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  1. And Sartar was then conquered by its enemies pretty quickly afterwards. You could pretty easily make the whole shift the result of Lunars working to wreck Sartar's defenses if you wanted to.
  2. This is Glorantha. All attempts to make major changes to the world just end up causing mass death, so yes. Heroes have the power to change the world but if they use that power, they only break it more.
  3. That presumes a degree of mobility that is often not the case in Glorantha, though probably much of Peloria would be descended from Yelm by now. That would certainly help explain how everyone and their dog has passed the Ten Tests at some point.
  4. Of course he did, but the rules don't care. Pass the tests, you are the legitimate Emperor, even if you barbequed and ate the former Emperor, you dress yourself entirely in dirt, and you like to dress up Yelm statues as Orlanth. This has always been a problem for Dara Happa because lots of people have found ways to pass the tests without being very good Yelmites.
  5. The last Yelmic emperor cuddled up to the Lunars and the Red Emperor took over when he died; every incarnation of the RE passes the 1en tests, making him officially Yelm's chosen Emperor. So the Red Emperor is legitimately Emperor of Dara Happa by its own rules.
  6. The Greeks maintained a group identity for 2000 years of rule by others. It's plausible the Dara Happans could maintain their identity, especially since their identity has magical powers tied to it.
  7. All you have to do to become the Yelmic Emperor is pass the 10 tests, which has been done by a dragon, among other things. Whatever some DH tell themselves about nobility and Yelm, ultimately, you could be born in a cardboard box in a DH garbage dump and still become Emperor if you can beat the tests. I think two big things are going on here. 1. Dara Happa has actually spent much of its history in time being kicked down the stairs and being ruled by outsiders in one way or another. IE, they often didn't have an advantage. 2. The Yelm cult gives them enough unity and there's enough Dara Happan cities that they could often beat up their neighbors because they cooperated; we know the Pelandans have never gotten their act together to unite against foes and everyone else is small, localized cultures that are generally going to be outnumbered. Whenever anything bigger than the DH cities shows up, they get bulldozed - the Unity Council, Pentans, Sheng Seleris, the Lunar Empire itself, a Dragon just taking over for a while, etc, etc.
  8. The Malkioni would not want to believe goddesses were involved. The Man Rune, at the Creator's command, made the first people. Some sects probably assume that the Krjalki were flawed attempts to create men and then humans capstoned creation; others see the Krjalki as the jealous attempt of other runes to create their own humans, who came out warped and twisted.
  9. Belintar was obviously Saruman, jumping universes so no one would know who he was.
  10. The Lunar Empire was Big and Rich and they were not. This no doubt lead to some cultural influence in the area closest to Tarsh and facilitated the whole Yelmalio cult rising thing.
  11. Why do the Vadeli not have any Talars?
  12. Some suggestions, just out of my imagination: They favor tile roofs with overlapping tiles which evoke dragon scales. Further, the most important buildings are shaped like the Beast Rune, since that's also the Dragon rune. Peasant buildings are much like 3rd age Dragon Pass but with draconic imagery painted on them. Buildings favor the color of whatever dragon lives closest.
  13. So is Joy a long-term state? My understanding was that Joy of the Heart was something experienced through Hrestoli practices but which wasn't a permanent state. (I also saw it as being more like a kind of state of, well, joy and being indefagitable)
  14. Keep in mind that PCs get the Escalation Die and their foes do not. 13th Age is set up so the PCs get hammered early in the fight, then do extra hammering later in the fight. IF you use the array rule, you get 17, 15, 14, 13, 12, 10 to spread on stats. Let's say you raise the first two to 19 and 17. Strength 19, Wisdom 17, Con 14, Dex 13., Intelligence 12, Charisma 10. The middle stat of Con/Wisdom/Dex is Con, for a +2. Heavy Armor + Shield + 2 = 18 AC. Which is about as good as a first level char can get due to how the bonuses work. But to quote the rulebook: But Humakt is the god of Death and you’ve noticed that he seems more interested in you slaying his enemies than getting through battles in one piece.
  15. IF you assume the Kingdom of War and Loksalm basically were both reduced to impotence by their war, an easy Lunar conquest seems plausible to me.
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