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Found 203 results

  1. Guidelines: Setting Up Tasks http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/207768/Guidelines-Setting-Up-Tasks This game aid presents advice for using the Task mechanic in the MYTHRAS gaming system. Although the rules as written are clear, some of the statistical ramifications for multiple skill checks are subtle, and deserve close consideration. Spurred by a discussion at The Design Mechanism’s online forum, Setting Up Tasks is meant to be a handy reference for constructing meaningful Task challenges in scenarios. A suitably defined Task speeds play and promotes drama by presenting well-defined outcomes—without unintended consequences. The discussion herein is offered to help the Games Master avoid pitfalls and bring an imagined scene to life, with minimal guesswork. To be clear, Setting Up Tasks has been crafted specifically for the MYTHRAS gaming system. Any compatibility with other systems is fortuitous. You may find some inspiration here, though. You are free to use this material in your personal gaming pursuits, for fun. If you use it to build a scenario or other product for publication, please consider giving due credit. You are welcome to write to old.bones.publishing@gmail.com concerning the best form of attribution for your purpose. Guidelines: Setting Up Tasks is offered as Pay What You Want. If you like it, please consider leaving a tip, but in any case it's yours for the taking. Happy gaming! OLD BONES PUBLISHING strives to provide high-quality writing in a stylish, minimalistic presentation. Thanks for your interest! Please direct any question or feedback to old.bones.publishing@gmail.com.
  2. Iconic, mythic and returning this year in a new edition from Chaosium: RuneQuest! Look out for the Quickstart Rules and Adventure on FreeRPG Day 2017.
  3. The Quickstart for the new Chaosium edition of RuneQuest will be released on Free RPG Day 2017 (Jun 17). Andrey Fetisov's art for the official Free RPG Day poster is a homage to Luise Perrine's much-loved cover for the classic 2nd edition of the RuneQuest rules:
  4. [This was also recently posted on the Chaosium news page] To all members of the Chaosium tribe, here's the deal about purchasing products direct from our website, Chaosium.com: —All products come with the PDF included in the price —If the PDF is released first, you'll get the full price of the PDF off as a discount when the print version comes out —We have stock in three warehouses around the world (USA, UK and Australia), saving you time and money on shipping —Get it first! New releases will always appear on our website before they become available in game stores or elsewhere. And some items are Chaosium.com exclusives! ...so save your SAN, embrace chaos - order direct from us! Sign up to our Ab Chaos newsletter via Facebook or on our front page and never miss out when new products are released.
  5. Good news for British and European RuneQuest fans - Chaosium now has copies of RuneQuest Classic edition available from our UK warehouse! Order here for local shipping: http://www.chaosium.com/runequest-classic-hardcover (NB we already have copies in our US and Australian warehouses.)
  6. Here's a new RQ design notes from Jeff! http://www.chaosium.com/blog/designing-the-new-runequest-part-12/
  7. Dirk_the_Dice


    Hi The second part of the podcast on RuneQuest, featuring Rick Meints, is now available: https://armchairadventurerblog.com/2017/02/15/episode-part2-more-runequest-rpg-with-rick-meints/ There's no Mythras content this time, but you can get details of the Luther Arkwright adventure I'm running at Convergence. I will be using the pre-gens and adventure The Fire Opal of Set (from Imagine #14). There are still places available if you can make Stockport (UK) on the parallel 18.03.17 On another note ... The RPG Academy are looking for a Mythras GM. I ran RuneQuest 2nd edition version of Gringle's Pawn Shop and was unable to convince them of the virtues of a percentile system. They're looking for a Mythras GM who might be able to succeed where I failed! Thanks Dirk
  8. Greetings all, Now that Chaosium is going to be more actively involved in this forum and directing users here from the Chaosium.com website (in the near future) we are interested in reading your suggestions on how to fine tune these forums, their features, and their contents. We welcome your feedback. Our only request is that you be constructive and suggest fixes along with any issues you raise. Identifying problems is silver. Identifying a problem and suggesting how to fix it is gold. We appreciate your help.
  9. I´v been reading this stuff for years but never had an opportunity to play. So, i will ask you to steer me towards a play by post or other form of online game. Thank you in advance, an hopefully you can help me play in this wonderful setting.
  10. Now that I have just finished sending out all 2100+ freebies for the PDF download on DriveThruRPG, please let me get your feedback. If you find any typos or similar please post them here.
  11. In the new RuneQuest will the non-human races have Family Background History? or are they non-specific?
  12. MOB

    Khan of Khans

    We've launched Khan of Khans!
  13. Esports pros to guest star on 'Elementary' 'Elementary' writer and producer Robert Hewitt Wolfe is a long-time RuneQuest fan. According to the article linked above, an upcoming episode will also feature some "personal references to RuneQuest"! Elementary is a great show—I once binged-watched an entire season of it on a 36 hour international flight—and this will be an episode to look out for RQ stuff like what was slipped into Star Trek: Deep Space-9.
  14. Similar to the Cults of Prax Errata thread, some possible tweaks to be done: Page 94 "characters had reached relatively powerful positions as Rune Lords* or Rune Priests" -- capitals? Also what is the * for ? Should this be deleted? Page 77 "some misgivings, I conferred with a Lhankor Mhy priest in" Page 78 "things were unknown to us or to the Lhankor Mhy priest, " Page 94 "a proper idea of the place of Chaos within the world, and to" -- capital C for Chaos? "against the growing threat of Chaos armies from the vile land of" -- capital C for Chaos? "proper presentation and powers which were appropriate to its" - remove apostrophe
  15. RQ Classic Kickstarter backers: Rick has just posted an update on where things are at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/224590870/runequest-classic-edition/posts/1578607?ref=backer_project_update TLDR version: After correcting some problems, core rewards are all printed and packed, ready for delivery in US, bulk shipments on way to Canada, UK and Australia. Here's what they look like:
  16. http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/198941/Secrets-of-Blood-Rock--FREE-TASTER http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/198942/Secrets-of-Blood-Rock In the northwestern reaches of The Vale rises an odd mountain of dappled red and grey stone. Maps call this place Pied Peak, but in the nearby town of Crafton it is known as Blood Rock. That name is shared by the village on the mountain, a quiet settlement with an unsettling ambience, and a dubious history. Days ago a well known peddler returned breathless and pale from that isolated hamlet, bearing a tale of mystery and woe. Villagers are disappearing without a trace. A patrol was dispatched to investigate, but no report has been received. Even the normally calm Lord Reval is concerned. Someone must act—now. Winter comes early to these parts, and who knows what might happen next? SECRETS OF BLOOD ROCK is a MYTHRAS fantasy/horror adventure set in The Realm, as are Book of Quests and Hessaret’s Treasure. Those supplements present useful background information for this setting, but are not required. This standalone investigation of the weird and terrible is designed to be integrated easily with your existing fantasy campaign. It is intended to offer at least three sessions of play and probably more, depending on your group's style and the decisions of the players. It can serve as either a long adventure, or a story arc within a larger campaign. In TV terms, it is a miniseries: more than a regular-length movie or two-part episode, but less than a full season. This scenario’s structure calls for both “linear” and “sandbox” styles of play, at different points. The beginning presents a traditional setup, with numerous hooks for seamless connections to character backstories and motivations. The main part calls for an investigation, turning the players loose with many choices about what to do next. Those decisions still occur within the framework of the larger plot, though, which funnels back into a structured climax. This is meant to promote roleplaying, creativity, and player autonomy, while maintaining a clear, resolved, and manageable storyline for the Games Master. SECRETS OF BLOOD ROCK is designed for four to eight characters run by experienced players. Running fewer than four adventurers is not recommended, and the Games Master is encouraged to use as many of the non-player characters as desired to round out the party. The numbers of allies and adversaries are strongly adjustable. Any type of character might prove useful on this adventure, and variety makes for a strong group. Rest assured, there will be violence, so physical prowess is welcome, but the central investigative aspect means that players who formulate a party without social skills do so at their peril. Still not sure about this one? Download the FREE TASTER for a bit more--but beware of spoilers! OLD BONES PUBLISHING strives to provide high-quality writing in a stylish, minimalistic presentation. Thanks for your interest! Please direct any question or feedback to old.bones.publishing@gmail.com. Please do check it out, and leave a review at DTRPG. Happy gaming!
  17. Come one, come all. Please submit Plunder items on this thread. The best may very well end up in a future publication. Please try to follow the standard format of categories and information provided in Plunder: Name Description: Cults: Knowledge: History: Procedure: Powers: Value:
  18. NEW RUNEQUEST at Dragonmeet! If you're attending Dragonmeet in London next weekend and would like to play a playtest demo of the new RuneQuest - "Ears of the Bull", GMed by Andrew Bean, sign up now and reserve a slot for these sessions now at Warhorn. Slots for HeroQuest Glorantha available too, GMed by Ian Cooper, author of The Coming Storm: https://warhorn.net/events/dragonmeet/schedule/2016/12
  19. We are all familiar with Rune Quest in its various manifestations. We all know what basic/spirit/common magic is. Now here is the question. Is there a spell not otherwise covered within the rules that you think should be there? We all know the sort of cantrip-like magic we are talking about, so nothing OP. To get the ball rolling, here is a favorite of mine: Dry Touch. Active 2pt Cast on moist or damp subjects, this spell causes excess water to be liberated as a short burst of steam, rendering them increasingly dry with each casting. This spell is valuable for drying one's clothes or gear after immersion in water, especially vulnerable gear such as bowstrings, fletching, etc. It is also useful for preserving herbs, protecting wet books and scrolls from further damage, stopping the shrinkage of woolen garments, causing glues and resins to set faster, and seasoning timber with roughly 20 repeated castings. It might even be used to dry simple clay objects in the absence of a kiln with repeated castings. Casting against a live creature is also possible, requiring a successful POW vs POW contest, and inflicting 2hp damage if successful, but limited by the range of touch. The damage can be healed normally but in place of a bandage, drinkable fluid is required.
  20. Is Morrowind based on a tabletop RPG? http://rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/89399/is-morrowind-based-on-a-tabletop-rpg
  21. BROCH GRODDATH A Mythras adventure by Matthew Eager The adventurers are hired to find an unusual object that is believed to be among the collections of a strange, disgraced family, in a great home that is shunned. The item is indeed there, as are clues about the family and its fall...and worse things... BROCH GRODDATH is a “haunted house” scenario, with its own defining twists. Its key features are creepy atmosphere, disorientation, and horror. It touches on several genres and themes, including Low Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery, Cosmic Horror, and Dungeon Crawling. A fantasy milieu is assumed, but with moderate changes it could be played in a modern Lovecraftian setting. This is intended as a one-shot adventure, to be dropped into an existing campaign, without larger implications (unless desired). Probably two sessions are needed to play it out. The scenario is written for four adventurers, but three or five should be fine. Four sample characters are included, for an instant start to a weekend’s fun. Mechanical details have been constructed using the Mythras game system from The Design Mechanism. The write-up should translate well to other d100-style rules (and still other systems, with more work). There are plenty of points for adaptation, to make this adventure unique to your game. What will your BROCH GRODDATH be like? Download the FREE TASTER and start plotting… http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/193 ... s_id=10499
  22. Killer quote from Sandy: "Frodo is Frodo–not a “thief” or a “rogue” or a “warrior” or whatever. He is an individual. RuneQuest was the first game I’d seen which let my character be himself, instead of trying to fit into some mold. Even the more-flexible molds that modern Pathfinder and D&D 5e have developed are, to me, just larger prisons. In RuneQuest, I can just do things, and get better at those things over time. I don’t worry about what Feat is next in line, or what weapon specializations are best." http://geekandsundry.com/4-reasons-you-need-to-play-this-38-year-old-rpg-now/
  23. Anyone here planning on going to DunDraCon? http://www.dundracon.com/ Anyone planning on running (especially RQ ( most especially a playtester/demo-monkey running RQ:Next ) ) at DunDraCon? I see the good folk at DDC already have a special "Basic Game" track (adhering to a strict format) for CoC7 (also FAE & D&D5) ... http://www.dundracon.com/Submit_Game.php?Type=COC7 N.B. much-less-strict format can be had in the general game, but I believe those games are expected to run about 8 hours, instead of 4. For those who've never been to a 'Con -- it's really worth going! If you live in/near the SF Bay Area, or can arrange a visit over "Presidents Day Weekend" (17-20 Feb) -- I urge you to do so! My own reaction, driving home after the first time I attended, was "That was great! Let's go again next weekend!" Alas for annual events...
  24. If you missed the RuneQuest Classic Kickstarter, you can now preorder at Backerkit: https://runequest-classic-edition.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders
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