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  1. I want to start a Gloranthan campaign and I am finishing a second read of HeroQuest: Glorantha. I must admit that I am a bit confused by Lunar Magic. My problem started with the Seven Mothers Cult and the Magic entry of each subcult. For example, the Magic entry of the Full Half Moon subcult (HQ: G page 190) states: "Evocations, Glamours, Grimoires". Until then I thought that Glamours were created through the direct use of a Lunar Phase mimicking spells, charms or Rune affinities. Evocations or Grimoires are thus creating Glamours. If Glamours are created through Evocations (mimicking Run
  2. OK, I start this one. I haven't read everything, but a few points are unclear to me: - I haven't found any shield stats, except in the Design section. Did I miss something? - Weapon Tables, 2H weapons: do the Mights bonus in the Notes column include the 2H +1 bonus? - same question for bows in the Might column - The range for the longbow seems overrated to me (300m vs. 150m for a composite bow, while AFAIK, they have comparable performances).
  3. Tomorrow I will be posting a new and updated Intro to Skaerune'. It will be edited better (though not perfect lol) and somewhat more coherent. It will include a section where I briefly discuss some design decisions. In essence it is a preview of the QS guide. I just did not want folks to think it WAS the QS guide, which is coming along nicely.
  4. So if this is not the place for this, please feel free to move... I have been going over different rule ideas and was toying with alternate attack methods. Long story short I contemplated what fanning a six gun in a BRP might look like Fanning Fanning of a revolver was a common means of firing multiple shots in a short amount of time. To do so in combat a character declares he or she is "fanning" on their attack and picks 1 to 3 targets in their line of sight. On the character's normal attack SR, he or she makes a single attack roll at a 25% penalty. If the roll succeeds, roll 1
  5. Here's a Passion mechanic I'm trying out at the moment. The idea is to make a character's Passions a bit more active in play. Does anyone else have house rules for this? Let me know what you think. Passions All characters and important NPCs has 1-3 Passions. They should describe a strong connection the character has with: - a person - a circle* or location - an idea Passions range between 1-100%. Whenever a character persues a Passion, s/he can receive a +20% skill bonus. A Passion can only be used this way once per gaming session. In a scene where a character is likely to act according
  6. I Have purchased RoH and I'm very impressed, but I have queries on the some of the combat rules: 1. Page 112 - Area attacks, does this work? Roll damage, say 3d6, total 14, compare with armour, say 8. 'If the damage overcomes the armour rating' - as it does in this case, (14>8), then damage inflicted is full, less half the armour rating (4) so actually total damage to HP = 14-4 = 10. Ok, 'if the armour succeeds', say damage rolled is 7 vs. armour 8, 'the armour protects fully with any penetrating damage deducted from HP'. However, if the armour 'protects fully' by presumably being
  7. How do you balance magic-users in your campaigns? In the big gold book they are not balanced at all. You either know Magic (I'm speaking about the specific power-type) or you don't. This is not a problem if all players are assumed to know magic or if they are supposed to learn magic during play, but if one player wants to be a mage and the others don't, BRP doesn't really offer any way to justify the difference. Ok, it says that only characters with high enough Power score can learn Sorcery (the other power type), but that is boring in my opinion. Differences in Power already dictate how good
  8. Version 1.00


    Do you not like the Attack/Defense Matrix? Perhaps you like to customize explosions? Maybe Critical Successes and Failures take too long to calculate, or you just want to simplify the advancement mechanic a little bit. I have you covered!
  9. [Terms of Use] This Material is free to use for both home use, and monograph authors, and is my contribution to a better cyberpunk setting turnout for BRP. Naturally, no restrictions are present. If a Monograph author wishes to compensate me for this work, They are free to email me at: "Link6746" (Gmail Address). My preferred form of compensation is a free physical copy of the monograph in question. [The Basic Stats and Terms of Cybernetics] Inhumanity: Each implant adds 1 to 4 ranks of this to the character. If it exceeds POW, add 5% per additional point to Psychosis. If the campaign i
  10. Hi Guys, I wish to pick peoples brains over the movement rules & use of miniatures in OpenQuest. Given there is version 2 working its way out it might be an odd time to query the old rules, but I am currently using OpenQuest to run a game in the Cthulhu Rising setting and in the process of writing a conversion for a Western setting. I have a preference for using miniatures and floor-plans in encounters and found the core movement rules a little excessive in the amount of movement (15m) that was allowed in a 5 second combat round with no penalty to actions. I have also felt that having
  11. I'm working my way through the Basic Roleplaying rulebook, and I have some questions. I just finished reading the chapters on "System" and "Combat," and some things struck me as very odd. First, if I understand the initiative system correctly, it seems that characters can only either move or attack, not both. Furthermore, if they choose to move, they act at a later time in the combat round due to their DEX rank being lowered. This seems like it could really take some effort to track such dynamic DEX ranks, especially if more than one character is taking DEX modified actions. Furthermore, it
  12. I have a plot that requires the PC's to chose one of three factions, and twice in the story, there will be major battles between the factions and their respective armies, and these will have been improved, or sabotaged, by the PC's to further their factions gain. One army is mainly just gunslingers and tanks, one is naturistic and animalistic mutant-druids, and one is sorcerers and necromancers, so it has to be compitable with the system for powers, in particular Mutations, sorcery, and magic. Any ideas?
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