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  1. This is an issue in all creative arts. People often are not willing to pay living wages for quality products and have no concept about how much time effort, thinking and creativity it takes to produce something. My daughter is an artist who often is commissioned to do portraits. People baulk at the price not realising that if an artist spends 20 hours on something they have to expect to earn over €10 an hour, particularly if you are a master of your craft. We might grumble about paying a Tiler or Plasterer €50 an hour .. but we pay it nevertheless. People really need to accept tha
  2. We do not know much about St Hywel’s life and the little we know comes to us from the Venerable Bede. Asser mentions him but only that King Alfred kept Hywel’s knucklebone in a silver and gold reliquary which he lent to the Bishop of Worcester when there was a sickness in the Priory of St. Mary. Hywel’s skull was said to have been destroyed by the Vikings in the destruction at the Monastery of Thanet in 753. Hywel was born in Powys and the son of a successful Blacksmith. He was brought up a pagan but when he was 12 an angel visited him in his father’s smithy when he was alone. The angel
  3. Fish wars and the Battle of Dunum. It was the second year since Cerdic declared himself Westseaxacyning. Aelle had been the Cantacyning for seventeen years and it was seventh year since he had named himself Brytenwealda. Guercha One-eye the Angelcyning still disputed Aelle's claim to be Brytenwealda for the past two years. Aelle had taken advantage of plague in Gwent to capture Spinae and Brige when they were under-garrisoned. Aelle considered both towns strategically important for war against the Dumnonians in that they gave easy passage of the River Kennet. Aelle then made peace w
  4. What about Daisy?... I'm pretty sure she had no cowardly aspects or passions... in fact she was usually frustrated by Donald's immaturity (read cowardliness??) and went on dates with Donald's rival Gladstone Gander (possibly the first inter species kiss on TV) This was a woman who had a strong sense of herself and her own mind but sadly diminished by the structural sexism of the time by being reduced to a small part in movies, TV and comics
  5. I have most of the Mythras stuff already... but not Luther Arkwright or Lyonesse .. extra buck paid (is that a male antelope? and some weird hint for me to respond to the Great Hunt?). I had to post the antelope... it couldn't be digitalised and I have to say difficult to wrap as it kept moving and often ripped the paper I'm not sure where I will get the time to play either Luther Arkwright or Lyonesse... but will be reading them after I've finished Ben Aaronovitch's series of books and I may be inspired to run a game or two as my Saxon campaign heads towards the glorious and heroic death
  6. Or cursing @Bill the barbarian... consider the case of Kalfrik the Adequate... hit by lightening... bitten by a poisonous snake.. eaten by montain lions ..sacrificed by painted broo masquerading as a travelling cow salespersons... chucked off a cliff by a wandering giant...and all for suggesting that there might have been a small discrepancy ...
  7. Look at my character sheet, Boss... it's all there ...small statuettes of ancestors and animals (worth 25L.. which is 71% of my annual salary) So its there... and the cost.. just in case I'm not sure the GM is that anonymous... at least not to you and me... though maybe it's said be every GM
  8. I was sure the Mostali had canons.. or was that another myth that needs a Heroquest? But Canons might exist in Godtime? YGMV
  9. A Parting of Body and Soul and the Search for the Lost. Dunstan did not feel well after the night’s sleep. Hereweard had told him his soul had been stolen but Dunstan said he could not accept this was true. He had interpreted the constant growling noises he was making as anger at all the people who had annoyed his family and the injustices that had been visited upon them. His list of people that he intended to make pay was increasing and now included the Bretwalda Aelle, the Atheling Cissa, Guthmaer Sleddeson and Griswold Frithowulfson, both of whom ran the slave market in Cissa Cæster,
  10. Definitely true... but even for the Romans, I also have an image of several old men standing on the most de-populated and out of the way part of the border declaring war to some surprised sheep and goats
  11. Nozbat

    Famous Bell

    One of my favourite books... I like hypochondriac vikings.. but don't watch the film!
  12. This is just more profit for the illegal arms factory in the underground bunker beneath the Women's Bathhouse ... so we're going to forgot those plans with Beetles, Psychoactive mushrooms or Improving the breeding options for Trolls and concentrate on more production of high end javelins. Who needs to trade trinkets now?
  13. I know several PCs who would declare that this is a wanton misuse and waste of expensive resources at 35L a go and demand that the javelin was retrieved to be repurposed and given a false end-user certificate to be sold on... but that's another story
  14. The Athenians put Darius' emissaries (or ambassadors) on trial and executed them by throwing them in a pit. In Sparta the emissaries where just thrown into a well. However, to appease Darius, the Spartans subsequently sent two volunteers to Susa for execution as an atonement for the death of the ambassadors. In Greece, the Heralds all claimed descent from Hermes through his son, Keryx. They carried a staff of olive or laurel wood surrounded by two snakes (or with wool as messengers of peace); their persons were inviolable; and they formed a kind of priesthood or corporation. In the Homer
  15. It's a series that Newt is doing chatting to people from the d101 Games family.. think that was the first one and I'm looking forward to the others Interesting titbits from @Loz on upcoming Mythras productions in this one
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