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  1. I'm looking for a post-Singularity setting. I first read about the Singularity in an article by Ray Kurzweil in the Futurist magazine. I think this was back in 2003 or 2004. In the article Kurzweil claims that advances in robotics, nanotechnology, computers and genetic engineering would converge to create the Singularity during which it would be impossible to distinguish the organic from the mechanical or the virtual from the real. I figure that the Singularity has a mean rate of failure of about 8 months give or take 3 weeks. I expect that malware will end the singularity when it takes down the internet and the world's power grid causing a meltdown of nuclear reactors around the world. I imagine the Singularity itself will be like getting trapped in a video game sort of like Log Horizon though I don't imagine it will be confined to just one video game. For people caught in the singularity I expect the situation to be a mix of Log Horizon and the Genesis of Shannara series. My post singularity musing are a mix of the change series by S.M. Stirling; the Westria stories by Diana L. Paxson and the Hiero stories by Sterling E. Lanier. I read in a book by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki; sorry I don't remember which one, that 17% of the population is psychically active. During the Singularity itself magic is widespread since people are basically living in a video game combining Everquest, World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls, and Final Fantasy. Magic helps keep you alive during that time. After the singularity one person in 6 is still using magic. The rest of us are trying to develop a working theory and practice of magic out of "Charms, Spells & Formulas" by Ray T. Malbrough; "Pop Culture Systems" by Taylor Ellwood; "How to be a Psychic" by Michael Hathaway, and "Sister Karol's Book of Spells, Blessings & Folk Magic" by Karol Jackowski. During the Singularity people will face monsters just like in a RPG video game. After the Singularity if will be just regular animals with a lot of invasive species escaped from zoos. A few genetically engineered plants and animals will also appear. People will be mostly human but a few will look as if they were modified or partially modified to resemble video game characters. In a post Singularity setting guns will be available but the materials and means for producing more cartridges for the guns will be lost. Where sulfur and salt peter are available gunpowder will be produced and so will flintlock rifles. Without gunpowder arrows will prevail. Cars will mostly be a source of materials. Bikes, horses and feet will be the normal modes of travel. I imagine sea levels rising three feet every five years from 2025 until 2039. This will displace a lot of people from coastal areas and virtually eliminate shipping. During the singularity itself I think people will be forced to huddle together for protection and that we will loose 21% of the population. After the Singularity we will reconnect but it will be at a slower pace. There will definitely be a feeling that mankind is in retreat and nature is on the rise. This will be ironic because I expect that areas where people were practicing regenerative agriculture and rewilding will do better during the singularity than areas that did not. I imagine that between 2025 and 2038 there will be an average net loss in human population of 6% a year so it will be obvious that the wilderness is expanding. I think the United States east of the Mississippi river will remain intact as a political entity. West of the Mississippi will break up into 4 or 5 republics or confederations. The gods are real and communicate with people through dreams, imagination and coincidence the same as they do now. Pop culture paganism will grow a lot with gods from Legend of Zelda, Elder Scrolls, DC comics, Marvel comics, and Legendary Pokémon taking their place alongside old standbys from Greek, Norse and Egyptian mythology. Churches will still be around but denominations will not, as people come to believe that the seminaries have deceived the faithful. Where Christianity persists people will be relying on "Pray the Circle" by Mark Batterson and "Dreams and Spiritual Growth" by Louis M. Savary to communicate directly with God with or without the assistance of cannabis. The stakes are mostly low, occasionally rising to medium when successor states go to war with one another, but never high. High stakes worlds just seem too contrived for me.
  2. I just saw a little bit of Eurovision on YouTube and thought Lunar Empire. This has to be some festival in the city of Glamour.
  3. Among the Torkani Tribe and among troll friend clans I think that most with a Moon affinity would turn to Anilla, if the clan also tolerates the Lunars then Jakaleel the Witch is also a possibility. If the clan has a history of animosity with the Grazelanders or the Animal Nomads then those with a Moon affinity might be encouraged to join Chaghatishi Moon-Bow. In clans that are more hostile to the Lunar empire those with a Moon affinity are likely to be fostered out to relatives in more Lunar tolerant clans.
  4. The public library used to have a big coffee table book on Hungarian Folk Art. Not the floral stencil patterns you see when you type Hungarian Folk Art into Bing Images or Books a Million or Barnes & Noble. This book had ceramics, wood carvings, pictures of Hungarians in traditional outfits from the late 1800's and early 1900's. It seemed perfect for depicting the Pol Joni to me. I thought the effigy jugs would be great for depicting Orane the steadwife and Durev the householder. The multiple woodcarvings of Willow trees suggested that Overdruva the forest friend would have an important role among the Pol Joni. Willow bark has medicinal properties and willows grow along stream beds. The photos of Hungarian drovers on their horses gave me an idea of what Pol Joni outfits would look like. In the early 21st century I made some contributions to the International Campaign for Tibet. In return I was mailed some issues of Tibet Press Watch. I saved the July 2002 issue for the article Tibetan cadres today. The cadres listed in the article are: Liberal Ethicists, New Loyalists, Opportunists, Radical Traditionalists, and Cultural Revisionists. From these I was inspired to create five cadres of my own for Sartar. The New Wind - Sartarites ready to adapt new magic, gods, and skills from the lunar empire for their usefulness; The Moon Wind - Sartarites who have converted to Lunar faiths; The Trade Wind - Issaries and Argan Argar cultists mostly who view the Lunar Empire as a cash cow to be milked for all they can get; The Old Wind - Sartarites who utterly reject anything new from the Lunar Empire; The Solar Wind - Exiles and opportunists from across the Lunar Empire who have relocated to Sartar and have banded together out of self interest.
  5. The books I read on Mysticism back in the 80's when I was in college warned that mysticism often gives way to nihilism. This is why many religious groups require that mystically inclined disciples work with their hands to ground them in the physical world, the whole chop wood carry water thing.
  6. On page 39 of "The Book of Heortling Mythology it says: "Orlanth's house marched and Vingkot led the bulls, Voriof led the rams, Vederi led the goats, and Varnaval the ordeeds." On page 148 of Thunder Rebels there is a map with a symbol of an antelope's head for Brolia, a ram's head for Sylila and a goat's head for Zarkos. I'm guessing that the ordeeds Varnaval lead were a kind of domestic antelope. Is Vederi a mask of Gerendetho the Billy Goat god of the Kostaddi?
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