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  1. This is pretty much how we thought it worked, hence my comment about having to effectively cast it twice to get the resurrection effect.
  2. I was running my group through the China chapter of Masks when they acquired a copy of the Resurrection (aka Restore Life) spell. Collectively, we tried to figure out how the spell was supposed to work, but I'm not sure if we've understood it correctly: The spell can be cast forwards and backwards: It reduces the body of a person into its essential alchemical salts or, alternatively, reforms the same compounds into the original form along with its life-force. Does this mean to resurrect a person it must be cast twice: once to reduce the body to its compounds and then again to reform the same ingredients but now with added soul? Or did we get it completely wrong?!
  3. Hi everyone... newcomer here. The section in RQG on Parrying is written with the assumption that two weapons (or weapon and shield) are involved. What happens if, say, I try to parry a Jack ‘o Bears claw attack? It has both HPs and APs on its arm (which I assume is considered to be the attacking weapon). This case isn’t really dealt with in the rules... If I parry the attack (normal parry vs missed attack) do I roll my weapon damage and if it’s over 4 (the Jack ‘o Lanterns HPs on its arm) I do 1 point of damage to that location regardless of the APs there? Or is the point of damage absorbed by the armour? Similarly, what happens if I roll a special parry vs failed attack? The RAW would indicate that I do more damage the more damaged the location already is. So, for example, an undamaged arm has 4 HPs and I roll a 6 for damage, I’d cause 2 damage to the arm. Again, does Armour absorb damage? I parry the arm later with the same result, I would cause 4 damage to it (6 damage vs 2 HPs)? Any ideas?
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