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  1. My sister, who is an artist, has just sent me some of her older artwork to keep for her. Its a set of prints from her "My head is an animal'" She did a whole series of plaster moulds and subsequent bronzes and then took pictures of them and made prints I was thinking that perhaps Broo have evolved to be accepted in modern society.. for evidence I present the following .. his chaotic feature appears to be 'Like the Specials'. Those of us who are old enough will remember the particularly dystopian Ghost Town which I guess is how Broo sometimes see themselves.. outsiders, left on the shelf, forgotten and despised ...though I am struggling with Ska being associated with chaos
  2. It’s Jar-eel’s teeth that evoke similarities
  3. My Hardcover arrived today and hadn’t realised you can get a PDF free 😭😭😭
  4. I was thinking about the best lines from players in my 30+ years of gamesmastering...some of my favourites are: On a week trip to the wilds of West Cork I ran a short number of scenarios where the players were Broo. Periodically the Malia Rune Priest showed up to check they were furthering the spreading of disease, chaos and general mayhem. On one such occasion, one of the Broo characters greeted the Rune Lord with, ”The pus in my soul rises up to greet thee, My Lord”.“ Or perhaps when Lord Harold (Harry to his mates) Cadwalader, and upper class twit dilettante, was asked to make a History roll in CoC. He turned to his Valet, Toby Perkins (run by another player) and asked him: ”What is my History roll, Toby?” ”I think your Lordship will find it on his Lordship’s character sheet, directly underneath First Aid”, replied Toby ”Would you be a good chap and roll it for me Toby? I have a glass of brandy in one hand and a cigar in the other and quite frankly this is what I pay you for.” Anyone else have any classic lines?
  5. I share a common fate with the sea, Spinning the months around in alternate cycles. When the glory of my light-forming form wanes, so, too, the sea loses its swollen flood tides No-one can see me or catch me in their palms I spread the noisy sound of my voice through the world; I can break to pieces the strong oak with my loud crashing voice, as I beat against the high poles of the sky and traverse the fields Formed in a marvellous way, born without seed I loan my sweet great with treasure from flowers; By my art the golden platters of Kings grow yellow; always I bear the small, sharp spears of cruel war And though I lack hands, my spear stings more cruelly than weapons forged by smiths
  6. We need a new Character class.. Wordsmith or perhaps a Blatherskite ...and some new spells.. Dispel Pun Protection from Pun Counterpun Invoke earnest and for CoC Temporary Insanity of Paranomasia
  7. My polar bear was known as Asgeir's Bane... It's true name was Fluffy however but luckily no-one ever learnt that
  8. The ubiquity of Blood Magic strikes me as difficult to leave out of games as it runs through every culture particularly in Celtic/ Greek/ Northern Germanic which I am presently interested in. I think you're right Soltakss.. people find it unsettling and dark.. particularly if we want to be on the 'good side' and it is sometimes difficult to suspend our 21st century morality. I've looked at the Legend rules and will likely take parts of that to use I was looking at the pictures I'd taken of Bog bodies at the National Archaeology Museum in Dublin ... blood sacrifice...fascinating stuff
  9. I won't ask African or European .. but I will ask if they can carry a coconut?
  10. I'm interested to know if anyone uses Blood magic in their games? It is so widespread in different cultures that I am interested in including it in my game for special sacrifices on High Holy days, wars, natural disasters, ill omens, crop failure...etc
  11. Yes..it is... was trying to find an older soft back book I had on weapons and armour ...but seem to have mislaid it
  12. These illustrations might be helpful... definitely no sign of cuirboilli chest armour that I can find...
  13. Yes...that's it... I just knew I'd read something ...couldn't remember where and had been checking all the core rules I had with no success
  14. I have read a piece about Blood Magic... but can't for the life of me remember where it is. Can anyone enlighten me as to where it is?
  15. I'm not sure if this is helpful given there's probably more up to date pictures but these are from my original version of The Big Rubble and they are pictures taken on my phone I had reduced them so as not to take up too much space but happy to send the full size ones if anyone is interested Picture 1 is of New Pavis and the Rubble in the Background showing the Gates of New Pavis Picture 2 shows an existing Gatehouse in the wall of the Rubble at New Pavis Picture 3 shows the Griffin gate in the background with a building that is definitely bigger than the walls Picture 4 shows the ruins possibly around Griffin Gate. The text seems to suggest that but I am not sure what the building is in the background with the dome. It may just be an example of type D ruins
  16. You can't do that!! We Irish didn't do anything to get blamed for... apart from giving the world U2.. actually yes you can blame the Irish
  17. I'm interested to know what happened? I had a Polar Bear running around in my vikings campaign.. it had escaped and killed the hunters that had captured it to present to the Jarl. It swam around Sognefjord making a nuisance of itself every now and then by attacking fishing boats, trailing bigger ships etc. The players were convinced it was a dísir or a sjóvættir. Some of the locals started a 'cult' and provided it with food as a propitiation
  18. And why not?... monsters have rights too!!! 😆
  19. I’m not sure morale is the right word although it is a concept used in a military sense and has crept into war simulations and hence combat in roll playing games. I remember being struck by the military historian, John Keegan’s book, The Face of Battle, in which one of his central theses was that not many soldiers fired their guns in anger or in a purposeful way. It wasn’t necessarily a point about morale, more about that soldiers would rarely put themselves at risk out of self-preservation. Examples I remember were of the platoon who hid from the enemy until a group of the enemy surrendered when they all to a man opened up and killed all the surrendering soldiers. Or the Napoleonic era Lieutenant who told his man to stand firm in the Defensive Square as they were pounded by solid shot cannonballs. The troops could see the trajectory of the ball and where it was going to hit, reducing ranks of men to mush. This was all ok until the cannonball was coming directly at the Lieutenant. I’m a Psychotherapist so I tend to look at things from a psychological viewpoint, whether it is behavioural or evolutionary psychology or just rational and logical thought and behaviour. Self-preservation is a behaviour or set of behaviours that ensures the survival of an organism and is universal among all living organisms. Self-preservation is basically the mechanism that prevents an organism being harmed or killed and is considered to be a basic instinct even in single cell organisms who will move away from danger. Pain and fear are further mechanisms that interact with and guide self-preservation. It is unlikely that many sentient creatures will fight to the death unless there are other higher goals or motivations involved (ie altruism in which the sacrifice benefits the group; defending one’s young; a highly motivated political/ religious cause). How are these constructs transferred into RPGs? I think motivations and goals of the individual or group are important, which can be GM dictated and passions (love/ hate/ loyalty) both of which can override self-preservation and fear. Intelligence which makes a risk-assessment of the situation both of the enemy troops and their own capabilities Intelligence and Insight which aid decision-making Dexterity which influences quickness of physical action But should it be a mechanism at all? I’d rather see it as a sensible decision made in terms of not dying (unless you’re a berserker and death is a means to a glorious afterlife). I’m not sure that it should be really down to a dice roll as to whether the fight continues. What is the difference if the opponents fade away into the forest only to stalk the player characters and look for an advantageous time to conduct an ambush or several hit and runs to cause damage, waste defensive resources so that they can gain advantages? I think its all about narrative rather than mechanics. And that quote is definitely a truism
  20. She was obviously protecting or losing her virginity... depending on people’s views of Babeester Gor and celibacy Glad it was good..and look forward to hearing more
  21. Nozbat


    It seems that this list is not so much Germanic-type Wergilds but more Pelasgian Greek Kathamos and it’s interesting to see that there is both a temporal and spiritual cost of causing harm within the Clan or Tribe. That price is only for those within ‘the Law’ and not for those outside the ‘Law”. Firstly, the price is high to prevent impetuous behaviour and as a deterrent to breaking the peace of the clan and the price is set as to the usefulness of the person harmed or killed. A useful psychological tool of positive reinforcement to obey the Clan laws. Secondly, there is a blood price to purify or cleanse the Unlawful act to be completed in a ritual act or offering. I assume that failure to comply with the blood price will also bring both bad luck and Devine displeasure, possibly not only on the individual but on the family, clan or tribe? A useful campaign hook...
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