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  1. I know very little about Sartar and his bloodline, but I have always suspected that his legacy holds many mysteries even to the greatest sartarites of 1625. If the Crimson Bat had been allowed to unleash his full might against Boldhome, the city would not just have fallen, it would have been completely annihilated. Maybe the dragons didn't want the lunars to find something hidden deep within the city that would have been visible once it was destroyed; maybe they considered that the existence of the city, as the magical beacon and seat of sartirite power that it is, was needed for their pl
  2. Also during the siege of Boldhome, in which they participaded, a dragon descended and fought for the sartarites, so they actually fought on the opposing side to a true dragon. Puzzling. In PoS they are also seen fighting for the lunars in the battle for the cradle, and AFAIK, there are no dragonewt settlements near Zola Fel, so they went much outside their homeland to do this. It's also worthy of note that there are many "rogue" dragonewts, maybe those are the ones to be hired as merks. But as the Dragonewt Dream, the most probable answer is that it's just mysterious reasons
  3. Not a theory about the world but about the game. The existence of a (very beautiful) map that depicts the southern part of the Empire that comes with the Gamemaster screen pack means that a source and/or campaign book centered around that area will be released. Which would make me the happiest as that's my favorite part of Glorantha and criminally underdeveloped by earlier editions.
  4. But after Ragnaglar assaults Thed, she actively collaborates with him and Manillia to create Wakboth, how wolud that fit? I know his final act ultimately benefits the lunar path, but does Argrath collaborate with some lunar power? Also Ragnaglar, if you follow the Heortling myth, is broken in a similar way to Thed, only by other gods. I have always thinked that tale was a representation of how the gods, and not only the chaos ones, all of them, were at fault for the great darkness. Is Argrath also a victim of the Gods War?
  5. Isn't there a story obout CA stopping Urox from killing a Chaos deity in KoDP?
  6. For anyone interested, yesterday we finished the character creation, te group ended up being: -An Odayla huntsman and a Chalana Arroy healer who are twins and children of the last thane of Apple Lane. When lunars came to kill Gringle and their father they escaped and were chased but were saved by the next character. -A humakti Durulz that grew up in a humakti temple in Lismelder lands after his whole community was slain by sartarites who wanted to profit from the duck hunt. He can't use shields, partake in ambushes or eat vegetables, but he can sense undeads and has a blessed sword
  7. Probably the next coming of the Devil that Argrath talked about, postmodernism.
  8. Bojack horseman is actually just a Broo sitcom.
  9. One of the other characters will most likely be a ZorakZorani Uzko, so he'll most definitely be pissed off at her most of the time, but when are ZorakZorani not pissed off? Jokes aside, that relation might be dangerous, and both players will be informed tomorrow, when they will be making the PCs, but it also would let me explore the bizarre relation between Zorak Zoran and her sister Xiola Umbar. Thank you all, I really like the idea of @AkhĂ´rahil of "I think you should only play Humakti or CA if you want to lean into the special restrictions", that's the spot, and will be using it
  10. Also humakti tend to either die young or become crazy fanatics like the famous unnamed humakti. Arkat claimed to be the son of Humakt when Harmast drag him from hell but knowing him it was probably one of his many lies.
  11. Makes sense, maybe I was being too much Humaktcentric. There are many other cults that interpret their runes differently, CA Harmony if different from Foundchild's (peace vs community), or Yelmalio and Elmal Truth (honor vs mysticism). Maybe the important part is the cult you join, as you join and climb the ladder of the cult, you are progressively transformed into an avatar of the God. You first have to artificially emulate the god (as a gorite, don't have children or at least not raise them) but at the end you end up embodying the destructive and barren earth so perfectly that you are not lo
  12. That is true, but I think an explicit fertility rune in a cult makes things clearer and can make a difference. Also Orlanth is so mythically prolific that you can easily link him with almost any rune. That's why in my Glorantha Urox is Disorder Air Beast. It's just a personal thing. Also, in relation with this, and if you don't mind the side-question, what's the deal with Zorak Zoran Death rune? He and his cultists are definetly killers, and good ones at that, but they also reanimate the dead, which should be against the Death rune(?.
  13. But I think the Death - Fertility rune pair has kind of a problem and is easily misunderstood. Even though there are loads of death rune linked goddesses, for a number of factors (most rooted in our gender-binary thought) people link Death with male and Fertility with female, even though they aren't that simple in reality. For exemple, usually a player who wants to be a typical fighter will be attracted to putting points in Death, death is a soldier's job isn't it? But then won't exactly follow what Death should affect one's personality. Having a male warrior god linked with the Fe
  14. One of my players has stated his intent of making a Chalana Arroy cultuist for a campaign. After giving some thought to the restrictions listed in the core rulebook (page 290) and the fact that this person is new to Glorantha, I'm worried he might be underwhelmed and bored because his character will not be able no particepate in any combat (they can attack, if under desperate conditions, non-sapient species, and ofc chaos beings, but given that that don't have any offensive magic and probably won't have high combat stats, I don't think that can go well). Do any of you have any feedback f
  15. In my case I meant sharing it here on the forum, I don't think my work meets the quality it would need to be published on the Jonstown Compendium.
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