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  1. In the third year of King Aelle's reign, on the first day of Solmonath, three brothers woke early to help their mother prepare the cakes that marked the end of winter. The three brothers known as Hrothgarsons and were well liked and thought of in the village of Caedering. Their mother Hildegard had told often them that they were descended from Thunor but Uthric, the middle brother, scoffed at this idea. How can I be descended from Thunor? I don't have red hair or carry a hammer. I don't like goats except for the excellent goat stew you make and I certainly would not hitch them to a cart. They
  2. We used to do that in Ireland...never works out..
  3. Seems more than started... thats already a major work.. and will be very detailed If you want to flesh it out a bit more I'm sure we can get a collaboration to help
  4. Three coffees later, a few sidetracks and reading the news ...I've come up with this as a first draft of Random Encounters I intend to roll the encounters before hand as they might take a large part up of play tonight.. This is for my Anglo-Saxon Chronicle but hopefully others will find it useful to adapt to whatever they need. I think peoples views were that it would be good to have a Glorantha region specific so will need lots more work Hope that's helpful Random Encounters ASC.docx
  5. Looking forward to that.. Mein Deutsch ist ausreichend aber meine Grammatik ist schrecklich...
  6. I'm just writing Random Encounters for my upcoming Anglo-Saxon Chronicle campaign and got to the point of 'Small Game'.. and while musing on what small game might be ...I thought...rabbits!!... which brings more thoughts ..'Is this all I can come up with in the category small game?.. and..What about the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog?' (Probably the connection is that I just perused The Adventures of the Great Hunt). My players will need to employ the services of a Læce to solve the mystery of their dead father and suffer a rather unsettling discorporation induced by being in a chemically al
  7. For more difficult manoeuvres, you could balance D20s and for near impossible manoeuvres balance D4s. There's a double jeopardy..you might fail your roll (having been very high and used all your D20s to replicate it and be unable to roll, thus failing) or the dice might collapse triggering an automatic failure... seems a good solution to me I have a pirate copy brought in by some dodgy Lunar merchants
  8. I would abstract it Joerg because you also will get... ..otherwise you will get drawn into all sorts of interesting laws of kinetics which I, for one, am glad I left behind long ago. I still think you can make it exciting by allowing the players to make all sorts of difficult or specialist manoeuvres using their drive or ride skills with various penalties attached. Opposed pursuit rolls for drive or fly would allow you to escape or catch up. Want to do a handbrake turn on your Ox pursuit-wagon ?.. Drive oxen and -50% modifier. Try an inside loop with your pegasus.. Ride Pega
  9. Nozbat

    A Strange Conversation

    The huge raven alighted on the branch that buckled under her weight. The object of her attention was a man leading a horse through the forest at the edge of the lake. The raven was ravenously hungry, anticipating a feast of eyes, tongue and liver when the Rusalka was finished with him. The thought of the Rusalka made the raven nervous. She shifted on the branch making the man with the horse look up suddenly. "Stop following me, bird," shouted the man, breaking the silence. He looked around for something convenient to throw at the raven but unable to find anything but contented himself with m
  10. I suspect that's where my PCs will end up as they are actually a bunch of anarcho-syndicalists who will be rather quickly become Enemies of the State and Mierce is likely to be the only place they will find peace from the various feuds and outlawings that they will be accused of or actually commit. They have asked to see a laecce to ask some questions of the Spirits so I'll be filling them up with discorporating herbs and while in a chemically altered state they will take the first steps on the path of anarchy (I should utter an evil cackle at this stage but am content with a mere smirk)
  11. I might also be interested .. timing permitted and time difference compatibility.. and I (unlike some who failed their deceit roll) haven’t read any of the above for at least 30 years and have just checked my bookcase and my copies have been stolen!!!
  12. That campaign has obviously been running for a while... I'm introducing a heretical sect of Jötunn worship which has an alternative view on Woden as a self-seeking, psychopathic narcissist only intent on delaying Ragnarok to preserve his own life and when mine catches up with your timeline maybe we will introduce our PCs to each other and see what they do...😇
  13. Thanks...I'll try that and see if there are people willing to collaborate. I've written a fair amount already.. possibly enough for a number of sessions and did out some maps today... I even went hunting for some colouring pencils
  14. Nozbat


    Rose this sounds like a Psychology paper?
  15. In my (very short) Broo interlude adventure there was a two headed Broo called... Jake and Elwood Broo.. they did hate Illinois Nazis though
  16. Nozbat


    Angrboða closed the door into the main hall where the Jötunn still drank, boasted and tried to outdo each other in feats of strength. It was sadly often the case at the Yule feast. Angrboða sighed and turned to her companions. “Boys will be boys, Angrboða, you can’t change the way they have acted for millennia”, said Sívör. “But girls will be woman”, replied Angrboða, “ and as ever, we need to plan for the coming year to counter the Æsir. Our men are too busy swinging their dicks to consider what needs to be done.” “Tell the others what you told me about Óðinn, Gnissa”, said Angrboð
  17. I just got an email from DriveThruFiction and King of Sartar is their Deal of the Day... but its a PDF https://www.drivethrufiction.com/product/176926/King-of-Sartar
  18. As a bit of a diversion for my players and to get them out of their comfort zone, I've decided to run an AS Chronicle. Interestingly, there is some misgiving about roleplaying Saxons, Jutes or Angles at the time of Arthur as they feel they are no longer on the 'goodies' side. Anyways, I have both Logres and Waterlands Scenarios but was interested if any other GMs had done something similar with their own material and would be willing to swop information/ ideas? The PCs are three brothers, each with their own secrets. The basic premise for the first scenario is finding why their fath
  19. I's certainly be interested in that... I'm still working on the Hanse campaign so this is all good stuff I need something to distract me as I'm off work after a night On call and it feels like this...
  20. My allied spirit is Laphraoig ... it also helps with discorporation
  21. Don’t get me started on Broo and Post-modernism...
  22. "The show has been lauded for its realistic take on dealing with depression, trauma, addiction, self-destructive behaviour, racism, sexism, sexuality and the human condition" yep...that sounds Brooish
  23. Oi-Boi definition: A person or animal who is particularly fat, lazy and sleepy, yet comforting, soft and kind-faced. Never thought of orcs as soft and comforting but I guess people change and evolve. Next we will have Walktapus Social Workers and Scorpion-people nurses However this picture is even more disturbing and insidious and shows how Broo infiltrated the 70's hippy culture posing in front of the ruins of the Big Rubble
  24. My sister, who is an artist, has just sent me some of her older artwork to keep for her. Its a set of prints from her "My head is an animal'" She did a whole series of plaster moulds and subsequent bronzes and then took pictures of them and made prints I was thinking that perhaps Broo have evolved to be accepted in modern society.. for evidence I present the following .. his chaotic feature appears to be 'Like the Specials'. Those of us who are old enough will remember the particularly dystopian Ghost Town which I guess is how Broo sometimes see themselves.. outsiders, left on the sh
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