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  1. Given the God Learners killed the god of the island... maybe they imported the Dragonnewts in order to do that.
  2. The Gloranthan equivalent of Depeche Mode's 'Enjoy the Silence' Heroquest got out of hand.
  3. The Guide seems to assert that all Dragonnewts were killed off by the start of Time, except the ones in Kralorela and Dragon Pass; all the others are offshoots of that. There are 8000 Dragonnewts in Maniria (by contrast, 200,000 in Kralorela and 20,000 in Dragon PAss) If they came with Palangio, they were originally connected to the Third Council and the creation of Nysalor. They would have been part of the Dragon Pass community originally, thus the connection to the ones there now. Since they hunt all over Maniria, they probably have Dragon Paths to favored hunting grounds.
  4. The death of both the god of Tradetalk (Issaries) and of Knowledge (Lankhor Mhy) is probably at the root of the illiteracy plague, since they both spread magical literacy.
  5. My immediate thought is that if Argenteus is Old Elvis, Red Sister should be Patti Smith. Her 'army' becomes an army of female singers who do magic with song and dance and a lot of shouting.
  6. I would suggest checking out the trading rules for Mystara (the BECMI D&D World) because it implements a lot of your thinking about you want trading to work. Every major city has some goods which can be bought cheaply and others which fetch a higher price than normal. So Darokin (think Renaissance Italian Cities) is a cheap place to buy common metals, common woods, grain, ivory, and textiles and a good place to sell gems, monsters, mounts, precious metals, and weapons. Soderfjord (think 12th century Scandanavia) is a good place to buy woods and grain, and a good place to sell armor and wine. And so on. The Republic of Darokin and Minrothad Guilds (for sea trade) are both pretty cheap PDFs. Then you can build similar tables for Glorantha, so that scrolls are cheaper in Pelorian cities and sell well in Esrolia, which provides plentiful grain and meat, and so on.
  7. One of the rather unsatisfactory things in the King of Sartar ending is that after Harrek and Argath fall out... Harrek just *leaves*. Harrek is not the just leave type, he's the chop Argath into kibble and dance on his corpse if they fall out type. So he kills Argath, turns his skin into pants, steals all of Then he ruins the plan of the Trolls to flood Dragon Pass with gold and cause inflation by stealing it all. This will be important, later. Also, he skins Jar-Eel and gives all her power to Gunda. Then he convinces the Trolls they should sign up with his plan to invade and loot Peloria. Let's face it, killing Solar-aspected people is in their wheelhouse. The Screaming Murder And Theft Horde then pours north. The Praxians go with him because it's a chance to kill people and rob them. The Black Horse Troop go along to avoid becoming Harrek's underwear. Ralkazark, seeing what's coming, digs a big hole and hides until the next age. Argenteus tries to lead an army against him, but too many banana sandwiches have left him mostly useless and he is defeated and Harrek skins him and makes a red coat and a white glove out of it and gives them to a young boy, who becomes the new King of Rock and Roll. The Crimson Bat also gets skinned and becomes Harrek's boots. Gunda then convinces the dwarves that the Red Moon has to go and she has a plan. So they take all that gold, build a giant catapult and fling it at the Red Moon, which breaks up, releasing all its power across Glorantha. The Red Goddess comes forth and she and Harrek obliterate each other. Glamour and Gunda hook up and create a new, better queendom in Peloria where anyone who worships Yelm must wear ashes and live in a trash can. Okay, that was just me being ludicrous. I do think Harrek would try to chop Argath into kibble, though. I am working on a less silly idea.
  8. Leaving aside a lot of the Issaries quests which enable people to trade better, a lot of locations have some kind of ritual component and ritual limits on trading, where, say, the Dwarves always come to the same place and offer the same deal, but you have to basically duplicate some deal from the Silver Age to make it work. The way the Castle Coast flourishes on the deals it has from the past which have to be periodically renewed.
  9. Heroquesting is an important part of the most lucrative trading, as getting things from the Elder Races often requires it. At least to make it work right. So that's a way to link it to adventuring.
  10. Most people's initial response to Argath is going to be 'who' until he does stuff. Later, people in Sartar won't care that Argath basically can't go five minutes without death and destruction because it's aimed at people they don't like. They're likely to assume Harrek's arrival is the universe trying to kick Dragon Pass while it's down. The day Harrek leaves and doesn't come back is probably celebrated as a holiday. There is zero proof that slaughtering everything that moves in Peloria was the only solution to the Lunar Empire or the best one. I inherently distrust and disbelieve any 'the ends justify the means' argument. So I am unconvinced that unleashing endless death and destruction was the only solution to either of these problems.
  11. A lot of Kralorelan mysticism is probably actually theistic and sorcerous stuff clad in mystical clothing. The actual mystics withdraw to monasteries and stay there to pursue ever higher levels of spiritual insight and sometimes people consult them. They accumlate huge powers but there's an emphasis on *not using them* because they will tangle you in the world. When the Godlearners were there, they corrupted a lot of mysticism to be 'do disciplines, gain powers, hit people with them'. Where you gained a certain amount of insight, then used it to entangle yourself in the world. There is likely still a fair amount of that.
  12. Ralzakark is able to organize broo into a controlled force that doesn't simply maraud 24-7 and rape everything that moves. HE and his broo are still terrible, but it's a lot more controlled terrible. Beat Pot Aelwin *joins the side he revolted against*. He totally abandons his revolt against the Lunars and grovels before the Red Goddess. It's like imagining Malcom X marrying a white woman and going around shooting black people. They both do change. Argath and Arkat pretty much simply become worse by being illuminated. I expect what makes them able to be genocidal maniacs is being illuminated. Illumination stripped away their conscience, leaving only the lust for blood. I have no idea who Oddi even is.
  13. In King of Dragon Pass, you always start out in the Arfritha Vale. In King of Dragon Pass, she was a daughter of Kodig, son of Vingkot.
  14. The Guide is waaaaaay too much for anyone who is just starting out. Great for reference but not good as an introduction.
  15. Nysalor permanently screwed up Uz reproduction... but killed a relatively small number of UZ. The Lunars slaughtered a bunch of elves, but there's nothing stopping future elves reproducing normally.
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