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  1. I'm just wondering what kind of women you keep company with Joerg?
  2. I just found this @HierophantX... did you @Belgath ever collaborate on the map?
  3. The Battle for the Thames In the first year of Cerdic's reign the Yule feast was held at his new capital of Wincen Cæster on the banks of the Itchen. Looking back over the year Cerdic was pleased with how things stood. He had taken land from the Dumnonians and had captured Venta, renaming it Wincen Cæster. The siege and battle had been costly in men but those that had survived had been richly rewarded with silver and lands. Cerdic had made a treaty with Octa having killed enough of his men to make him think about who held the real power in the land. He had not wanted to expend more
  4. Sorry... it means 'Maximum Game Fun' I would always rule punching type damage as bruises, dead arms etc.. unless it's a single damage that does double the amount of HPs in a location .. then you have broken limbs, concussion, ruptured muscles, etc. Bruises are recovered quickly unlike weapon damage. I still think what it comes down to is... if you don't like a rule .. change it.. we are not bound to RAW.. It is really about having fun.. mechanics are there to assist, not to take over
  5. I suspect that the manner of death is kept from them and is a closely guarded cult secret As an example if we conflate the myths of Agamemnon and Lleu Llaw Gyffes both were likely told as a solemn oath that they would not die as long as he was 'neither clothed nor unclothed, neither in water nor on dry land, neither in the palace nor outside and neither fasting nor feasting'. As that oath was pretty foolproof and it seemed impossible to break, the sacred King would likely think they were the chosen of the goddess and they would not be sacrificed at Midsummer. Sadly they were unawa
  6. Sadly... Flashing Blades took itself seriously..
  7. That would certainly be true of yearly sacrificed kings who had oracular hero shrines dedicated to them after their deaths in Greece
  8. Jajagappa has given you the Gloranthan examples and there are plenty of examples in our world too From the Middle East where human sacrifice was the last resort to some national emergency and often required the death of the king or one of his children. The Carthaginians and Phoenicians probably made child sacrifices but it is unknown for what purpose. Human sacrifice is mentioned in Judeo-Christian texts where as I remember the King of Moab sacrificed his eldest son to Moloch to lift the Israeli siege of his capital. Also I think two Kings of Judah sacrificed their sons and 'angered
  9. I had to look that up and found you were referring to an RPG as opposed to where my thoughts went when I read it.. or in other words, the French 1960's TV programme Flashing Blades (Le Chevalier Tempête in the original) which involved a catchy song about 'fighting for what you want', jumping on horses to speed to some besieged castle, jumping on more horses and getting chased by the entire Spanish army while fencing with everyone. Great fun but probably not linked to Damage bonuses. For those that want to remember... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5Sb9AoirSU&t=26s On a more
  10. Just bought it... I'm an Interested Cultist working out what the 'normals' do to try and stop me destroying the world... Glad to support you Cream
  11. But that is the great thing about BRP... if you don't like the RAW.. do some home ruling... graduate the DB (like in Mythras) .. change the way stats are rolled for PCs.. make sure people wear armour or make it cheaper.. make the damage with weapons less Fighting with weapons is deadly.. it may not always chop off bits but it certainly kills you Punches can come off general hit points.. and in general it should not kill.. home rule it so when people have zero hit points they are unconscious but recover the lost HPs quicker than they would from a weapon I GM Mythras an
  12. The Death of a Ring-giver and the West Saxon King In the morning there was more news that Ealdorman Cœlfrith had arrived with a strong Warband. The Hrothgarsons thought it best that they did not go abroad and stayed in Rowena's Hall. They created a small hiding place in the undercroft by stacking sacks of grain and flour so that it would take a lot of effort if anyone was searching for them. They discussed the situation with Rowena and Wulfhere told her the history that they had with Cœlfrith. Rowena said that there was a leæce who had come with Cœlfrith and he matched Dunstan’s descripti
  13. This was a hugely difficult session to write up as there was so much interplay between PCs and NPCs and even between the PCs themselves. I had actually played it in mid January and had completed other write ups before I did this one. Part 3 will be published soon and then I can edit and publish the other sessions we have played since hopefully a lot quicker than I have been doing.. including one of my favourite sessions so far ..the Beatification and Canonisation of St Hywel, the martyr of Dunum
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