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Found 151 results

  1. mallion

    High Llama

    Hello sirs, High Llama of Prax plain is asumed to be a camelopard which now extinct on earth. Is it still true it's scientific (God Learnic) name in RQ3? And what "high" means? (tall or supreme or holy?)
  2. Wyrms Footnotes is Chaosium’s House Magazine for Greg Stafford’s World of Glorantha. Fourteen issues were published between 1976 - 1983. After a (mere) 29 year hiatus, Wyrms Footnotes returned in 2012 with issue #15, produced by Moon Design Publications. In 2017, Wyrms Footnotes is back again as the Chaosium House magazine for Glorantha! Guest editors of the next three issues are Ian Cooper (#16), David Scott (#17) and Sarah Newton (#18). More details here: https://www.chaosium.com/blog/wyrms-footnotes-returns/
  3. 13th Age in Glorantha update: chapters 1-3 are laid out! Example page spreads in the link. If you're coming to Gen Con, stop by the Chaosium booth (#829) to have a look at the full print-out of these chapters.
  4. 8 year old Caspian has created his own unboxing video of Khan of Khans (does his own camera work too). His dad said he loved in the Morokanth in the Print and Play version, but his new favourites are the Unicorn Women. And 8 y.o. Caspian plays a game of Khan of Khans with his dad and his nan here:
  5. Coming soon, from our friends at Rapier miniatures - Morokanth! "Most people of Glorantha know only these things about the morokanth; they are one of the five great tribes of Prax , and they alone herd and eat men there." (WF #9)
  6. Jeff has some good news about RQG; even better news if you're coming to Gen Con... https://www.chaosium.com/blog/designing-the-new-runequest-part-18/
  7. Version 0.76b


    First pass at a character sheet for the forthcoming RuneQuest in Glorantha. Based on previous versions and interpretation of characters in the RQG Quickstart.
  8. For the Glorantha Quickstart, currently underway, we'd like to include some short comments from Glorantha fans, talking about just what it is about Glorantha that you find appealing or special? We've got similar such comments from some established gaming writers, but we think it would be cool to include the views from across the Gloranthan tribe. So—what do you love about Glorantha? Why does it appeal? What got you hooked on Glorantha as a gaming world? Post your comments here, and we may feature them in the Quickstart. Even a sentence or two is fine, up to 200 words. Cheers, MOB
  9. Has anyone looked at/talked to any of the companies that make replica coins for fantasy games? I like physical props at my table, and would make good use of some coins. There are several companies out there that do decent replicas at reasonable prices. Anyone else?
  10. I'm not sure this is a real thing or maybe I imagined it. So I seem to recall a long long time ago Greg had written something that described places in Glorantha by referencing the photos in a book. I thought it might be in the old mailing list archive but I couldn't find it. I think the book was Our national parks: America's spectacular wilderness heritage. I'm sure if it existed one the many fine minds here remember it and perhaps even have a copy of the text. If anyone remembers this would you be so kind as to pass it on to me?
  11. "Hill Country" by Andrey Fetisov. New art for the new RuneQuest.
  12. Tianlong

    Sea of Worms?

  13. At a glance, Glorantha superficially resembles Earth, but as we know, it ain't Kansas. For newcomers this can be a bit challenging, so it is helpful to outlines what things are the same. What are the things you think are most strikingly alike/most different? I'll start things off. In the end I want to boil it down to 10 or so similar - 10 different... Similar 1. Blue Sky, a sun that rises in the east and sets in the west, stars that twinkle at night. 2. Glorantha has "Gravity" 3. Glorantha has a horizon (cue contentious debate?) 4. Terrestrial features - mountains, deserts, seas, etc though the forces that made them are not the same as on Earth. Different 1. It's not a spherical planet orbiting a sun, it's flat/lozenge/cube, floating in the cosmic ocean. It has Moons. 2. The sky is dome, analogous to the Biblical firmament or Greek celestial spheres. The Sun literally emerges from the Gates of Dawn, and travels across the Sky Dome until it reaches the Gates of Dusk, then disappears into the Underworld. 3. Five seasons 4.
  14. p.16 – Law rune listed as a Power rune. Power runes are organized in antagonistic pairs – so what would be the antagonist to Law? And the Guide to Glorantha lists Law as a Condition rune (on p.149). p.53 – The Ambitious Noble: “She spends [nine] of her ability points to raise various abilities; she keeps [three] in reserve “just in case.”” p.53 – Character Sheet: “Ability Points: [3]” To summarize: Earth +3, Life +1, Noble +4, Ambitious +1 = 9 p.53 – Character Sheet: “Air 11W Devotee of Orlanth (passionate, proud, unpredictable, violent) Lightning Spear +1 Feat Thunderer +1 [Proud +1] (He already gets Proud at 11W through the Air Rune even if he doesn’t take it as a breakout ability, thus it doesn’t make a lot of sense to take it as a breakout ability from the Mastery Rune at a lower rating of 18, doesn’t it?!? Thus, Air 11W Proud +1) p.54 – The Proud Thane: “He adds his distinguishing characteristic, proud, as a breakout ability of his [Air] Rune.” p.54 – The Proud Thane: “As additional abilities, Neil takes an allied spirit as a companion; a magical lightning spear (a breakout ability of the Air Rune); and a [relationship (Lunars killed my wife)].” (According to the feat rules on p. 146, as a newly-minted devotee Vargast got his Thunderer feat for free. Besides, his “Lunars killed my wife” ability also has to be accounted for.) p.63, point 6 – can you spend more than one Hero Point on one dice roll or just one? p.60 says that one per dice roll is the maximum but p.63 appears to contradict this by saying “any number”. Addendum: in point 4 on p.63 Hero Points are also mentioned as a means to create bumps for successful die rolls. This remark is not in the (quite similar) list description of Simple Contests in the HeroQuest Core Rules. HQ:CR allows using multiple Hero Points for bumping Simple Contest results (HQ:CR, p.23), whereas HeroQuest Glorantha does not (p. HQ:G, p. 60). So this leaves the impression, that this is a copy/paste/not modified error, i.e. point 6 should be deleted from the list on p. 63 completely ... p.68 – Samastina’s Saga: Meeting with the Queen: “”The base difficulty is 14 plus […] W2 (for being Nearly Impossible), bringing the difficulty to [14]W2. Claudia declares, “You have a difficulty of [14]W2.” Everyone gasps. “It is well known that Samastina’s clan and Hendira’s political faction are at odds with each other, and Hendira deeply distrusts this ambitious girl. You need to overcome the difficulty of [14]W2 with your 6W, your mastery cancels out one of mine, giving me an [14]W against your rating of only 6.”” p.68 – “Meeting with the Queen”, I don’t understand why the difficulty modifier for Samastina’s Nearly Impossible task is 2W2. p113 shows the modifier for Nearly Impossible as Base+W2. Am I missing something? The base difficulty is 14 plus W2 (for being Nearly Impossible), bringing the difficulty to 14W2. Difficulty should be +W2 for Nearly Impossible (instead of +2W2). p.128 - Another rules question, this time about the example tables on p128, particularly the second one for the resources of Nochet after the siege.
  15. The sequel to The Coming Storm is now out in PDF. Whatever history holds for the Red Cow clan, players are about to find out in The Eleven Lights: https://www.chaosium.com/the-eleven-lights-pdf/ This product is for HeroQuest Glorantha, but can be easily adapted to RuneQuest as well. Don't forget—when the print version is available, you get the full price of the PDF off when you buy from Chaosium.com.
  16. Hi All My group, The Armchair Adventurers, played The Broken Tower on Tuesday at our FLGS. We had cranked up the MGF in a thrilling, tense three hours, which was a chance to showcase of the new features of the game. I'm with RuneBlogger, given the quality of this scenario, I'm really looking forward to the new supporting material. In the meantime, the play report is at theGROGNARDfiles.com Thanks Dirk the Dice
  17. We are pleased to announce new Glorantha minies and skirmish wargame rules are coming! http://www.chaosium.com/blog/new-partnership-for-gloranthan-miniatures-and-skirmish-wargames-rules
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  19. So I recall a prior thread touched upon the HQ "Trollpack" product (under development) ... I wondered how much (if any) it would supersede / overrule / contradict / invalidate the old RQ2 (upcoming RQC) Trollpak product? How much of it will be more-or-less-the-same, just ... from a different perspective, a somewhat deeper dive into this facet, or a somewhat broader gloss upon those ones, etc? How much will be assembling existing fragments from old/obscure/unavailable sources, fleshing them out, editing into a consistent whole, and polishing them to a modern standard? How much will be new Uz revelations, un-touched by old info? Last but not least ... is there any ETA, or a newer status (such as "ms. 1st draft in editorial review" or what-have-you) available? Obviously, I'm not asking for exact word-counts, or %-content (specially since it's a HQ book, not a %ile-system!), nor violation of NDA! I'm just hoping for some additional info ... Thanks for anything available!
  20. Where in Glorantha? I don't think it will take Glorantha fans long to guess the location from the top half of this almost-completed art by Andrey Fetisov. It's one of the wonderful pieces in the forthcoming 13th Age in Glorantha book.
  21. Here's a sneak peek inside the RQ Quickstart Rules, which will be released on Free RPG Day 2017 (Jun 17) and available at Chaosium.com from July 1st. The 48 page Quickstart Rules feature everything you need to start playing, and includes a new adventure "The Broken Tower" and five pre-gen characters. http://www.freerpgday.com
  22. Something we announced at our RuneQuest panel at UK Games Expo on the weekend: we're bringing out a GLORANTHA QUICKSTART to go along with the RuneQuest Quickstart. It will be a user-friendly introduction to Greg Stafford's epic campaign world, ideal for newcomers to the wonders of Glorantha. This is an excerpt of the cover (still a work-in-progress). It's by the amazingly talented Andre Fetisov, who also did the RQ Quickstart cover. It depicts the storm god Orlanth and his thanes, an assemblage of heroes and heroquesters (our warrior on the right has graduated from killing rock lizards...)
  23. Exciting news - the Glorantha Sourcebook manuscript is finished, and we'll have it and the draft 13th Age in Glorantha Rulesbook at Gen Con! So if you're coming to Gen Con, come see Rob Heinsoo at the Pelgrane booth (#419), and Jeff and Chaosium at booth 423 - these are next door to each other - so if you find one of us you may have found us all. We’d love to talk about 13th Age in Glorantha. See more in Rob Heinsoo's latest Kickstarter update: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/416625372/13th-age-in-glorantha/posts/1642790
  24. UK Games Expo 2017 is fast approaching! Chaosium will be there, with seminars, designers, and the Cult of Chaos running games. Here a list of the stock we'll have available at our booth - Stand C5 NEC Hall 1. Lots of Call of Cthulhu, RuneQuest, and Glorantha stuff, including The Guide to Glorantha. And don't worry, if you buy at the booth, we'll also send you the PDF! All prices are in UK Pounds. CALL OF CTHULHU 7TH EDITION 7th edition Quickstart 5 Alone Against the Flames 5 Slipcase set – hardcover 99 Slipcase set – leatherette 199 Cthulhu by Gaslight 15 Deadlight 5 Doors to Darkness 25 Grand Grimoire 30* Horror Orient Express (+GM screen) 99 Investigator Handbook 35 Keeper Rulebook 35 Keeper Screen Pack 25 Keeper Deck (set of 4) 20 Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion 60 Nameless Horrors 15 Petersen Field Guide 20 Pulp Cthulhu 35 Ripples from Carcosa 10 Two-headed Serpent 35* CTHULHU FICTION & MISC. Cassilda's Song 10 Edge of Sundown 10 Eldritch Chrome 10 Legacy of the Reanimator 10 Steampunk Cthulhu 10 HPL's CoC for Beginning Readers 10 Call of Cthulhu - The Coloring Book (Convention Special: 50% off!) 5 GLORANTHA Guide to Glorantha Slipcase set 120 Heroquest Glorantha 20 The Coming Storm 20 RuneQuest 2 Classic Hardcover 20 RQ OSR (pack of 5) 25 King of Sartar 15 *the ship bringing these particular items to the UK docked at Southhampton late last week. We do not know for certain when the books will be delivered to the Kixto warehouse in Exeter. If they get there prior to UK Game Expo we will try our best to get them to the show. At this point it is all down to how long it takes to clear Customs. Come see us at Stand C5 NEC Hall 1
  25. Title says it all really, does anyone have any Glorantha wallpapers? I tried making some from the Guide artwork but at 1920x1080 the brush strokes show up (1280x720 looked pretty good, though).
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