to admit that I cut my role-playing teeth designing Traveller starships and Champions superheroes, building stuff comes naturally to me. If you need cheap, quick and dirty the BRP Quick-Start is a good way to go. If you want to throw Imperial stormtroopers at your sword and sandal types, GORE is free in the downloads section and has the sci-fi gear ready. 👽 Plus GORE has the rudimentary magic system that the Quick-Start lacks.
  18. To me, the toolkit aspect of BRP is a feature not a bug. Hercules-like PC demigods? No problem with super powers. Need a custom space alien or interdimensional monster? You’ve got the whole Chaosium magic and power suite to work with. Combat too lethal for D&D-ers? CON+SIZ for better hit points. You aren’t locked in to a particular rules-mandated play style.
  19. That has been the pattern in every region of the globe.
  20. Glad it all worked out and that your group had fun. What a soap opera of a plot!
  21. Oops! Spoke too soon. In Sensation Comics #6 Wonder Woman goes home for a vacation. I’ll have to see what transpires. And it seems the Amazons begin to pop up more frequently in future stories.
  22. So far, in the early Forties stories I’ve read Wonder Woman is on her own once she reaches the United States, no help from home. However, she gets plenty of backup from plump college girl Etta Candy and her spunky sorority sisters from a nearby university. The plucky, adventuresome co-eds tackle gangsters, spies, paramilitary groups and mad scientists armed with nothing but their feminine wiles and youthful athleticism. After all, the bad guys are mere men. Later in her career, in comics from the 1970s through the 1990s, Wonder Woman has lots of adventures with her fellow Amazons. But the point of the early stories is apparently that, inspired by Diana’s example, American womanhood is unstoppable. It is interesting to compare Wonder Woman’s early attitude compared to that of her later incarnations. In 1941 she is very young, very feminine. She wears a modest skirt rather than bikini bottoms (although her open backed top is scandalous to some of the women she meets). She pines for Steve Trevor’s attention and follows him everywhere, is jealous of his secretary. Battling villains is as much a lark for her as it is for Etta Candy and company. By comparison, more recent and more mature versions of her are grim and imperious.
  23. So many of these look aquatc. If they operate in an atmospere do they stand and move via telekinesis? I can’t see them getting around on those delicate cilia in regular gravity on land.
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