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  1. Thanks, this all has really clarified spirits in RQ for me.
  2. What would be the INT, POW, and CHA of such a summoned spirit? Retribution or Brother Dog?
  3. Thanks for all the info. I suppose I have to wait for Gods as it is unclear what POW, INT, and CHA one would attach to these spirits if summoned by the spell. I guess there will be more info how to use the spells, I‘m guessing Brother Dog would appear just in spirit form, and so info in what dogs would be suitable to bind a spirit like that in etc. I have to assume the one who summons a spirit will always be able to see it, without second sight. Like a healing spirit.
  4. Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place. I asked these questions in the core rules thread but I believe it was deleted (I guess it wasn’t quite a rules question), so I’ll try here. Using the general rune spell Summon Cult Spirit I was told in that thread that both Chalana Arroy and Foundchild could summon a spirit of retribution, but could not find information of this spirit. Chalana Arroy can also summon a healing spirit as per their spells. I was also told that Foundchild could use the same spell to summon Brother Dog, a hunting spirit. Does anybody know where I co
  5. An idea so good they should consider to include this as an option in a future version of the product.
  6. An option, if one wants to simulate a shield bending/breaking on a hit and the weapon reaching another location (but mostly hitting the shield arm), would be: Roll for hit location, but an odd number is a hit on the shield arm, the rest is a hit on the location rolled. This makes using a shield advantageous for survival but still keeps some of the excitement. Around 60% of the hits end up on the shield arm on a successful parry, depending on how you treat left/right arm in the location table.
  7. Fred


    Thanks for this detailed information. I guess they would be very rarely seen up North. Possibly as exhibit creatures, captured by slavers, perhaps. Or something similar.
  8. Fred


    The insect people are mentioned as an elder race in the Sourcebook. Where can I find more information on them? Possibly stats and/or images? I couldn’t see them in the Bestiary.
  9. Fred


    Nice one. I wish there was a complete set for Malleus Monstrorum... the non-god monsters at least, as wonderful and detailed as the Cthulhu: Death May Die set or near so. But I think there may not be enough money in a product like that.
  10. Fred


    Hehe, yeah. That’s why it’s useful to have mi-go, serpent people, cultists, ghouls etc - smaller opponents. I looked at that game (Cthulhu: Death May Die) and it seemed to be lacking some of those, like mi-go.. perhaps I should not bother.. A bit of the temptation lay in painting them, actually.
  11. Fred


    I saw this game as well. I suspect one has to combine figures similar in size and material to get a more complete collection, so might have to look into that. Cthulhu: Death May Die https://www.amazon.com/CMON-CMNDMD001-Cthulhu-Death-May/dp/B07XJDYR1T/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=cthulhu+death+may+die&qid=1597677149&sr=8-1
  12. Hi, I have been scouting around for miniatures for CoC and it seems a challenge to get hold of any more comprehensive line of figures. They need to be pretty attractive and detailed for me to invest though. I know it is not needed per se in CoC, but I figured it could be fun. Anyone has any tips? Is Chaosium expanding their support for some kind of figures now with Malleus Monstrorum?
  13. Is an allied spirit (permanently) lost if the item is broken or the animal is killed? How do you allow players to interact with allied spirits and spirits to communicate with characters in your game (or in the rules, for that matter)? What do they “see and hear” of the world if they are in an item compared to when they are in an animal? Have you treated this differently? Do they speak specific languages? Would you allow a creature with an allied spirit to speak aloud or just in the head to the person it is tied to? In my mind it wouldn't be able to speak even if it theoretically could, on
  14. Out of curiosity, it was noted in the Smoking Ruins and Pegasus Plateau threads that the maps there were unclear, especially in Smoking Ruins. Will those also be fixed in future printings?
  15. Well, I kind of knew that. Had a moment of wishful thinking. My main concern is indeed in regards to errors like you point out. This forum is much more active than CoC, so I suspect any errata thread will be buzzing more also.
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