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Found 142 results

  1. Iconic, mythic and returning this year in a new edition from Chaosium: RuneQuest! Look out for the Quickstart Rules and Adventure on FreeRPG Day 2017.
  2. The Quickstart for the new Chaosium edition of RuneQuest will be released on Free RPG Day 2017 (Jun 17). Andrey Fetisov's art for the official Free RPG Day poster is a homage to Luise Perrine's much-loved cover for the classic 2nd edition of the RuneQuest rules:
  3. In Glorantha, the response would be "Yes, and...?" https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/sep/12/peter-wohlleben-man-who-believes-trees-talk-to-each-other Beech trees are bullies and willows are loners, says forester Peter Wohlleben, author of a new book claiming that trees have personalities and communicate via a below-ground ‘woodwide web’
  4. Shub-Nullgurath

    Glorantha Discord

    Link To those of you who don't know what Discord is, it's basically everything that made IRC, Skype and TeamSpeak good rolled into one package. It's what all them hip cool kids are using nowadays instead of other chats. I've set one up for Glorantha for smaller lore questions and the like.
  5. Welcome to the Khan of Khans forum on BRP Central - the Chaosium Forums! Here you can boast of your record raiding of cows, tally the numbers of foes vanquished, playfully taunt your rivals or gain secret inner knowledge from other legendary Khans. If you have any questions you are welcome to ask them here, along with exchanging raid strategies, Khan wisdom, and anything else related to the game. Kickstarter backers: we will keep you informed about the Khan of Khans fulfilment via Kickstarter updates first, and provide the same information here soon after. BTW - BRP Central also has a Glorantha forum, for questions, dialogue and debate about Greg's Stafford's mythic universe, as well as forums for all the other games Chaosium produces (including RuneQuest, and Call of Cthulhu). We also host forums about the many and varied RPGs in the D100 family. Please explore!
  6. Rick Meints

    Snake Pipe Hollow

    Now that I have just finished sending out all 2100+ freebies for the PDF download on DriveThruRPG, please let me get your feedback. If you find any typos or similar please post them here.
  7. Sayerson

    Just because

    Found this in an old backup folder from when I was first messing about with some 3D modeling softwares. Forgot I had made and saved a copy. Glorantha Tours.pdf
  8. MOB

    Khan of Khans

    We've launched Khan of Khans!
  9. Similar to the Cults of Prax Errata thread, some possible tweaks to be done: Page 94 "characters had reached relatively powerful positions as Rune Lords* or Rune Priests" -- capitals? Also what is the * for ? Should this be deleted? Page 77 "some misgivings, I conferred with a Lhankor Mhy priest in" Page 78 "things were unknown to us or to the Lhankor Mhy priest, " Page 94 "a proper idea of the place of Chaos within the world, and to" -- capital C for Chaos? "against the growing threat of Chaos armies from the vile land of" -- capital C for Chaos? "proper presentation and powers which were appropriate to its" - remove apostrophe
  10. Bienvenidos a Prax! Reiner Knizia's KHAN OF KHANS - Ahora en español - http://bit.ly/2j7D4wA Download free PRINT & PLAY here: http://bit.ly/khanofkhanspp
  11. Viktor

    A Question About Broo

    I understand that when broo er, propagate the offspring are part the parent broo and part host animal, with obvious odd hybridisation and chaos mutations in many cases. E.g. a chicken broo that uses a cow would presumably make a horned chicken or a cow with a beak maybe. So what happens when broo use humans as a host? Let's say a goat broo used a person as host?
  12. Our Reiner Knizia card game KHAN OF KHANS, set in Greg Stafford's world of Glorantha, is coming to Kickstarter on Jan 10. But in the meantime, you can download the full game for free and try it out with our PRINT & PLAY version! Download it here and give it a go: http://bit.ly/khanofkhanspp
  13. Rick Meints

    Plunder! Item Submissions

    Come one, come all. Please submit Plunder items on this thread. The best may very well end up in a future publication. Please try to follow the standard format of categories and information provided in Plunder: Name Description: Cults: Knowledge: History: Procedure: Powers: Value:
  14. The Coming Storm is the first part of an epic HeroQuest Glorantha campaign taking the Red Cow Clan through the opening days of the Hero Wars. This book provides everything you need to run a classic clan-based Sartarite campaign. And if you buy The Coming Storm PDF now, we'll credit you the PDF price on the purchase of the printed version once it is available later this year. http://bit.ly/comingstormpdf
  15. Is Morrowind based on a tabletop RPG? http://rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/89399/is-morrowind-based-on-a-tabletop-rpg
  16. If you missed Sandy Petersen's epic THE GODS WAR Kickstarter, jump on board now with a Late Backer pledge! http://bit.ly/2eOeXls
  17. The Gods War Kickstarter finally went live earlier today and funded within the hour! Check it out here: http://bit.ly/godswarks
  18. I've been working on updating my collector's checklist for RuneQuest/Hero Wars/HeroQuest/Glorantha. The list has grown to over 1600 entries. Any comments and/or corrections would be appreciated. Thanks to those that have helped so far. Major additions include French, Japanese, and Finnish language items and Sara Evans Art and Greydog Designs items. Also included (in red) are the reprints from the RuneQuest 2nd edition reprint Kickstarter. These items should appear throughout the year. This is the only case where I have added items to be released in the future. Arcana Glorantha 0.9.1 (A RuneQuest, Hero Wars, HeroQuest Collector Checklist).pdf
  19. Star Trek is 50 years old today. And Greg Stafford also discovered the mythic universe of Glorantha in 1966 too. But did you know that in the intervening half-century Glorantha has found its way into the Star Trek universe? Robert Hewitt Wolfe, RuneQuest fan and one of the producers of Star Trek "Deep Space Nine" and "Star Trek: The Next Generation", entertainingly slipped in various tweaked Gloranthan references to episodes. The most notable of these is the Klingon who proposes a toast to "Rurik the Damned, conqueror of the Zora Fel, liberator of Vrax" (DS9 S5 Ep1), but there's also Falagian Diamonds, various planets and characters named after Gloranthan gods, and one (admittedly incredibly minor) character that I am particularly chuffed about.... Andre Jarosch has helpfully catalogued all of Star Trek - Gloranthan references here in this German article: Happy half-century Star Trek and Glorantha! http://bit.ly/2cilKFi
  20. If you're still on the fence to back Sandy's amazing new boardgame Kickstarter THE GODS WAR, maybe these Youtube videos will help you make up your mind... 2-hour complete playthrough by Munchkin Games: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jx7_sCD1Qro The Action Phase: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTaxQEiDm_I The Council Phase: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9BFGSX__O4 The Empire Sheet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4VE2WGlyW8 The Power Phase: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krtYRoqm93M The Great Compromise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3B1ZEoQGh1U The Chaos Rift Struggle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjAuNqA0LpE Core Game: http://youtu.be/jh40XjHx1cs Gods War Expansions: http://youtu.be/rLyhhym9XJU Faction Sky: http://youtu.be/UWOKMQZOzVA Faction Moon: http://youtu.be/hJF2NwRP_ZU Faction Earth: http://youtu.be/nxzM9ex9BZQ Faction Invisible God: http://youtu.be/NkP-UJBfiQw Faction Darkness: http://youtu.be/etoN0X-IKqA Faction Chaos: http://youtu.be/jpQI0tQ308c Designer notes: https://goo.gl/rt9IzU Testimonials: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZE4IkYMdF1o Q&A: http://youtu.be/sT-l-Z_AE4o Print & Play How To: http://youtu.be/KhNNC0vAcik Figure Teaser: http://youtu.be/cZrpthmIyX8 Teaser: http://youtu.be/yf26KLYESTo
  21. I am returning to Glorantha after many years. Due to the lack of shelf space, I now get everything in pdf. I used to have (from a sketchy memory) Avalon Hill's rules, The City of Pavis softback book, Griffin Mountain softback book, Avalon Hill Gods Box (possibly two), Avalon Hill Trolls Box. I think I had elves and dwarves boxes too. I had a load of magazine publications, Apples Lane and Snake Pipe Hollow adventures. I had some mongoose pdfs about the age before my favourite age with the Lunar Empire. I want to get back into Glorantha, but am a bit bewildered at what I need to get. The bits I liked were the Evil Lunar Empire. I liked Prax and Dragon Pass. I loved the Trolls. I was keen on Elves and Dwarves and Dragonewts. I liked the Pavis city and Griffin Mountain books. I want everything in pdf. I want the basic new current rule system, and some things to get me back to the Gloranthan setting I loved. Simpler rules suits me fine. It is the setting that counts. I am a member of DriveThruRPG (due to my Paranoia and Traveller fix). What do I need? What is the Guide to Glorantha pdf? What do you actually get in it?
  22. We have a cover courtesy of Duckmeister Stewart Stansfield. I've got 60+ pages of content lined up: Lightbringers Quest a different take on a familiar tale by Matt Ryan, which allows players and narrators new to HeroQuest and Glorantha dive right in and see what is special about the rules and setting. God Forgot, by Barry Blatt gives his take on this Zzaburi State within the Holy Country.. Light and Death is a Lunar Adventure set in Dara Happa by Neil Smith. The Awakening is an adventure by Scott Crowder set within exactly 500 Years after the Dragon Kill in Dragon Pass, where the heroes face being trapped in the Dream of a Dragon. Zirta an Umathelan City State setting in Pamaltera (Gloranthan’s southern Continent) by Simon Bray Why the Story is the Best, Mythological fiction by Dr Moose The Land of Flowers a mini-Kralora setting by myself, filled with Kick ass Kung Fu heroes and weird sinister adversaries. Currently the 'zine is in Editorial/Proofing/Art commission, and I'm looking to have it out by Oct/Nov. More details and updates via the Hearts in Glorantha Blog
  23. Sandy has produced a new 'print and play' version of The Gods War, so you can play it before the Kickstarter has even launched! Download here: http://tinyurl.com/j73vqm7
  24. A peer-reviewed academic paper about Glorantha! It's about what it means to be "Orlanthi", and is from the proceedings of the recent 1st Joint International Conference of Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA) and the Foundation of Digital Games (FDG). Interesting quote: "Learning to understand Orlanthi culture is as central in KoDP as learning to jump is in Super Mario Bros. (1985) or learning to shoot is in Call of Duty (2003). It is also one of the things that make the game a challenge: KoDP does not feature any kinaesthetic challenges, so the difficulty is determined by strategic and hermeneutic challenges." https://www.academia.edu/27610983/What_Does_it_Mean_to_be_Orlanthi_Hermeneutic_Challenge_in_King_of_Dragon_Pass