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Found 203 results

  1. The latest RuneQuest Design Note is a status update from Jason. https://www.chaosium.com/blog/designing-the-new-runequest-part-20/ It also features some very nice RQG art from Andrey (as, BTW, does the previous Design Note, #19: https://www.chaosium.com/blog/designing-the-new-runequest-part-19/) The topic for the next Design Note is "The return of the resistance table", by Jeff.
  2. Cut yourself a deal - our Black Friday sale has begun! Sale runs through Squamous Saturday and ends on Spectral Sunday at 11.59pm PST. Use Code 'Black15' to get 15% off over 400 selected Chaosium titles including RQ Classic and Glorantha Classic releases, RQ Quickstart and almost everything Gloranthan*, even the The Guide to Glorantha. *everything except Khan of Khans. More details here: https://www.chaosium.com/blog/cut-yourself-a-deal-on-black-friday-and-cyber-monday-at-chaosiumcom #BlackFriday #SquamousSaturday #SpectralSunday #CallOfCthulhu#Glorantha #RuneQuest https://www.chaosium.com
  3. I reworked the 6 pregenerated characters from The Broken Tower adventure in the RuneQuest Quickstart. Each character now has 2 extra pages that break out a lot of their stats into a more readable form with more info targeted at players new to RuneQuest. Rune spells Spirit magic spells Skills Runes Passions Here's the link to Harmast. The other 5 are all in the Downloads folder above under Browse. Let me know if you see any mistakes or have any suggestions!
  4. If you're coming to PAXUnplugged this weekend, there's an opportunity to play in two different RuneQuest convention scenarios, using the new RQG rules:- 'Stealing the Eye'- 'The Broken Tower' (from the RQG Quickstart) Sign up from 10:00 AM each day at the RPG area - first come, first reserved! More details here.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Two new pages of information for the pregenerated character Yanioth from the RuneQuest quickstart. Includes: Rune Spells Spirit Magic Spells Skills Runes Passions
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Two new pages of information for the pregenerated character Vostor from the RuneQuest quickstart. Includes: Rune Spells Spirit Magic Spells Skills Runes Passions
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Two new pages of information for the pregenerated character Vishi Dun from the RuneQuest quickstart. Includes: Rune Spells Spirit Magic Spells Skills Runes Passions
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Two new pages of information for the pregenerated character Vasana from the RuneQuest quickstart. Includes: Rune Spells Spirit Magic Spells Skills Runes Passions
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Two new pages of information for the pregenerated character Sorala from the RuneQuest quickstart. Includes: Rune Spells Spirit Magic Spells Skills Runes Passions
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Two new pages of information for the pregenerated character Harmast from the RuneQuest quickstart. Includes: Rune Spells Spirit Magic Spells Skills Runes Passions
  11. Was trying to talk someone through getting the quickstart pdf - didn't realize it was so hard to find! https://www.chaosium.com/runequest-glorantha/ ...shows ONLY that the quickstart is available to buy for $9.95. Only if you click on the book itself are you taken to https://www.chaosium.com/runequest-roleplaying-in-glorantha-quickstart/ where it says "oh, yeah, I guess you CAN download it for free, of course..."?
  12. EN World is actively encouraging guest columnists! Although EN World might be best known for its DnD coverage they are actively trying to broaden their reach across the RPG sphere, and we are happy to support them in this worthy aim. They've covered RuneQuest quite a bit recently (frex, see here: http://bit.ly/2hHue9Z) and Glorantha often gets a mention (http://bit.ly/2ieWsNn). Chris Helton of EN World says, "the program is always looking for people who love #RPG games of all sorts and can communicate effectively", so if that's you why not have a go? Details here: http://www.enworld.org/ensider/columnists.html
  13. Chaosium is pleased to welcome a new licensing partner for RuneQuest & Glorantha miniatures and scenery - Infinity Engine. Look out for their Kickstarter launching soon, featuring figures and scenery from the RuneQuest Quickstart's The Broken Tower scenario! More details at the link and here's a preview:
  14. KHAN OF KHANS is now live on Kickstarter—the battle begins on the Plains of Prax! Our card game is fun and fast, and an ideal family game for ages 9+. The Kickstarter campaign runs from January 10 - January 31, and we'd love your support. We are looking for tribal members to take up the challenge and lead their tribe to glory—Wa-ha!
  15. The very nice classic edition of Cults of Prax is out. This thread is to suggest possible minor tweaks to the file to improve things further, if possible: Move Resurrection subheading on Page 16 to 17 and delete the text under Spirit Block: "This spell, by the way, is allowed by all priesthoods. It is therefore added to the list of Standard Rune magic Spells as number 25." Spirit Block is already in the RuneQuest rules. I guess this comes about because the first edition CoP is talking about the first edition of RQ.It also makes for neater layout. Page 44 & page 71 Resurrection --> Table--> Rune Magic Losses--> 5 days dead: Test has "All" [empty line] "One-use". Maybe delete the [empty line] for clarity and change to: "All" next line "one-use" Lower case for "one-use" as per the rest of the document Page 44 "training for[add space}10% less than normal" Page 25 & 34 Change: "Increased Cost ( X 2):" to "Increased Cost (X 2):" - delete space between ( and X
  16. Fantasy/Sci Fi author Kate Elliott (Crown of Stars, Court of Fives) recently tweeted this, adding, "the boots, the jeans, and the tank top I was wearing are all clearly rendered in the painting, lol". https://twitter.com/KateElliottSFF/status/910393249944104961It's an awesome cover, by Jody Lee—she also painted the splendid cover of Pendragon 1st Ed.
  17. OK I know this is a bit of an unusual request. After having gone to Gen Con with my children and having a wonderful time there, two of my girls wanted to dress up during the convention as the Gloranthan PCs. They got to play the quick star rules at Gen Con as Vasana and Yanionth. It went over really well for them and the People at Chaosium were great and made it a neat experience for them. It was a fun experience for me as well! Greg Stafford was a old family friend that had given me a copy of RuneQuest back in the 1978 - 79 timeframe. It's was fun for me to explain how role-playing got started in our family. I can honestly say my kids had more fun at Gen Con than Disney World! I asked my daughter why and she said: "Because I get to be myself and imagine fun things, and nobody mocks me or bullies me for having an imagination!" So, naturally, Gen Con will become a tradition for us. Now, on to my main question...my youngest daughter really wants a Gloranthan themed birthday party. I'm talking she said she wanted Glorathan food, coins, swords (foam of course) a dungeon adventure like the larp dungeons at Gen Con and more. The coins I can 3-D print for her. The rest of the stuff I'm not quite sure if I'm thinking of getting some Renaissance actors or groups you can hire for parties and giving them enough information to make it more Glorathan. I have until May to pull this off, but any ideas would be very helpful as I've never done anything like this before. She is eager to have her entire grade attend, and I'd love to make her birthday party a huge success for all to remember forever. The more ideas the better.
  18. MOB

    Cute - pixel art

  19. Coming soon, from our friends at Rapier miniatures - Morokanth! "Most people of Glorantha know only these things about the morokanth; they are one of the five great tribes of Prax , and they alone herd and eat men there." (WF #9)
  20. Jeff has some good news about RQG; even better news if you're coming to Gen Con... https://www.chaosium.com/blog/designing-the-new-runequest-part-18/
  21. Version 0.76b


    First pass at a character sheet for the forthcoming RuneQuest in Glorantha. Based on previous versions and interpretation of characters in the RQG Quickstart.
  22. "Hill Country" by Andrey Fetisov. New art for the new RuneQuest.
  23. A new RuneQuest Design Notes from Jeff, outlining some of the refinements to the rules we're making, based on the Free RPG Day feedback: http://www.chaosium.com/blog/designing-the-new-runequest-part-17
  24. The sequel to The Coming Storm is now out in PDF. Whatever history holds for the Red Cow clan, players are about to find out in The Eleven Lights: https://www.chaosium.com/the-eleven-lights-pdf/ This product is for HeroQuest Glorantha, but can be easily adapted to RuneQuest as well. Don't forget—when the print version is available, you get the full price of the PDF off when you buy from Chaosium.com.
  25. There was a RQCon in Japan this weekend! Seven tables of players came to give the new Quickstart Rules a try-out. Call of Cthulhu is huge in Japan (it sells more copies there than any other language). Maybe RuneQuest will be too some day...
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