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  1. No zinc means a serious impact on Gloranthan physical health.. humans need a recommended 8-11mg intake a day (not sure what the Gloranthan World Health Organisation recommends for Elder Races) which helps with Immune Response, preventing and overcoming diarrhoea, helps with neuronal development in learning and memory, helps with wound healing among other things.. So are we actually taking into account that the Gloranthan human population spend excessive time on their toilets, become increasingly forgetful, take longer to learn new skills and tasks and get sick a lot and have slow healing
  2. Travelling with a Warband was easier than travelling alone and after four days they all safely arrived at Mershford. They greeted Offa and told him their news. Offa was annoyed with his orders from Wiglaf and while he did not intend to disobey the Ealdorman, he delayed setting off by spending time with the Brothers, who he found to be agreeable company. Wulfhere was keen to know if Offa remembered Hrothgar and pressed him about what had happened in Mershford two years ago. Offa recalled that Hrothgar and Wiglaf spent a lot of time discussing matters. He also remembered both were over fond
  3. All Mostali are perversions. They need to grow up and embrace the fact that the world changes.. Their insistence on serial monotony is an abomination ... we need change and movement
  4. The Brothers were discouraged. They looked around at the busy, bustling fortified village. Warriors were talking, drinking and gambling. Where are we asked Wulfhere and where is Grim's Dyke? The man grinned and motioned them to look to the northwest. See that dyke stretching into the distance? That’s Grim's Dyke. Built by giants long ago. There was a great earthwork that stretched to the northwest into the dusk. This is Grim’s Dyke Burgh. The Brothers were beginning to find Angle humour hard to take and if they had not been so tired, they might have started an argument. Uthric asked if Ealdorm
  5. Sadly...I just haven’t had time.. but I will Alex...I promise.. and post my comments Too much reading about other things ..and writing AS campaign.. reading stuff to try and look vaguely competent in RQG.. oh and I also work sometimes
  6. The Brothers made their way home from Portus Caester. They were both excited but yet despondent. They could not interpret their visions put persisted in trying to fit it into what little facts they knew. They were beginning to think treachery was involved, a fact reinforced by the discovery that both Beorthric and Wilfrith had left Caedering during the night. Osberht had no knowledge on the subject. Carls, in general, were free to stay or leave as they please but generally they would have stated their reasons for going. Caedering was awash with rumours. No-one other than Osberht was a
  7. I've drawn my own... or get some pictures from the internet that meet requirements and then use a Whiteboard app to show it to the players, drawing on positions etc I also will engage my daughter to do some art for me...leastways she says she will Happy to help you out
  8. I'm still researching and writing it Hierophant.. and I've got rather side-tracked with Anglo-saxons .. but I will get back to it soonish I am continuing to gather materials and ideas and I have lots of notebooks full of stuff .. some of the Þáttr blogs relate to stuff I've been thinking about When I actually type it I'm happy to share it with you and perhaps we can play test it.. and even if you want you want to think about some collaboration? we use Zoom for the games
  9. Nozbat

    Fields of Rye

    Freiherr Johannes Pähler vor dem Holte stood and admired his ancestral lands. Beside him stood the taciturn young Franciscan, Brother Thomas, who had taken up residence in the Baronial home and was said to be planning to build a Franciscan Monastery. Vor dem Holte had recently returned from the Northern Crusade in Samerland following the death of his father, Freiherr Meinhard, at the hands of the Hanse. Freiherr Meinhard had been accused by the Hanse of banditry and murder of merchants. The Hanse armies had blockaded him in his castle and when he refused to surrender had stormed it and hung th
  10. I was only interested in letting people know the etymology of Lust and the pre-15th Century meaning and how its used in modern German .. if some want to use the modern meaning, that's fine with me 🤪Particularly, since some people found the interpretation very narrow and limiting in terms of role-play I just don't have time for that with running a Saxon Campaign and CoC and none of my existing group would be that interested even if I was But I agree with Greg's quote... just have fun
  11. That’s true, Ian... I had failed to remember cows don’t have hands... and I’ve noticed another flaw in Alex’s argument.. Do the cows have their tails extended? Or flat against their bottoms? And what about the floppy bit at the end of the tail? Is that counted too? I’ve just tried to balance my cow on it’s tail and it is now in a very mad mood so evidentially that doesn’t work either As for maths...we Irish have always been into creative accounting
  12. Ach..this is how it works... I always stacked them, one on top of the other, but could never get over 5 high before they fell over
  13. I don’t play KAP so feel free to ignore this comment but I did think it was useful to point out that the etymology of Lust. It was only from the 15th Century that lust has been associated with its current meaning of (sinful) sexual desire or as certain monks wrote ‘degrading animal passion’. And to be fair to the Christian church they usually did qualify lust with ‘Lust of the Flesh’. It is only since it acquired its modern meaning that we use a short-hand version of lust or lustful to signify sexual desire Old Germanic languages translate Lust as desire, appetite, pleasure and sensuousne
  14. How many cows wide and how many cows tall? (We Irish still work in cow measurement and never got into this new fangled metre system) But I agree absolutely with what you said and am reminded of the most spectacular building I have ever been in, The Pantheon, which even two thousand years after it was built, the Pantheon's dome is still the world's largest unreinforced concrete dome. If those skills had not been lost and there had been a continuous development and improvement of engineering and construction techniques allied with magical abilities there is no reason why the towers shoul
  15. That would be maybe on the tall side.. This is a picture I took in San Gimignano and I think I remember the towers being only just over 50m tall.. that said if you're standing below they look massive They have a very narrow base and I'm not sure that they could support a greater height. I did once see a document in Trinity Library, Dublin that gave instructions about how to build a Round Tower (the Monastic type ones to stop nasty northern peoples stealing illuminated manuscripts and using them to wipe their bottoms with). The height- width ratio was measured in cows. Therefore if your ro
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