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  1. Hi, Maybe someone have a answer to this question. Why p9 (in the scenario), the success on a Religion (Christian) (not a passion but a skill) roll grant the KP of an inspire (+5) on a future roll ? Thank you
  2. Hi, Probably I miss something, but during the Paladin QuickStarter, one of the stretch goals unlocked Print-Ready Map PDF. Did this PDF was delivered or it's just the maps in the core book pdf ?
  3. I had the chance to play the Jackals Wolves Lair adventure during the convention. For me it was a lot of first time. First time playing Jackals (obviously), first time playing during a convention (virtual or not) and first time playing in English. As English is not my primary language and the setting is full of names, details, etc, it was like a firework in my mind. But, clearly, after this adventure, my interest for this game increased. What I understood : The game is a Bronze Age settings with Hebrew-like, Greek-like, Egyptian-like, Giants descendent cultures. It’s probably not as archetypical as that, but the format (a one shot convention game) request concision. So player characters are jackals, wandering adventurers, organized in pack. We were hired for rescue merchants captured by Wolves (bandits), but we discovered a lot more. The setting is quite living, with lots of things that going on. A Jackals campaign is like a Pendragon or Paladin one. Running on a long period, with multiple characters. About rules: It’s OpenQuest with some new mechanism (that I noted) : A new magic system name rite. Quite straightforward. You have a list of 3 or 4 spells by spellcasters speciality. A Virtue, that can be used to improve a roll result (critical failure to failure, failure to success or success to critical success) Valour, that are HP before HP (named wounds). So you decrease Valour first and wounds after (when Valour is 0). Valour come back quickly. Clash points. Kind of action points for combat but that can be spent in many ways. In defense, you can use a clash point to make an opposed dice roll. The winner (high success) wounds the looser. If you don’t have clash point, it’s an unopposed dice roll, if the attacker success the defender is wounded. Work very like Pendragon combat with this clash point twist. In attack, you can perform a special attack by spending clash points (slash attack or power attack) Initiative. DFT (?) + 1d6 but the group can decide who go first. To be honest, I didn’t understand the initiative system. Mettle that we used quickly, that is a fatigue system. Corruption. Not really used, but you can probably guess what it is. You have some favorites skills. That was highlighted skills on the character sheet that you roll with advantage (roll 2 times keep the best) (There was a mechanism for some highlighted skills, but I did not understand it. Sorry.) I was very happy to discover this game. I will look forward for it release (the core book and the campaign).
  4. Hi, I wonder if the family patron saint bonus apply to character creation (as family characteristic) or as a in game bonus. From my personal preference it's easier to count it as a character creation bonus but I am not sure.
  5. I saw that there are some Jackals games during the Virtual UK Games Expo. https://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/events/RPG6156-jackals-wolves-lair/
  6. I am very interested, but I need to be confident with my english skill. 🤔
  7. I played this adventure for my son and two of these friends for my son's birthday (14 year old). Two enjoyed it (my son included), the third would have prefered to play fortnite instead 😄 Very good introduction adventure. It was fast 1h and 15 minutes. They managed to kill the witch on the first action of the final fight, with a throw of the Spirit Knife. Thank you Loz.
  8. Thank you very much. Make more sense now.
  9. I am curious to understand why you understood that. But there is nothing about passive glory for passion and traits in chapter 4.🤨
  10. Thank you very much. For jousting lance critical, it make sense that a highly skilled knight can avoid doing lethal damages. I will borrow your house rule.
  11. Hi, After my first reading of Paladin rules I have some question. 1. p77 Does it include default loves (Love [God], Love [Charlemagne] and Love [Familly]) or only additional Love ? 2. Is glory gain for a Hate of 16 or higher ? Only one as Love ? 3. p112 Traveling Unknown routes. How should many PK make the hunting roll ? 4. p122. Lance charge. Is a Horsemanship roll required for a charge attend ? 5. p124. Does the rule for "Damage to Armor" apply on creatures ? 6. p125. Jousting. "critical success with a jousting lance, however, does normal horse damage as if it was a strike with a real lance". Does the rule of all damage dice equal 6 apply too ? 7. p128. Uncontrolled attack. Can the free attack be a grapple, and so stop the attacker on a success ? 8. p147. Rout. On stand failure. Does the weapon skill modifier is -20 (-5 because of the failure + -15 because of the battalion routs (p144)) ? 9. p147. Rout. On stand success, the resulting unit is isolated and will suffer a -10 modifier on battle skill. Right ? Thank you very much for your help.
  12. Thank you for your reply. Finally, I think that for 763, both outcomes are possible. The father can have fight with Doon or with Pepin. It can be interesting to ask to the player as Doon is still alive. Because it is written : And the two armies are Tomile army and Pepin army, I think that the father loose with Doon. But it's not a big deal.
  13. Thank you for all you replies. The adventure do not have any name. Maybe an unfinished adventure but translated and included in the French edition. Nevermind, it is forgettable.
  14. Hi, As I registered to this forum, now I can ask a question that I have in my mind since some time now. I have the french edition of "Book of Knights". At the end of the book there is an adventure set in 480. It's about a druid named Thankhad that want kill Aurelius Ambrosius and perform a ritual during Uther crowning. It's a short adventure, two pages, but poorly written and inconsistent. That start by a camp followed by a (fake) saxons attack, ok nothing special here. Next, there is a paragraph with some "hints" for the gamemaster. The first sentence is "The stones want speak". The problem is that no "stones" are mentioned in the text before. After that it's worst and worst, Merlin arrive, call the cymrique dragon, everybody go to the crowning in Corinium and fight against Thankhad and his minions (a mysterious Mc Nally must make a important perception check, maybe a, not provide, pregen PK). Is this adventure exists in the book of knights or any other publication in english ? Thank you very much.
  15. Hi, I created a character for paladin and I created his grandfather and father histories. For some events (raids, siege and battle) I am not sure how many glory should be granted. For simplicity, I ruled that raids and skirmish granted 25 glory, I never doubled it. For siege, when in the event it's written "victorious" or "successful" I granted 100 and when written "unsuccessful" 50. For battle, when in the event it's written "victorious" or "successful" I granted 200 and when written "unsuccessful" 100. But for some events, the description, in the table, is not straightforward. In the following table, I put all my interpretation. Could you share you own interpretation if yours differ from mine ? Thank you. Year Description Type Glory 728 He fought the rebellious Duke Odo of Aquitaine. Roll at –1 on the Combat Survival Table. In the year description it’s written “raids”. (?) Raid (?) 25 728 He fought in Saxony or Frisia. Roll on the Combat Survival Table. If grandfather survived, he gains 1d3 Hate [Saxons]. No help in description so I assume it’s raid. (?) Raid (?) 25 729 He participated in the first (undecided) battle against Gloriant of Saxony near the city of Vauclere. Roll at –1 on the Combat Survival Table. If grandfather survived, he gains 1d3 Hate [Saxons]. Undecided so not victorius. Battle (?) 100 729 He fought at the battle of the Barbel Tower. Roll at –1 on the Combat Survival Table. If grandfather survived, he gains 1d6 Hate [Saxons]. In the year description it’s written : “Berart of Mondidier and some other Frankish knights are sent into Saxony to help Garin and Doon. They arrive at the Barbel Tower to do battle with the Saxons, but they are defeated.”. So I assume that the grandfather was with Francks and so not victorious. Battle (?) 100 731 He fought with Charles Martel at the siege of Oridon. Roll on the Combat Survival Table. In the year description it’s not clear if it was victorious. I assume undecided. Siege (?) 50 735 He fought with Charles Martel against Gerard of Roussillon at the interrupted battle, where he witnessed the divine burning of two battle standards. (50 Glory) Roll on the Combat Survival Table. I assume undecided as the battle was interrupted. Battle (?) 100 736 With Charles Martel, he liberates Arles from the Moors after a long siege. Roll on the Combat Survival Table. If he survived, he gains 1d3 Hate [Moors]. “Liberate” sounds victorious for me. Siege (?) 100 737 He fought in the battle against Gerard of Roussillon. Roll at –1 on the Combat Survival Table. In the year description it’s written : “Gerard defeats Charles Martel in battle”. So it was not victorious. Battle (?) 100 738 He fought with the Lorrainers in the battle of Burgundy against the Moors. Roll at –1 on the Combat Survival Table. If grandfather survived, he gains 1d3 Hate [Moors]. In the year description it’s written : “… the Lorrains engage in battle and crush their enemy.”. For me “crush” sound like “victorious”. Battle (?) 200 749 He participated in a battle in Bavaria. Roll at –1 on the Combat Survival Table. “In Pepin marches to Bavaria, defeats his half-brother …”. Sound like “victorious”. Battle (?) 200 750 He participated in a battle against the Saxons. Roll on the Combat Survival Table. If father survived, he gained 1d6 Hate [Saxons]. “They (Saxons) declare war on the Franks, but Pepin the Mayor kills the Saxon warchief, Justamont, in battle.”. So “victorious” Battle (?) 200 753 He fought at the battle of Mount Viburg. Roll at –1 on the Combat Survival Table. If he survived, he gained 1d6 Hate [Saxons]. “Archbishop Hildegaire is killed at the battle of Mount Viburg.”. For me, that don’t sound like a victorious battle. Battle (?) 100 754 He fought against the allied forces of Carloman and King Aistulf. Roll at –1 on the Combat Survival Table. “Carloman of Burgundy rebels against his brother, Pepin, but is captured and imprisoned”. For me it’s a victorious battle. (?) Battle (?) 200 756 He fought at the siege of Pavia. Roll at –1 on the Combat Survival Table. “Pepin launches a second campaign against the Lombards, whom he defeats at the siege of Pavia”. Sound like “victorious”. Siege (?) 100 763 He defended the castle of La Roche against the two successive besieging armies. Roll at –1 on the Combat Survival Table. “Doon retires to La Roche castle, where he is besieged by Tomile and Malingre. King Pepin arrives with his troops and routs the besieging army. He then takes La Roche and banishes Doon and his nephew Geoffrey.”. Hum, the knight’s father was in Doon army ? That sound like as a defeat but I am really unsure. Siege (?) 50 764 He fought at Bishop Aubery’s side at the second siege of La Roche. Roll on the Combat Survival Table. “Bishop Aubery leads an army to the Ardennes and reconquers La Roche.” I call “victorious” but I don’t get who won in 763. Siege (?) 100 765 He fought at the siege of Hautefeuille. Roll on the Combat Survival Table. “Landri kills the treacherous Sir Grifo at the siege of Hautefeuille.”. It’s sound like “victorious” Siege (?) 100 765 He participated in the battle against the Saxon warlord Brohimax. Roll at –1 on the Combat Survival Table. If he survived, he gained 1d6 Hate [Saxons]. “Landri pursues the Saxons, kills Brohimax and frees Pepin”. “Victorious” again. Battle (?) 200 766 He fought in the army of Prince Charlemagne at the siege of Montpellier. Roll on the Combat Survival Table. “On his way to Frankland, Maugis arrives at Montpellier, where his relative, Ernold, is being besieged by Prince Charlemagne. With Maugis’ help, they capture Ogier, but Maugis himself is taken prisoner by Charlemagne. Fortunately, Maugis’ cousin, Brendan, comes to his aid and in the end the Christians make peace and unite.”. I am not sure, I call a draw. Siege (?) 50 766 He participated in the siege of Aigremont against the pagans led by Vivien. Roll on the Combat Survival Table. If he survived, he was a witness at the baptism of Vivien and Esclarmonde. (25 Glory) “Vivien captures his father Bevis, but is then defeated by his brother Maugis”. Sound like “victorious”. Siege (?) 100+25
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