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  1. It feels like it might be an editing issue - the writers know what they intended to say, so when they checked it, that's what they thought it said. We've come along afterwards and found multiple interpretations, which probably include the one meant by the writers, but we are uncertain as to which one that is. Between the character sheet and the cultural skills section, things are unclear; we can guess the intent, we can make our own decisions that apply in the campaigns we are participating in, but it leaves things open for confusion and dispute when someone moves from one game to another.
  2. Thank you to everyone who has replied to this thread. I have looked at the Runequest Core Rules Questions thread, what I could find for an answer was unsatisfyingly vague. [Now going to type weapon skills as Category (Specific Weapon, method of use), using the listings from p208-212. If in quotes, "Weapon" is what is written in the rulebook.] For reference, my original post listed the different interpretations that each entry could have with regard to the specific skills used. e.g. "Dagger +10%" in Cultural Weapons - it is unclear whether this is supposed to be a bonus to the
  3. Hi Our GM is running a RQ:AiG game and we're enjoying it, but we had a little trouble with character creation. When talking about weapon skills, the 1H swords are broken out into easily-identifiable individual weapons but the character sheet in the back lists the other weapon skills as 1H Axe, 1H Spear, Dagger, etc - it's not clear from this that these are category skills requiring a specific subchoice. The Cultural Skills section has the same issue - there is a small note on p60 about it but given that some of the weapons listed in the Cultural Weapons fall under multiple broad cate
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