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  1. Vaya, buenísimas noticias, no tenía ni idea ni esperanza de que fuera a salir en castellano, espero que eso haga crecer a la comunidad gloranthana hispanohablante.
  2. The trollkin curse started during the Gbaji wars if I'm not mistaken, and the clan where the characters are from dates back to the Great Darkness, so it precedes the curse. In any case, the thing about the stead is more centered in the mythological side, like having an Uz as the stead's head ancestor and having close affinity with the darkness rune than to the biological "Uz mates with human and has human baby", it's weird, but doesn't strike me as impossible.
  3. Wow, thanks a huge lot for all the responses, this forums are of immense help for gloranthan newbies. The character in question, albeit human, comes from a family which are all troll-descendents, as one of the original members of the clan founder's ring was a troll. As such I think I will go with Kyger Litor maybe mixed with some flavour of Daka Fal, I'll study it with the player to create a good fit, and then introduce some of the spirit cults you have mentioned.
  4. I was wondering if there has existed somewhere a cult primarily associated with darkness in which the members are shamans, as one of my players is a Sartarite shaman whose main rune is Darkness and by his backstory Daka Fal is not a perfect fit, and all darkness cults I have seen are not related to shamans/spirits (Argan Argar, Kyger Litor and Zorak Zoran are the 3 in the new edition and none fit me much for a shaman, but maybe I'm wrong). I can of course create the rules for the cult myself, I just want to know if there's something written to give some canon backstory.
  5. I have only ran the Broken tower adventure and half of Six seasons in Sartar so I'm still a beginner, but I think that it helped a lot to play with child characters (the PCs in SSIS are so). It helped my players, as they take the role of gloranthans who don't know really much about the world, and that way I can introduce a lot of thing little by little, and also they have a very "mundane" experience, learning the very bases of gloranthan culture. Also it helped me, as it gives me time to learn about the lore on the go, as I know they are not going to ask me to make an experimental heroquest to resurrect Belintar out of nowhere. And making the PC grow together really creates a group chemistry like few other things. There are downsides OTOH, as children are less adept in combat and more vulnerable to getting killed by a bad roll, so you might have to fudge a little to not get a group of traumatized boys. Besides SSIS (where PCs are colymar children) there is another campaign where PCs are of a tribe I think mixed of elmalites and horse orlanthi, it's on Johnstown compendium.
  6. Superweapon in that it was a creation of the god-learners, not one of them?
  7. This is just a silly idea I had this morning, as I have been reading a lot of things gloranthan, mainy the Prince of Sartar comick and some lore about the lands west of dragon pass, but, is it possible that Belintar was a Brythini/malkioni? I don't get the exact difference between the two yet, are all non-human or only the brythini?. But the thing is, Belintar, an odd and mysterious fellow of blue skin and inmense magic power that arrives from the sea... Also the thing about needing to possess new bodies after the current one decays looks like a way of solving the ever-feared death for a brythini that broke his caste's codes and this lost his immortality. I have looked on the internet but no forum or wiki seems to make a connection between the two, so either it is a very stupid idea or an innovative breakthrough, most probably the former, but I wanted to know what some people that really know about the lore thought about it as it can get a bit frustrating to just read from the authors and I don't personally know anyone this deep in the lore. Cheers.
  8. Which kind of aldryami is the one depicted on the Glorantha Bestiary cover? It looks a lot more "human" than any of the depictions of the race in the book and none of the sub-species are described to be more human-like than the other.
  9. Is there any supplement where there is a Gustbran cult profile? Sorry I missunderstood but can't delete the comment.
  10. This strikes me as a question that many people may have asked themselves but i couldn't find any direct answer in the books nor online, but maybe I missed something. I'm going to start running a fan-made campaign in which all characters are sartarite children, and despite that they cannot use magic in account of not being yet innitiated in any cult, I made them choose the runes so they could hint at the character's personality, and two of them said they wanted to have a tertiary affinity with the moon. At first, I plainly forbade it, as I thought that the moon rune wasn't even accepted as a real elemental rune by anyone besides the lunars, so I believed that affinity impossible. But then I realized that the pre-gen character Vassana has a SECONDARY affinity with the moon rune, and that broke my schemes. If Vassana and his lore can be considered "canon", and I don't know why would the developers make the most important pre-gen character to break the universe rules, then the orlanthi CAN have an affinity with the moon, so insted of asking myself if it is possible, I started thinking, "How would an orlanthi react to being linked by soul to the moon?". As far as I know, sartarites not only hate the moon for representing the empire that murdered thousands of their brothers and occupied their country, they hate it most because for them it represents the intention to murder Orlanth, it represents the next coming of chaos; for them, the Shepelkirt is just the new face of Wakboth. Knowing this, wouldn't a sartarite who is touched by the moon feel (or even be treated as) touched by chaos? Wouldn't he hate himself? This is at least, how I have interpreted the lore. So, I ask for your opinions, and your corrections, as I'm only a newcomer to the world of Glorantha. How do you think the orlanthi treat the individual rune affinity with the moon? How have you treated this in your games? I appreciate any story that involves the topic.
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