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  1. Also, Let not forget Maui - Trickster, Shapeshifter, Hero.
  2. This just dropped and on the cover image alone makes me think Glorantha https://www.darkhorse.com/Books/3007-988/Iyanu-Child-of-Wonder-Volume-1-TPB
  3. Mind you with the Dragon of Thunder Hills, a God/Goddess doesn't physically manifest in the way you are thinking. Its more like how Zeus appeared to speak to young Hercules in the Disney animated movie. There is a Vessel and its a once in a life time occurrence/special circumstances.
  4. I see the Monkey King's Crown - called The golden fillet - as being similar to and a physical manifestation of a trickster being bound to an Orlanth Rune Master.
  5. Ya, I think my preferred Refence for a trickster in GLorantha is almost never Loki and almost always The Monkey King.
  6. Those are some decent suggestions. I imagine we can play Issaries up like he is Charon of greek mythology - minus the boat. A Merchant would still take pay in the form of money though.
  7. Neither of which has to do with (the non-Christianity styled) Demons..... I get that Humakt is guarding the gate ways in and out of the underworld, but If a Humakti is summoning a Demon - then i don't see the reason why he would stop them. they're not Undead or ever dead. They're just underworld spirits. Bringing up the Redline text doesn't make any sense when it comes to demons.
  8. As far as I have seen, Humakt only wants to make sure that the Dead are sent tot he underworld where they belong. Though, i don't know what the War God Yanafal has to do with this...
  9. One of my players was asking what kind of spirits their Humakti Sword could summon using the common Rune Spell. So I figured I should come up with something for when they do use the Rune Spell. So here is what I think they will get, but if anyone has a better idea - leave some suggestions. 1 Rune Point: This summons the spirit of a Fallen Sword; a Humakt Warrior who died in combat. 2 Rune Points: This summons a small Demon - a servant of the Underworld. 3 Rune Points: This summons a medium Demon - a servant of the Underworld.
  10. I think someone had mentioned before about Combat Unit sheet. After running a big combat session last night I made a separate NPC sheet in roll20 to handle just all the rolls for attacks/defense/etc. That way I wouldn't have to keep pulling 5-8 different sheets up when it was the group of skeleton's turn. But this got me think about what a Unit sheet could look like since a simple NPC sheet could completely be able to easily track each hit location for each NPCs. So I took a jpg of the sheet into photoshop and came up with this idea. This is just a very rough basic idea I figured I would share.
  11. I have in the past used two fails (ties) as an opportunity for a comedic scene. For instance, in the situation where Rurik is sneaking past Earwax - when they both fail (and maybe this example would be more if they both fumbled); Earwax thinks they hear something is looking in the wrong direct all while Rurik is knocking over every pot/vase, steps on the cats tail, etc while thinking they are being super stealthy.
  12. Oh, ya. Totally. I did read through those and when I sit down to punch out the Adventure Overview on the Smoking Ruins adventure, I'll be for sure mentioning the notes on The Duel at Dangerford. Its a good resource.
  13. Ya, i can see that as a possibility. Its not how I read it, but if you wanted to make it possible for the players to end the issue without any additional steps/hassle then its a good way to go. Though the way I read it was that with the Hombadaka Boko, when the spirits are sent back, that is the end of the spell. It didn't have a continuous effect. Also, It also made sense to me that One-Eye's spell really only targeted her family - and if all of her family could be save it meet some special requirement of the Dragonewt spell to free all the troll's of Braineater's faction since they are kind of like an extended family (possibly). But since Vamargic's faction were never the target of the spell it didn't effect them. My personal plan is for the group to find another way to end Vamargic. They'll fight him and if they defeat him it wont be permeant.
  14. When prepping for the game this week I came across a few elements about the opposition that I feel a little unclear about how to run. I wont be spoiler marking anything in here since I already marked the Post as a spoiler to make it easier to talk about. When it comes to Vamargic, the undead Troll has a special ability that I'm unsure how it works outside of a certain context. Varmargic is a Spirit that is Contained (trapped?) in his on fire and perpetually melting body but has the spirit ability Slow Death. Slow Death is the ability, if a spirit with this ability possesses a host, it slowly kills the host. However, Vamargic's stats don't say he has the ability to possess. So I can either Assume that Vamargic has the ability to possess and can leaving his melting, flaming body to do so, or I can assume that neither of those things are true nd that the ability in his case works but without the need for possession. The other thing that I came across was with the Cave troll Spirits and Troll Corpse Spirits both have a physical attack - Bite- however, neither have physical forms just spiritual ones. As far as I have read Spirits need a physical form to use physical attacks like this. So are these two attacks only used After the spirit has possessed someone? Or are they attacks that the spirits can use instead of Spirit combat that can leave physical damage instead of damage to MP? Also as a side note: I suspect - though the adventure doesn't spell this out, but based on the way the Dragonewt spell works - I suspect that even if the players Defeat Vamargic his spirit and body (as well as any spirit defeated likewise) will only reform a short time later due to the atonement magic. That fighting Vamargic and his followers is not how you end the blight on the ruins, that violence isn't the way in this case.
  15. Just to let you know. Under Characteristics, for Charisma is I set as CHR instead of the usual CHA. It was correct the other week so its probably just something that got changed on accident.
  16. Just popping in to make a suggestion - this came up in the Discord the other day and I think it would be a great help to players. Adding the associated Rune next to the Skill category (or Skill if its different) for ease of reference. Example:
  17. I had this thought the other day that might help create additional Lore of Orgorvale Summer. There is a reference to the Queen's Tomb being the Tomb f the Sleeping Queen, so I had the thought that what if this reference is not about Orgorvale Summer being imprisoned but is hinting at a "Sleeping Beauty" like event that happened in her lore? There is not much lore for her overall so it makes it very easy to insert almost anything into her story. So I'm thinking about adding one of the holidays or maybe even two separate Holy Days to link to this Sleeping Queen Event, one where she falls asleep and cannot be awakened and another where She is finally awakened - possibly by Ulanin the Rider. Anyway. food for thought.
  18. Hmm. I didn't think about that.. Thats good a good angle as well.
  19. Those look great. At the last Improtu Con they said that they don't have a ton of control over when content gets put up on sites like Roll20. Stuff for Runequest are on the list but there is a ton of other stuff, not just chaosium stuff, on that list that is waiting to be worked on.
  20. I have other plans for the Lost Spirit adventure seed, though that is a great suggestion. Totally. If only I had The Duel at Dangerford at the time, those paragraphs would have help.
  21. New writeup about the Adventure of the Dragon of the Thunder Hill along with some notes on this to think about before running it and possible changes i think might help improve it overall. https://monstersandmusings.blogspot.com/2021/06/runequest-adventure-review-dragon-of.html
  22. Planning to do move this into the area near Apple Lane. Maybe somewhere in the Thunder hills. But I haven't gotten around to doing it yet.
  23. Ya, i had a similar thought about the map. it says in the one text box that the make has Red marking that note where Makes Scratches encountered spirits, but the map in the book doesn't have any red markings.. the best I could guess was that maybe they meant the Green ink drops, but IDK.
  24. I believe its purposely left open for the GM to insert any kind of event that happened in their game. For instance, in my game, the celebration will be complete destruction of a large gang of Lunar and Orlanthi exiles who were committing banditry throughout the Colymar Tribal lands. One of the depictions I added tot he opening scene was how the walls of Clearwine Fort were decorated with the heads of these Lunar spies and villains.
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