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  1. And this is even worse if you are playing one of the many games that for some reason divides "hide" and "stealth". No matter in which of the 2 you invest your points, it's the other one which would have been useful for the only 2/3 times that situation appeared, but it wouln't matter anyway as one of your fellow players rolled an 80 and was discovered and unless you are planning to let that player get blasted into oblivion by trying to take the enemies that were intended for the whole party just for getting a bonus to hit or something, you all got discovered.
  2. Thanks for all the responses guys, as always.
  3. Hello, quick practical question for a game I'm running. In Glorantha ransoms can be very costly, and a fight between two rivan clans can end up in a hefty weregild. So, in regards to this, how many lunars do you think an average sartarite clan could have in his treasury ready to pay for this kind of thing? And a tribe? Let's say a clan end with a weregild of 2000 lunars, could they really pay the fine? Do you think they would? Can the tribe contribute to the "fund" if they want to? Thanks.
  4. It seems linked to Death cults, which makes sense really. The Dark Earth has been already talked about here, Maran Gor (Death Earth Disorder) is very fond of ritual murder, but it's not the only one. Belintar's system is pretty much based on ritual (self) sacrifice, as the winner or the tournament sacrifices his/her body to host Belintar's divine soul for a short time, and Belintar is the master of Luck and Death. The Lunars also practice ritual sacrifice of monarchs pretty often if I'm not mistaken. HonEel is the prime exemple, as she sacrifices Pyjeemsab, King of Tarsh; also decade
  5. You must have a really good vision bc I can't read a letter from those sections 😅. But the fact that you point to "ride" makes me think that whatever he/she rides makes the origin obvious, so it must be a praxian, probably Impala Tribe but who knows.
  6. Maybe he's like Yello Mello, an outcast to his or her community, maybe even a baboon too. Dazarim doesn't look a heortling name so I think he/she is more probably from the Praxian Sun Dome, or maybe from Goldedge.
  7. Will the adventures follow the trail left by CoC and the first one be apt for 1 player and 1 GM like Paper Chase?
  8. Haha, I've told my players like a hundred times about rune and passion inspirations and they have been used very little. Once one player used an inspiration successfully, and everyone was thrilled; the next time everyone used it and ALL FAILED. They have never used inspirations again. In reality it's a pretty safe bet, but all tabletop rpg gamers know how dice work, and any malus to skills is absolutely terrifying, especially when in RQG a failed roll can cost you your life, so I understand their fear.
  9. Who do you think are the man and the woman that are standing blackside, seemingly looking at a portal, just right of the Ritual of the Net? Also, it looks like Sedenya is on the Ritual of the Net too (right at the bottom), yet she doesn't look like she's actually holding any string unlike the other gods... The art direction is on par with the art, absolutely magnificent.
  10. Curiously one of the pregens is called Yanioth Vareena's Daughter, yet doesn't look at all like her... I'm intrigued.
  11. That's a huge bummer for me, I hoped a PDF release much earlier, thanks for the info as I will be able to plan my games better now. Announcing the "proximity" of certain releases can be a double edged weapon, I understand they want to avoid public deadlines, but vaguely announcing can become a torture for fans, I've been anxiously waiting for the release since the Starter Set News post 😞. Not that they should care or anything, just wanted to share my feelings.
  12. The Durulz have some lands reserved to them, but there are also some Durulz settlements outside those lands, right? . What I meant is if a handful of Durulz families lived in a village on Locaem territory, would they be considered Locaem? What about a single family in a mainly human village? This is threading very thin I know just wanted to hear opinions on the matter. The main point was that I feared making him too detached from sartarite society but had completely forgotten that Humakti sever their links with their clans and are voluntarily detached from society, thak you and @Ladygole
  13. One of my player's PC is a durulz whose village was sacked because of the duck hunt when he was around 10 and he was saved by the humakti of Indrolar's Necklace, among whom he grew up. Given that he essentially grew up on the temple, when he would have come of age, would he have been initiated as a Lismelder? Of some particular clan? I think the temple is in Goodsword lands so I think if that's the case then it would be the most fitting clan to be initiated. Do Durulz even initiate by common heortling law? If a durulz community lives in Locaem lands, are they Locaem, or do they have their part
  14. Well becoming vampire grants you immortality too, though you are not really alive anymore. Sorcery and alchemy can make you immortal, but it would most probably need periodic rituals or taking an immortality potion every certain time for them to maintain the effects. I wouldn't say you loose the Death rune, it not only means the mortality of the subject. Hell Humakt is immortal and he owns the Death rune so.
  15. Thanks! I thought of Ligtfore as it would be the one major Sky deity not present, and I didn't know of the existence of Gorgorma, my first thought was that it was a vilified depiction of Ernalda. And yeah, I recognize those, how could I forget Glorantha's most successful music trio?
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