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  1. Thank you all very much! Those were very helpful answers. I'll try to consider them in the next session and probably come back with some more questions!
  2. Hi! We've started a cthulhu session and played the haunting and some things felt a bit off, so I thought I'd just ask and get some input by more experienced players how you deal with these things. There might be some spoilers for the haunting, I'll try to mark them. So what felt off to me was: 1) if a player failed with some social skill - let's say Charme - another player had a go. Which leads to almost guaranteed success. I did stop some conversations and had the NPC get mad/annoyed or similar, but it still feels a bit weird. How do you guys handle NPC interaction? 2) Time. Some things take time for example searching for documents in the library or something. Does this have some kind of impact or can the game? I guess they need to eat here and there and sometimes their employer gets annoyed, but in general does it affect anything? For example would players be allowed to just rest for as long as it takes for them to heal up or study a spell for weeks if there is no pressure from the employer? 3) Character progress. I guess in every group there are more active and less active players. Which leads to faster skill enhancement by the more active players and more active players tend to also be more specific in regards of what they are doing which leads to more skills being used. So do you somehow interfere with skill leveling in the sense that PCs don't drift too far apart in regards of skill? If 3 adventures are played and one player is very active and gets 10 used skills while another only used 4 successfully the first one will be so much more skilled across the board (30 VS 9 potential enhancements). Which leads to the active player being even more active because most his skills are kinda high. I'm not sure if it's the case but I expect the more introverted players to get frustrated by that. Thanks in advance!
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