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  1. Adding my thanks to @StevenGEmsley for starting this thread as it meant I sold my copy rather than it gathering dust on my shelf. A good result all round!
  2. I'm in the UK and have a copy (first thing I ever backed on Kickstarter) I might be willing to part with. It is opened but unused so in excellent condition. I doubt I will get round to using it but it looks good on my shelf so I had no intention of selling it - until I saw 'would consider silly price tag'... 🤑 If your US FLGS possibility doesn't pan out, let me know.
  3. I came across NH when I was looking for a fleshed out universe to run Punktown in. As well as using Cthulhu Rising as its base, the background directly includes Alien, Predator and Blade Runner with a dash of Halo and probably other stuff I have missed. Rules-wise each chapter does give credit to the authors of whichever system it was borrowed from without mentioning what the systems were. If you dig deeply unsurprisingly there are some anomalies from trying to pull from so many sources (in the timeline for instance) but it is obvious that a lot of work has gone into it. With all the various IP involved there is no way Chaosium would go anywhere near it, but as a fan thing it is great.
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