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  1. I mean, Its my thread and I asked a question pertaining to the subject so I think its ok.
  2. I was think of either treating it as a failed Luck roll from the other party members or as a successful Disorder roll from the trickster. In both cases just being a hidden GM roll.
  3. I'm also curious if any one uses The Trickster Flaw from Heroquest in their RQG game?
  4. So far, since he just started to play the character, no one knows that he is a t4rickster. He also hasn't openly done anything so far that would warrant anyone in the community to become suspicious of him outside of how any normal stranger would be viewed. As far as pretend initiation, it hasn't come up, but when asked he will say that he is an initiate into a Ancestor worship cult for Enjossi (the clan founder).
  5. The group is closer to Runegate than Clearwine, but I'm using the description of the Lightbringer's Temple from Clearwine as a basis for the one in Runegate, though a rebuilt version since the original one was destroyed when the Crimson bat attacked the town in 1602. Imagine with the one in Clearwine that Orlanth Adventurous is the Major cult within the Runegate temple in comparison to Orlanth Rex and Thunderous in the clearwine one (based on info from the Sartar Companion). I imagine that once the lunars were forced out the Orlanth Adventurous cultist returned to the town. I am also assuming
  6. I think your assuming that Eurmal is Loki too much. Thinking that he decided to do something. He just represents disorder, not chaos. Disorder is a natural disaster. Eurmal wondered into the darkness and Found Death and brought it out of the darkness. He was looking for it, he didn't Steal it. He just found it and brought it into the world. Then he just gave it to someone who gave him something in return. It think nothing more that Eurmal is pretty curious in general about stuff. He was on the Lightbringers quest because they needed him. Orlanth gave him something he needed and as such joined
  7. I've been told that, in good conditions, its a full days travel (on foot) from Apple Lane to Clearwine. Which would make travel to Rune Gate from Apple Lane being dsomewhere around 6-8 hours. Thats been the scale I've been working within roll20. For the Roll20 map of the Colymar region, I set the Hex grid up so that each Hex is a single days worth of travel (by Foot) to pass through.
  8. We are going to need a whole new slipcase for all of these books.
  9. So I get that Tricksters are frowned upon in Orlanthi society, and for good reason and that for the most part they are killed unless they are bound to an Orlanth Rune Master - who takes on the responsibility for the Trickster's actions. I get all of that. In my current game we have one Trickster whose main trickster trait isn't stealing but is a con man whose long term goal is to be the man behind the curtain who is pulling the strings. He has some loft goals, in my mind. Currently, no one knows that he is a trickster - so until he is discovered the orlanth binding hasn't happened yet. Bu
  10. Something I missed earlier; The GM's Adventure Book say this takes place during Movement week of Storm Season, but a few people have said this was during Fire Season. Is it both?
  11. So this begs the question, what do the marshaled forces do when brought together? Training is a bit of a given, but what form does that usually take? or does all of this really reflect something more akin to the Highland games?
  12. Thanks Jeff! I really appreciate you giving your insight and advice into this post.
  13. I found, before game yesterday, while reading the Heroquest: Sartar Companion book, that there was a orgorvalite hero named Vestorfin; so when my players had encountered the Chief of the Anmangarn, One Vestorfin Tribute-taker, and were telling him about how they released Orgorvale Summer from a spell put on her by the EWF and were reestablishing her cult, Vestorfin told them about how he was named after a orgorvalite Hero due to being descendent from that bloodline. The reawakening of the Goddess seemed significant to him. Though, I don't think he will become an initiate since he has his hand
  14. That's all pretty true and the heroquest is a great idea. There isn't much written about her from what i have been able to pull up so far. So I'm unsure what her mythic deeds are. I was largely basing some of this off of the fact that it sounded like her people were non nomadic horse people who were in conflict occasionally with the grazelanders. But you're not wrong. Though this write up is a work in progress so it could change over time as the group messages whatever decisions they need to make.
  15. My group is going to run the Orgorvale Summer cult as its own cult instead of a sub-cult under Orlanth. So far what I have written up for the cult writeup is: Cult Runes: Man and Earth Initiate Requirements: Standard Favored Passions: Devotion (Orgorvale Summer), Loyalty (temple). Spirit Spells: Heal 1, Strength (2 pt.), Vigor (2 pt.) Common Rune Magic: All Special Rune Magic: Summon Ancestor, Summon Specific Ancestor, and Summon Spirit Teacher. Cult Skills: Herding, Riding (Horse), Homeland (local), Understand Herd beast, Worship (Orgorvale), Animal Lo
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