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  1. No, I must have expressed myself wrong. Once you said you are basing what you said in the draft from the Cults book I trusted what you said, there's no reason in lying here, I ment that before knowing it you (the inclussive you) were just saying things that contradicted my sources without stating yours. That I cannot believe, you might have been taking info from non-canon sources or just plainly remember wrong. There's no reason for further discussion anyway so it's ok.
  2. They are few but they are present and important, they probably number about 80.000 or so of a total population of 800.000, as one of the Ten Arrows, the Julin Marsk, are said to be PHP. And yeah that is another theory, we have proposed 3 on this thread. Either: -The Pentans worship only Kargzant, who is not the Sun (even though it is called the Sun God and the Sun Horse) but the Grazers worship Yu-Kargzant, who is Kargzant as Yelm (a cult that the Pentans misteriously lost but the Grazers retained somehow after centuries of living among storm and beast worshippers, or maybe it sprun
  3. Well that is an interpretation sure, we could sum it up by saying that in pentan society the traditional clans worship Kargzant as the little sun while the Pure Horse People worship that god as Yelm, the problem is that there is no proof for that AFAIK. As many have said, the Guide clearly states that pentans worship Kargzant, and there is absolutely no mention to Yu-Kargzant in all their section of the Guide, the only one time Yu-Kargzant is mentioned in all the Guide is in page 177, when it talks about the Grazers' religion. Besides, Yu-Kargzant and Kargzant (and also Elmal) are describ
  4. Yeah one of those sources I don't have is that one, and it also scares me stupid bc I'm sure it will be too big for my little brain. I still don't understand why would the Grazers worship Kargzant as Yelm but the Pentans do not and instead worship a weaker version of him, but I guess the answer lies in the Glorious ReAscent.
  5. After giving this think some thought and seeing that as you said the Yelm cult on the CC is extremely similar to the one the Grazers have, yeah it makes sense that Yu-Kargzant is called and described as Yelm. His cults have basically the same structure and both are worshipped as the Sun (Elmal is also worshipped as the sun but he is neither independent nor is his cult structured like those ((maybe it was for a time when all the solar cult unrest happened in sartar?? Sounds interesting idk)) so it makes sense that he is not called Yelm) even though their mythologies and philosophies differ grea
  6. Strange, I remember reading here both that YT defeated Humakt bc he was distracted by other enemies or YT let some of his allies into the sacred duel ground and thus it became an unjust fight and also that Humakti hate YT's guts bc they see them as dishonorable heretics. Must have either read wrong or read something that was wrong. Anyway this makes much more sense bc Humakt is still an important war god in the Empire and how was that going to be if his and YT's cultists had such a bad relation? I have always wondered that but if what you say it's true then it makes perfect sense.
  7. Funnily Yelmalio and Humakt are said to share a "friendly" or "healthy" rivalry, and that interpretation of the Hill of Gold really fits that relationship, with Yelmalio fighting against his friendly rival's great and cruel rival, it's kinda wholesome, I like it a lot. Interesting, the lunars may very well say so, but I'm curious of how could they tell it. If I'm not mistaken, Yanafal Tarnils "wins" bc he does things Humakt would not (being dishonorable), there were plenty dishonorable war gods in Glorantha prior to him though.
  8. What really baffles me of the fact that Kargzant is Lightfore, and therefore a version Yelmalio, is why his cult is called Yelm (and describes as being so) in RQG. I get not calling it Yelmalio as the cult itself is really different but not only he is different to Yelm in his nature (bc Kargzant is a part of him) but the nomad Kargzant cult is extremely different to the Dara Happan Yelm one, which is the "standard" or "prestige" cult for that god. I mean I understand it's a design choice but really messes with you if you try to understand Yelmic deep lore (which I'm far from understanding yet)
  9. I don't really get the difference you make between them. The pre-gen character Vasana for exemple is clearly stated to be member of Vinga Adventurous for exemple. What I draw from recent material is that females can be perfectly initiated into Orlanth Adventurous, and men in Ernalda, and the Vingan and Nandans are not just initiates of the non typical gender but a specialized order inside the cult, who are subjected to a certain set of rites, customs, and so on, and are much more "devoted" to the cults than your run of the mill sartarites.
  10. It's very tricky and recent sources (at leat to my interpretation) show contradictions. Lets visit some of the recent adventures for RQ:RPiG sall we? (I will not make spoilers about the stories) First, every single person who lives in Apple Lane (GM Screen Pack) is initiated to something and most are also lay members of other cult. There are other people who live in hamlets aroud the village who have no stats and thus we cannot know if they are initiated or not. In Cattle Raid (GM Screen Pack) we are given a group of young herders. They are all on their teens or early 20s, and have a
  11. I love that idea, and we have to remember that the Great Winter's "winter" is not as in Valind's Ice Age, there are no glaciers or anything like that, but a more metaphorical winter, as it's a return of the Greater Darkness, an age that started when the chaotic forces defeated the Ice Tribe and shattered the Glacier, so Storm and Ice have a common enemy there.
  12. Valind would make an exellent cult for a bandit, in MG it's widespred between orlanthi bandits. The Ouori walrus folk, a northern race of mermen, worship him too (the Guide pg. 105). He is said to be worshipped through Fronela, partly propitiatorily, but also to summon his destroying powers (pg. 231). I imagine that by the northern Hsunchmen and by the Janubian and Nidan Orlanthi, though no temple to him is mentioned. Also a people called Neechen live on the Glacier's edge and "fashion the ice into great monolyths towering towards the heavens", which sounds cool as fuck. They mo
  13. I suppose that any Gustbran initiate. By this you mean that enchanted bronze can't hurt the Telmori? Or that bronze can't be enchanted?
  14. Can't bronze be enchanted like iron, copper, silver, etc.?
  15. But enchanted bronze can hurt the Telmori right?
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