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  1. Im wondering wich is the way to cure venom. Natural Healing work. The normal healing magic doesent work. deos heal body Work?
  2. I don't like the idea that players have too many containers of few magic points that can be added together or that they have all forms of spirit magic in matrices. In my opinion it is better that they have to choose what to take with them and we don't always have everything at hand.
  3. Is there an official limit for the magic object that a Pc can use? I'm limiting my players to 1 magic object x 3 point of power (full armor count 1 point).
  4. At what sr does an allied spirit in spirit form can cast a spell? For the one with dex sr is simple...but the spirit in general when cast the spell...In my campaign they usually cast at sr 12...but prehaps it is not correct. thx for the answers
  5. I'm reading Secret of Dorastor and i find it really usefull becouse i'm mastering a campaign in dorastor...really appreciate...thx
  6. i permit to my player to use theyr store mp in spirit combat to replanish the lost one...this is the only reason i have immagined to have them... ps forgive my english
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