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  1. Androgenous is actually an intelligent potato who adds accessories as needed, depending on what gender is needed at a given time. (Or what limbs / clothing / tools are needed.)
  2. I'm still fleshing this out, though at this point, I have to figure out what is yet to be done. Probably figure out how the Hero Wars go in DP with an alternate Empire and no Argath. (The Emperor's Dragonnewt advisor has basically ensured that.)
  3. The Imperial Balazar Colony In the empire, they say that if you are bad, you go to a Hell when you die, but when you are really bad, they send you to Balazar. Balazar has two kinds of terrain - dry scrub and elf forest. You can kind of grow crops if you are willing to invest four times as much effort and a lot of help from Earth priestesses. But the locals gave up on farming - they are probably too stupid for it anyway - and rely on hunting and herding. The elf forests are fertile but are only for Elves and a few humans they keep around for laughs. (This is the leading theory abo
  4. Ducks who live in a clan's land likely have a special mythological relationship to the Clan, and would be part of the Clan. This, however, is pretty uncommon.
  5. The Thrice-Blessed The Thrice-Blessed are Reindeer Hsunchen who live east of Charg and north of several provinces of the Empire. Almost everyone is Hsunchen, unlike the rest of the Empire; conversely, there is no central government; the Thrice-Blessed pay fealty to Little Sister, sending her an annual tribute and supplying her with the Thunder Delta Slingers, their main imperial military unit. You might expect the Red Claws to be strong here, but in fact, they are weakest here - the Thrice-Blessed basically focus their violence on the animals they hunt and have little interest in fi
  6. The Ice-Breaking Quest Every year, the Empire mounts an expedition to defeat Valind and strengthen the god who holds up the northern end of the Sky Dome. This is led by the cult of Kalikos, who possesses the Red Spear of Kalikos and the Red Rock. Normally kept in the temple of Kalikos in Keravero, the cult loads them and eight heroes and heroines into a great boat, which sails north each year for a dangerous heroquest. The Hollri are the ice demon children of Himile, god of cold; every year, they build a fortress, then perform dark rites to try to freeze over the great giant who ho
  7. Law Enforcement in the Empire There is no broad-purpose national law enforcement; certain national agencies, such as the Bureau of Righteous Thought focus on specific issues, like heresy or rooting out Chaos cults. Several branches of the Arteries have police powers within their area of interest - taxes and tribute collection. Satraps have a group of law enforcement agents known as Hands. They engage in a mixture of spying and espionage. Non-Hsunchen lands have a variety of forms of law enforcement, usually stronger inside the cities. Hsunchen are governed by their own law
  8. Thirteenth Age Glorantha has an Esrolian Shield-Based Martial Arts group: Square Round Monastery was originally based in the huge Esrolian metropolis of Nochet, the largest city in the world. All manner of strange mystery cults exist in its alleys and palaces. Square Round Monastery started as a consequence of a gift of a shield between Yelm (or perhaps Yelmalio) and Ernalda. The gift of the shield appears to have gone back and forth several times. The Square Round Monastery reveres a golden square within a golden circle, a symbol that represents both the shield the Sun gave the Earth
  9. Broyan gets killed by the Lunars within a year of the fall of the City of Wonders.
  10. Warrior Societies Warrior societies are one of the important ties keeping the Hsunchen half of the Empire from exploding into a self-destructive orgy of blood and death. Groups of martial spirits invite warriors from many different clans to learn secrets together to aid them in battle. Because each society is made up of people from many different clans, they form a source of cross-links between clans which can help to mitigate clan feuds. They're also a source of mercenaries whose clans won't be blamed for what they do acting as a warrior society. War Clans especially encourage every
  11. Pardon the pause. I spent several days doing my RL job and compiling everything I have written in this thread so far into some files on my computer. (146 pages of text, to my shock!) More stuff later, maybe Sunday, probably Monday, as Sunday, Dad goes to MD Anderson for immunizing.
  12. And another stronghold in the South East in the swamp on an artificial hill with a vast underground complex inside the hill.
  13. It is not on DriveThruRPG or possibly the search choked on it. (Searching for Glorantha only yields 10 items and one of them is Volo's Guide to Waterdeep)
  14. The Kingdom of Tarsh What is now Tarsh was laid waste by the Dragonkill. For a century and half, no one dared enter, until the desperate Aram the Pauper defied his own ancestors to enter the land, court Sorana Tor, and establish a Kingdom that still stands today. Their descendents founded the Twin Dynasty, a series of brother-sister marriages where the brother handled temporal affairs and the sister handled spiritual and magical issues. At the Battle of Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies in 1362, the Satrap of Sylila attempted to raise the armies of the dependent kingdoms and force Tarsh into t
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