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  1. Runequest is more role-play focused than 5e, perhaps partly because it is so deadly otherwise. Because of this, balancing should be considered more in terms of fun rather than just power. If almost no players enjoy or very rarely choose to play one of the suggested cults in the core book, then that should be taken into consideration as a “balancing issue”. Could it be designed so it feels more exciting to roleplay? Is it lacking anything in spells, feel or abilities? This so that the parties in RQ truly look to have different compositions. That gives variety. Balancing is important in thi
  2. If you have the players trust, you could play this out more dramatically. Fall prone, dropping something, getting shivers, changed appearance etc I wouldn't make a roll for it, though. Making it feel more disconcerting could add to the power of the Mythos. I sometimes feel we (GMs) are too bound by rules out of guilt (as the game is dangerous enough.) With the right players ideas like this could become memorable. I'd say improvise, heighten the drama.
  3. I like this interpretation of Heroquesting a lot. I hope they dare to go this direction with ”rules” (giving examples how this could manifest itself in play) and would love too see such experiences in scenarios. The aftermath of a Heroquest could have implications or associations to future adventures. Giving hints or depth to coming or past events.
  4. Look, I just want to point out that you are the creators of evil rituals, evil spells, and the Broo. Just saying, people can make deductions as to what that implies. We are not stupid... 😉 P.S. Bill, that was a joke..
  5. Does anybody know when this is announced in all its glory? 🙂
  6. I also hope they slightly appease the rules critics in a new edition to give more clear suggestions when it is good to use a bonus die compared to using a hard roll. For me this has never been an issue at all. But it seems some people would want a suggestion or two around this when you could rule differently (to solve unfair/problem situations or possibly streamline it a bit more). I like both mechanics however. I want as many people as possible enjoy 7th, even people I see things differently than. Suggestions on flexibility cannot harm our hobby 🙂 Same with the chase rules: I lo
  7. I’m aware of that... and may change it or not bother with it - I still think it can be discussed as it is an interesting choice (bad choice of thread, maybe;)). It would be interesting to hear a designer POV. Back to the topic: I would love to see a long range fantastic miniatures for CoC.
  8. I never played or read Yog-Sothoth, so I cannot comment on it. But it would be great to read a huge adventure with a shot at topping Masks. I would love to see more mystery, challenging and fun interactions/role-playing with humans before monster appearances in general in these modules. Horror is after all about anticipation. It’s funny, I love the rules so much, but one thing has always struck me as odd is why the malfunction of 38 automatic is 99 and for a 45 it is 100. While this may be realistic it seems to me it would be more interesting to design it in the opposite fashion, given
  9. This sounds good! I’m in. I wouldn’t mind a new adventure, preferably something world-spanning, as well being announced as a surprise. I think a modern day one would be interesting (though I mainly like 1920s). I’m quite keen on hearing updates and progress about books that are being closer to finished as well. Waiting for Dreamlands..
  10. It might be the only solution for any genuine hero to avoid the embarrassment. I’m sure that’s what Maximus would do.
  11. No, it was not surprising it wasn’t mystical the way it was set up. My point was I would play out the rewards of something that big in a more dramatic way. I wouldn’t want to play it out as a discussion of the players strategic spell options either, all mechanics, especially during downtime. I realise fully they are testing this stuff, so it shouldn’t be interpreted as critique, rather as feedback where I feel they have opportunities to elevate this stuff more in future campaigns and books. In general, I wouldn’t want to talk about whether I should have “the magic axe or the magic bow” an
  12. Thanks for your thoughts. Perhaps this is what my spontaneous objection was about as much as the presentation of it. It is very much like Rune Points, a small twist to keep track of but all in all too similar with an unexciting passive bonus for your sacrifice - since it is so similar, why not make it even more streamlined in that case (and boost with something cooler). Or alternatively just make it more interesting. I like that they are thinking of unique spells though. But it felt like it didn’t live up to the heroic. It didn’t excite with enough imagination (for me). I believe it’s under
  13. While I understood this, and it’s likely under development, my feedback would be it feels too complex for too little. There are already three magic systems in the rules - and for a lot of players these new rules may just burden things a bit during play. While I understand the concept of getting people to worship you, it undermines a bit of what a hero is. Sure, there is some role-playing potential, but I am unsure how fun this is to play out. I’d avoid more mechanics and rolls to get these points back in down time. I’ll throw out some easily criticised alternative ideas: Perhaps hero
  14. I couldn't agree more with both of these. It would be amazing if they did that. RQG is going to stick around for a lot of years, and I believe a revised edition should be aimed at. I would happily buy it, and it would be so much easier to recommend. As a player who only tried RQ long ago once or twice, I found the new ruleset to be challenging to get into at places. What they have to build on is amazing but to reach bigger audiences, clarity, like that of Call of Cthulhu, is everything (well, you catch my exaggerated drift). Call of Cthulhu also updates its edition more often. In a revise
  15. Vol II: p. 45 In modern times, the Berkeley Toad is bedtime story told to keep children in check, “lest the Toad come and gobbled you up!” a bedtime P.S. I truly enjoy all the black and white artwork of the creatures as it evokes more, so I would never want a fully or mostly color Cthulhu Monstrorum. The core rules artwork is fantastic. I think color stuff sprinkled in is the way to go even if there was more money to spend, just more images. Ideally, only text would be needed, really, but at the same time an image makes it easier to find a monster you’re looking for. I woukd rarely s
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