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  1. I had this thought the other day that might help create additional Lore of Orgorvale Summer. There is a reference to the Queen's Tomb being the Tomb f the Sleeping Queen, so I had the thought that what if this reference is not about Orgorvale Summer being imprisoned but is hinting at a "Sleeping Beauty" like event that happened in her lore? There is not much lore for her overall so it makes it very easy to insert almost anything into her story. So I'm thinking about adding one of the holidays or maybe even two separate Holy Days to link to this Sleeping Queen Event, one where she falls asleep and cannot be awakened and another where She is finally awakened - possibly by Ulanin the Rider. Anyway. food for thought.
  2. Hmm. I didn't think about that.. Thats good a good angle as well.
  3. Those look great. At the last Improtu Con they said that they don't have a ton of control over when content gets put up on sites like Roll20. Stuff for Runequest are on the list but there is a ton of other stuff, not just chaosium stuff, on that list that is waiting to be worked on.
  4. I have other plans for the Lost Spirit adventure seed, though that is a great suggestion. Totally. If only I had The Duel at Dangerford at the time, those paragraphs would have help.
  5. New writeup about the Adventure of the Dragon of the Thunder Hill along with some notes on this to think about before running it and possible changes i think might help improve it overall. https://monstersandmusings.blogspot.com/2021/06/runequest-adventure-review-dragon-of.html
  6. Planning to do move this into the area near Apple Lane. Maybe somewhere in the Thunder hills. But I haven't gotten around to doing it yet.
  7. Ya, i had a similar thought about the map. it says in the one text box that the make has Red marking that note where Makes Scratches encountered spirits, but the map in the book doesn't have any red markings.. the best I could guess was that maybe they meant the Green ink drops, but IDK.
  8. I believe its purposely left open for the GM to insert any kind of event that happened in their game. For instance, in my game, the celebration will be complete destruction of a large gang of Lunar and Orlanthi exiles who were committing banditry throughout the Colymar Tribal lands. One of the depictions I added tot he opening scene was how the walls of Clearwine Fort were decorated with the heads of these Lunar spies and villains.
  9. From the sounds of it, overall they are upgrading some of the printers to what is call ultra premium, so it will be better quality (hopefully) in the long run.
  10. This is just an update for those of you who have Jonstown Compendium products up on DTRPG and particularly for POD fulfilment. I don't know if you have seen this the price change announcement? Lightning Source, the print supplier has, increased costs for POD by up to 45%. So adjust your prices accordingly.
  11. I believe that was the plan or at least its been planned as a box set for some time now.
  12. So other than the Day of her reawakening as a Holy day for her cult, I was thinking about where to pull 4 other holy days. There is very little written about her so there is not much you can pull from so its mostly just make something up. So with that in mind, I have this as her next holy days. Windday of Movement week of Seas Season to mark the day when Orgorvale tamed the Wild White Stallion. Ulanin had unintentially challenged her newly learned riding ability and she proved him wrong. Clayday, Harmony Week of Fire season; Marks the Day that Orgorvale Summer Married Ulanin the Rider. Earth Season -N/A Dark Season - N/A
  13. This is also a High holy Day for Yinkin and Odayla as well, so if this is the case, then the same rules would apply.
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