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  1. Hi all, I've made an update to the system and written about it and some upcoming stuff on my devblog at sabrerpg.com
  2. Just dropping a message to say I've revised the old free 1st edition intro module to suit 2e, which you can check out at this link if you're looking for a quick intro to the system
  3. The last of primary Sabre manuals is complete Sabre 2e Scifi Encounters
  4. You choose a profession when you make your character and stick with it. The only "multi-class" option is the Prodigy/Magical Prodigy, which lets you take two spell systems/two technical skills. In earlier iterations of the system, there was the old Background/Career character build process which was far more freeform, but we found that most people had huge overlaps on skill sets. "Who has Mechanisms? (everyone puts up their hand). So What I ended up doing was going halfway between that and the Class system, so there's definitive 'lanes' of advancement and skill sets with much less overlap, without losing too much of that freeform nature. A Knight can still learn Mechanisms if they want, but that's hardly the focus of their abilities.
  5. Oh, sorry I put it in the wrong place 😟 Not sure if I can move it myself or if a mod can do that for me, but that would be better, yes
  6. It's a little involved setting them up for print on demand. I do plan to get to it, but for the past few years I've been making use of the digital form to have a 'living document' which evolves as the system does. Sabre's in a good place now so I hope to have print editions done at some point, but right now I'm ironing out the bugs and such
  7. Thanks, yeah go ahead and review the system if you like! You can use the Sabre logo up the top if that helps. Sorry for the confusion, I updated the OP with the reference to OGL
  8. Oh, sorry no it's using the WOTC OGL. Just noticed there's a new BRP OGL too, bad timing on my part apparently!
  9. Sabre is about 20% d100, 20% D&D, and the rest is my custom design formulated over the last 7 years of development (along with my crack team of beta testers and theory crafters!) OGL just makes sense
  10. lol, quite happy where I am in freezing Melbourne thanks My group really misses the games in the current situation but hopefully in a month or so we'll be up and running again Just finished off a long stretch of the scifi game, will be starting a fantasy game when next we play.
  11. I'd like to announce the Sabre RPG System 2nd Edition has been rolling out for the past few weeks at DTRPG! It's a system built on foundations of realism, smooth play and flexibility, featuring a skill-based d100 core with passive talents, active manoeuvres, in-game "on-the-spot" character advancement and a simple but powerful magic system.It comes in Fantasy and Scifi varieties, with a Bestiary for fantasy monsters and rules for Starships as well. Both are based on the same core ruleset, so you can easily mix-n-match for time travelling space cowboys in a medieval setting fighting dragons, space wizards of the future etc. There's vehicle rules for car wars scenarios, the works! Development is ongoing, but it's a stable system that's really come together! It's under the WotC OGL, so there's a free basic edition of the fantasy system you can check out, plus a premium version with much more content.
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