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  1. The Imperial University and the Imperial War College The Imperial University is a Dara Happan institution, found in Raibanth. It is divided into six Colleges - Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Darkness, and War. It teaches a mixture of lore about the world and magic and is mainly staffed by Dara Happans, Pelandans, priests of Irripi Ontor and shamans of the Changing Way. A handful of instructors are trolls. Each college's lore and magic is focused around its element, in a very broad sense. A student of birds would be in the Fire or Air college, a student of plants in the Earth college, a stu
  2. Dara Happans and the Imperial Bureaucracy Dara Happans face a difficult choice in the Empire. Abandon Dara Happan society, join the Changing Way, and leave the cities behind for a lifestyle alien to the normal Dara Happan, but have a chance to rise to the top of society. Or, hold to the way of Yelm, and try to rise in the Imperial Bureaucracy, where you can hold substantial power and keep society from total disruption, but at the cost of always answering to Changing Way people who probably have not bathed all season. The most ambitious Dara Happans left normal Dara Happan society b
  3. The Imperial Fool The Imperial Fool is always a Trollkin; upon being initiated into the office (if he or she survives the initiation), they become as smart as a normal human, and indeed smarter in the area of understanding politics and social interaction. The fool's job is simple - to deflate the egos of the powerful through japes, mockery, and practical jokes. This tends to make them the most hated person in the Empire among the powerful and most beloved of everyone else. This job is a punishment because the Fool is inevitably murdered and knows it. But every moment they cling to
  4. Lanbril, Rat People, and the Hobo Association Lanbril was originally worshipped by thieves in Dragon Pass and Prax and sometimes nearby areas. He is more important in urbanized areas, but in the modern era, Orlanthi areas tend not to be very organized and other pantheons have their own thief gods. However, as the Empire rolled into the Southern Provinces, it brought Orlanthi into the Empire. And Peloria is RICH with cities and urban life and thus theft. By the time of Sheng Seleris, it had taken deep root and been adopted by enough Changing Way followers that the Empire gave up an
  5. The only song I could find by Cats Laughing on Youtube was Black Knight's Work, which is a good song for Sir Ethilrist. Dang it, here we go, by the Flash Girls:
  6. Oh! Also 'A Girl Wants a Knife' is another good one.
  7. Don't Fear the Reaper is her using the Harmony Rune to talk someone into killing themselves.
  8. Ducks and the Changing Way Peloria is woefully short on Ducks, so it wasn't until the conquest of Dragon Pass that Ducks came into the Empire. Many Ducks embraced the Changing Way, for they already lived in ways compatible with it. Fishing in the Upland Marsh was always a major component of their lifestyle and farming usually got their crops stolen by raiders anyway. Ducks now roam the waterways of the Empire in great house boats, trading and fishing. Some remain in their old homeland, fighting Delicti and hunting marsh monsters. This has led to clashes with the Heron Peopl
  9. The Purple Simian Imperial Bodyguard Bobholt is originally from Teshnos; a complex series of enslavements drew him across Pent and ended up dumping him into the Empire, where he came to the Changing Way and discovered he is a Gorilla Hsunchen, very rare in the Empire. He is accompanied by Beetle the Beagle, a dog spirit, and Imperius, his Gorilla True Animal companion. He liberated Beetle from a Pentan shaman as part of finally escaping slavery. He then became a gladiator, noted for his bright purple armor and his love of wine. His fighting skills and his charm made him a favo
  10. Thanks! Once I finish brainstorming, I'll take a shot at that.
  11. Blue Moon Troll Mysticism The Blue Moon Trolls do have a mystical tradition. On the Blue Moon, there are deep oceans where light never reaches. Blue Moon Shamans and Priestesses (and Priests) can travel to the Blue Moon and descend into the Dark Waters. They then enter underwater caves where they experience a series of tests - going without food, staring into the Sun for days (how this is possible in a dark underwater cave is unclear to outsiders), allowing people to beat on you without retaliating, and other things intended to force you to fight your instincts and escape from them.
  12. Troll Heresy The Blue Moon Trolls always had an important place for Annila, the Blue Moon Goddess, unlike most trolls. The formation of the Empire and the Goddess walking among them and providing a home for many trolls under the islands of her Moon, where the sun cannot touch them, has led the Blue Moon Trolls into full blown heresy. Trolls initiated to her cult can live comfortably underwater, and the light of the Blue Moon during the day protects them from the Sun. (Conveniently, the Blue Moon sets when the Sun sets). They now see Annila as the supreme mother of Trollkind and Ky
  13. Allowing Argath to do his thing may be the karmic payback for the Dragonkill. Allowing his rise and revenge cancels out mass slaughter of DP people karmically.
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