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  1. Those are so wonderful, as all her drawings are. What it's funny it's that I have been thinking for quite some time to comission her the exact same thing for my players!
  2. The lunar conquest of southern Peloria brought tens of thousands of olranthi into the folds of the Empire, a people whom one of their two major cults was forbidden. I get that the orlanth ban can't be a 100% effective, and that in the Provinces there must be thousands who secretly still worship him, but as it is stated in the Guide, most people have dropped his cult and now follow the one of Barntar, or other earth-based deities. Also, even if lightbringer worship isn't forbidden altogether, the Seven Mothers cult offers almost identical (some would dare say plagiarized) deities whose wor
  3. I will definetly take that advice and make all have minimun 50% heortling (with a reason as to how). When I ran The broken tower months ago one of the PCs was Vostor, and his 10% heortling certainly made things uncorfortable and difficult. [Spoilers for The thane of Apple Lane] As the Gamemaster Adventures book advices, I will have them make at least an initiate of orlanth or an associated cult for him/her to be the thane and an ernalda or associated initiate. I certainly did, and after reading some lines about ducks in The duel at Dangerford, it's even funnier.
  4. If I understood correctly, this is how it works. First, you roll againt each other, that means that both the player and the spirit roll their spirit combat skill at the same time, it's not like a melee combat, where one hits, the other parrys, etc., but more like if both were pushing a boulder against the other. If they both fail, nothing happens, next turn. If one succeeds and the other fails, the one that succeeds does spirit damage to the loser. If both succeed, you check the degree of success, if one achieved one or more degrees of success than the other (normal success vs speci
  5. Do you think the other 3 inspirations are also connected to their respective moon phases?
  6. No, no, I ran SSS with a group of players (whose characters were all heortling children, as I put that as mandatory), we finished it a week ago, and for now, we put that saga of story and characters on hold, for an undecided amount of time, for various reasons. Now, the same group and I are going to start (probably in october as I still have a lot of reading to do) a campaign that amalgamate the gamemaster adventures, and the other 2 adventure books for RQG that are now released, in which the players are going to create brand new characters. As some players have took a liking to some wei
  7. Reading the adventures for RQG this subject came to mind. Looking at the characters that appear, the ones that are described as "so old that there are only a handful of people of this age in all Dragon Pass" have around the age of 70. Only very magically powerful people are said to live more than that (that is of course, if they don't partake in one of those Hon-Eel's "death by snu-snu" ceremonies. I don't blame them, I would too.), and IIRC, none live for more that 2 centuries. So, we could say that the average lifespan of a human in Glorantha is about 60sh, exceptionally some very heal
  8. 7 players! Now that's a big group. You managing it good? I usually put the top on 4-5 characters. That was my first idea, but then I knew that there's going to be sequels to it on the future, so I think we will continue the saga with those. Also being my first glorantha (and rpg in general) campaign I made many errors that make me kind of reluctant to continue with those characters right now.
  9. Wouldn't a malkioni say they are basically the same, just modified by political allegations and cultural POV?
  10. After I have finished Six Seasons in Sartar, I'm preparing for running the "Gamemaster Adventures" of the screen pack (with as much DP stuff as I can muster from varied sources), and as of now, the one thing that gives me the most problems is the players party relation, origin and verosimilitude. As one of the best things about glorantha is the social aspect, I'm afraid I make a group of aloof vagabonds that everyone hires "just because the story says so" when there are lots of capable warriors that should appear much more reliable to the elders and nobles of sartar. Thinking on how to s
  11. Seems like neither chest, chest & abdomen or abdomen have cuirboilli, I'm guessing it's because boiled leather is completely rigid and if worn in a part of the body that is suposed to move (unlike the greaves and vambraces) it would be very uncomfortable and eventually break, therefore for the chest and abdomen it is replaced by 2 options: heavy leather is cheap and easy to make, and as it's not boiled it's not rigid, but it protects less; OTOH, light scale (I interpret it as leather scale) is made of sclaes of boiled leather, is heavier and more difficult to produce, and as the scales are
  12. Is it known what reason (even if it was just to trick the loskalmi) did Zzabur give for his plan to sink the entire region?
  13. I think Argan Argar is only linked with Ernalda in Uz societies that respect the earth pantheon, so probs just Shadow Plateau (and ofc Esrolia too as they worship all of Ernalda's husbands there). So people of those cultures would likely see the connection but those outside of them not so much.
  14. One way would be to exile the parents and a) exile the child with them too or b) keep the child and induct them into some cult that makes him or her less likely to have children, like the humakti. This is kind of a cruel choice I know.
  15. I think the main beef between aldryami and uz is the murder of Flamal by Zorak Zoran, so maybe some kind of Flamal amulet, like a magic seed. In addition to that, she could teach him some "secret handshake" of sorts, like the basics of aldryami courtesy to show others of their kind that he knows of their culture and has good intentions.
  16. I'm currently running the Six Seasons in Sartar campaign for a group of 4, only the last season remains. It has been the first full campaign I have GMd, so it has been far from perfect, but I have learned a lot. After we finish I think I'm going to go with a more sandboxy campaign that starts with the Colymar Campaign and later includes the Smoking Ruin and Pegasus Plateau stories. A great youtube rpg talking guy, Seth Skorkowsky, has a video on it, he always offers valuable advice that can improve any adventure. I leave the link if you are interested because I definetly wish it
  17. WHAT? That's amazing! Can you please indicate where can I get some info on it?
  18. That tribe seems to be very beloved by gloranthaphile writers, some months ago there was released the Valley of plenty campaign which is also centered on the Dundealos.
  19. And where does the "Vingkotlings" term fit? Is it a term to refer to all the orlanthi before time or just to some of them?
  20. I found it looking in Google images a while a go. I searched for a source but all I found were reposts on pinterest, which is a mess of a site, and can't even read the names of the authors in the image due to the low resolution.
  21. I don't exactly know if the term "cultural group" is correct but to clarify I'm referring to the likes of the Heortlings or the Esrolians. Those two are widely known and present clear differences in their social structures and customs, despite both being orlanthi, but a Dragon Pass map I saw put the Tarshites within an "Alakoring" group. I suppose by that that the Tarshites are culturally marked by the Dragonbreaker, but that creates me some questions. Alakoring was from Ralios, but the tarshites came from southern Peloria right? So, are all the orlanthi of Peloria (like Talastari, Brolian, Bi
  22. That is at least, questionable, and at most, just the opposite. Humans have existed way before laws, and all was fine and dandy back then (even better than now if you have a certain view of prehistory and the world). I for one can't see the unimaginable hazards of illumination that some of you people here mention. In fact, being able to liberate the beings of chaos from it's existence of pain and hatred is a very good think, even they deserve redemption. Also, can't see how glorantha was perfecty happy before chaos when the own (ill) actions of the gods broke the world and made chao
  23. Thanks a lot for the tips you all! Really helpful as always. The character is a very curious and magically ambitious boy, he doesn't explicitly want to be illuminated YET (as he doesn't understand what it is) but by staring into the void after seeng the devil's face he knows he has started upon a path to something greater, and he is willing to do anything to know where it leads. Also the player likes the idea of illumination of course, as he is a fervent lunar. Is there any book that details the Uz lands of northern DP? Maybe the Trollpack? BTW I thought Cliffhome
  24. I usually create yt playlists for eachgame with various appropiate ambient sounds (forest, city, cave, fight, spirit world, etc.) and change the tune in accordance with the location. Not every DM likes to do that but I think it must be pretty immersive, and there are loads of ambience tunes on yt.
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