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  1. Thanks for the longer explanation. RQ being so deadly is the reason your players was drawn to it, I saw you mention in the other thread, so it is interesting to hear you choose to use hero points. Obviously, this is why I thought using a spell like Sever Spirit against players from a storytelling perspective can be a turnoff, but if you use hero points this is not so dangerous so I get your perspective in this more. Deadly and realistic games can sound noble, and RQ players take pride in it, but it can take people out of the storytelling experience instead, especially going through character creation, creating new stories all the time for them can make the game harder to invest in emotionally and imaginatively for both for GMs and players. Becomes more a game of Yatzy you one could easily be cynical about, which defeats its purpose. Hard balance to achieve. So I definitely get what you are saying about players not engaging and making the story interesting by taking any risks if a game is too deadly. Anyway, thanks for the writeup, something to think about when I consider my own campaign.
  2. Hero points was mentioned. How is it used by you, Crel? I use it in 5e, but in RQG I am keen to avoid it, so this is why I am more cautious about Sever Spirit, I suppose. But... players How do you implement hero points?
  3. Yeah, I saw to this, so I’d just thought I’d leave the argument alone. Sort of dissolves itself right there with much of it..
  4. I support this message! I really think it is not that exciting if it can be done round by round to be fair. Also, the flavor problem as people noted, with different solutions to it... Anyway, I just came in to note this discussion is carried on in two different threads now! The spells thread also.
  5. It is a cool idea, but one that players may find annoying and feel they suddenly have a much worse spell than Sunspear, where before it was better. I think the main critique should be that it is a bit boring the way it works now to the point that some GMs forbid it. Obviously, having lots of players support the idea the spell is a problem in the other thread and mentioning it here, drew out players who didn’t have much of a problem with it Do you also resurrect your biggest villains a lot? And if you do, do the players find it tedious? It can ruin a lot of interesting fights in a way that other spells do not. Being forced to have a character resurrecting others for point and kill spells is not nearly as dramatic and fun as I want my games to be. However, a one off roll.. Anyway, I guess I made that case:) I agree with you that sleep needs looking into as well, something we mentioned in this thread. Again, spells that removes the excitement of the game with ease of regular use should be altered in my opinion. And are hard to use against players for the same reason (Pegasus). But I agree your argument is valid in terms of not being able to resurrect being a great disadvantage. I guess I find Humakt to be such an attractive and fun cult anyway. I will leave you guys with this argument. It feels like the ones who wanted to change the spell are just looking at the other thread, or have made their arguments over there already
  6. There is an ongoing discussion about this and your view is one of them. I do feel one use really works as a solution, but there will never be one view that everyone agrees with. For me, your solution looks too much like Sunspear, which is boring as it removes the uniqueness of that spell and Sever Spirit at the same time, same spell, sort of - which makes Humakt and the sun cults much less unique, that is, to my eyes. It is a general consensus so far that the spell needs to be changed, and that is the important part, and Chaosium should definitely go into the mentioned House Rules thread and check for a number of suggestions.
  7. Fix Sever Spirit. An overwhelming majority feels this spell is broken and not flavorful enough for Humakt in its current form. It’s problematic in its current state both in use by villains (Pagasus Plataeu) and by heroes, as it can be a turn-off no matter who dies. Roll a dice or die is neither fun against super-villains (think giant) nor against a hero, but it would be if it is that nasty one-use, with ONE nervous roll. Every round for a few rounds? That’s boring and feels like a bad version of 5e. So my suggested fix (that someone mentioned before) that seems to have support: Make it one-use even for Humakt in the upcoming cults/spell books, and in a revised rules edition. It becomes much more of an interesting choice this way. And fun. But check a long discussion with a number of valid suggestions from the end of page 2 in this thread:
  8. It’s possible that making it one-use and adding flavor text is the easiest solution. It certainly becomes a choice when to use it then, often only used against very powerful creatures, and failing at those times isn’t fun because the situation was dangerous to start. And one use spells aren’t always acquired.
  9. Making it harder to use or succeed is another valid way to go.
  10. I have to say the spell bothers me and I am happy to hear so many people echo this thought. Perhaps they could adjust it when the spell book comes out. I believe it is not a flavor problem, more of a balancing problem that in its current form also doesn’t carry the flavor of a death god. I would even feel that if it did D10 damage on a fail, or even always a D6 damage to use (with flavor description why and how), it would carry a much more interesting dynamic. Or in its current rules it was one use or if on a failure they gained a fear at 60%. Or... anyway, I believe there could be even more interesting downsides to using it. But the flavor is missing also. I think the problem is clear in their own adventure, The Pegasus Plateau, where the villain can hardly use the spell, because it is anti-climactic from a story-telling perspective from both ends, from hero to villain. After all, mythic storytelling is about the inner journeys people take, the demons they have to conquer, so why have a finger of death spell at all unless there might be a severe price to pay for it? This should go for a villain also. Anyone, feel free to post suggestions or just note it in “Spells that need clarification, or improvement thread”. Anyone but me is probably better as I am yet to play the game. I hope they change this spell in the big spell book coming out, and then do a revised edition of the current RQ rules at some point. But change it is important.
  11. Spooky one. I can see it work particularly well under certain type of gods.
  12. What about this? If you have over 100% in a skill, for every 50% chance over the opponents chance you have in an opposed roll, then the opponents chance of success is reduced by 10%. Anyone who gets their chance of success reduced this way still has their original chance of special success, up to half their chance to succeed. (You could opt to have specials reduced also, but that would not work so well in the first example below when a chance over 100% is reduced) 160% versus 110%. 110% gets reduced to 85% but with 22% special, 5% critical. Even with 110%, remember, you only have 95% chance of success to start with. 160% versus 45%. 45% gets reduced to 25%, with 9% special and 2% critical. In both cases, 160% has 32% special and 8% critical. Then again, don’t players divide their attacks to several with high chances quite often? I am playing with this. Anyone who can improve it? Or does it sound interesting? Flaws? Does it help with any combat issues (enough)? (In retrospect, I think it may be easier to simply reduce the chance to tops down to one half of their chance, as suggested by others, but I will have a think)
  13. I am curious about these. Would you mind sharing (if it is convenient)?
  14. Not having played RQ yet, mostly due to Covid, I have a concern this may be true, but as Sartar is balanced for this slow development, I’d avoid tinkering with the progress, as it may have a ripple effect with adjustments needed in difficulty level as the campaign moves on.
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