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  1. A Violent Death and The Bretwaldamoot There was a silence in Caedering as the villagers waited to see if Osberht would die from his wounds. He was still wracked by a fever and Taethle had sent to Portus Caester for a leæce as she believed that curing Osberht was now beyond Eadgyd’s skills. Taethle sat with the Brothers in the Thanes Hall. They discussed their current problems. To the west lay a British Warband which they had already estimated to be over 100 warriors. They were in agreement that this force would be difficult to defeat with their current strength of. To the east
  2. - I am your King - How'd you get to be King then? By exploiting the workers! By 'angin' on to outdated imperialist dogma which perpetuates the economic and social differences in our society. - The Lady of the Lake-- her arm clad in the purest shimmering samite, held aloft Excalibur from the bosom of the water, signifying by divine providence that I, Arthur, was to carry Excalibur. THAT is why I am your king! - Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government! Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some... f
  3. Nice write up... I've just reached 497 in my campaign too, though its from the Saxon side and not Pendragon Look forward to reading more
  4. Taethle bade farewell to the seven men who were travelling to Hamafunta in the early dawn. The Hrothgarson Brothers, the carls Aedweard and Eadmund and finally the two witnesses, Dreng and Eorlstan all stood and listened to her final bits of advice. Eorlstan had asked if Osberht had recovered or if he was likely to die. He said he had been thinking about the jewelled arm ring and that if Osberht was going to die then someone should at least benefit from it. He was sure that everyone would see it this way and he felt that since he was down on his luck at present it might as well be him. Taethle
  5. The Brothers took their prisoner to Osberht’s hall. He was rather deflated and all they could discover immediately that he was called Dreng Betlieson and was one of Garm's Carls. They thought that he might have been present at Osberht’s feast with Garm, but they weren't sure. Dunstan said that he thought he should be nicknamed Dreng the Sorry as he was sure to be contrite for trying to fight the Hrothgarsons. Uthric thought that he may not be as sorry as his companions, who were lying dead, but how sorry he was would remain to be seen when he was well enough to talk. In the meantime, the
  6. I watched it...very interesting and worthwhile watching.. half drama...half documentary... I recommend it definitely
  7. In Caedering, there was a strange quietness the morning after the Feast and Assembly. The quietness was not replicated in the Brothers’ heads. Each felt that Thunor was banging the inside of their skulls with his hammer. They were due to meet Osberht at midday to discuss their mission and to agree what was to be done. Dunstan, in particular, wanted to remain under his cloak complaining that the light hurt his eyes. When they reached the Thane's Hall there was a very tense atmosphere between Osberht and Taethle who seemed to having an argument. Both stopped as the Brothers approached the
  8. ***** WARNING SPOILERS - some of this part of the Chronicle contains elements of Mythras' Logres. If you intend to play it as a Player it's probably best not to read it because your enjoyment will be seriously diminished **** The Brothers left Dunasted a moon after the Feast of Sol-monath. Uthric and Meire’s child was now two moons old and both felt he would be able to travel safely. Uthric had named the child Hrothgar after his father which all the Brother’s felt was a good omen. Not only had they found their father Hrothgar but they were bringing home his grandson, also named Hro
  9. I’m worrying about Tamerian’s dodgy 70’s moustache and slippers!!!! Otherwise unlike Bill I enjoyed the Zorak Zoran Moomintroll ... I also failed my SAN roll but rolled over my INT x5
  10. That would really worry me... and even to be culturally polite... I think I'd invent an allergy to or religious proscription to any fermented products
  11. Offa was both grumpy and pleased. His Carls were used to the grumpiness and in fact his being grumpy was expected. They were unsure how to cope when he was pleased. But Offa was genuinely pleased to see the Brothers again. He told himself it was just because they praised his ale but he enjoyed their company and they had got on well in Mershford. He was even spotted by his more observant men to be smiling. To be sure, Offa hadn't put it like that. He had thought the brothers dead and now they had returned with another brother and a woman and this had caused him to smile. He did admit that the w
  12. That's only because they had a whole lot of unemployed acrobats that needed something to jump over... And they were a bull totem cult in Knossos
  13. That could also have been a ritual meal before execution
  14. No zinc means a serious impact on Gloranthan physical health.. humans need a recommended 8-11mg intake a day (not sure what the Gloranthan World Health Organisation recommends for Elder Races) which helps with Immune Response, preventing and overcoming diarrhoea, helps with neuronal development in learning and memory, helps with wound healing among other things.. So are we actually taking into account that the Gloranthan human population spend excessive time on their toilets, become increasingly forgetful, take longer to learn new skills and tasks and get sick a lot and have slow healing
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