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Found 2 results

  1. Namaste all: Our Vithelan game is going fairly well, a few weeks in. I had a question for the community regarding the status of Elder Races in the Vithelan archipelago. A few of them are well addressed - the various species of Merfolk are all present in some form of the other, and while many are definitely Antigodly, the Ludoch are most likely considered Sheradpara - ennobled antigods - by most Islanders. The Mostali don't really show up that much in Vithelan myth, though in Teshnos they are known as the Babadi and construct all kinds of wondrous devices. I suspect they are a decided rarity in Vithela, but likely a few Islands are taken and controlled by them. Again, likely Sheradpara or at least, reasonable if strange antigods. The Uz don't show up anywhere at all in Vithela, and frankly, considering the Sunniness of the place, even during mythic cycles, I can't imagine they got very far in Vithela. I tend to ignore Dragonnewt's, for my own sanity. Again, not mentioned anywhere in the Guide or Revealed Mythologies. Draconic creatures certainly exist in Vithela (thanks Dogsalu!), but I'm unsure exactly what they are. (Something more akin to Naga or Coatl, perhaps?) The Aldryami are a strange case, in that they are mentioned to inhabit some of the larger forests on some of the big islands. I'm unsure what they'd be classified as - an antigod race? An allied, but non-human, mortal race? Sheradpara ? Children of Yothbedta? In many ways they seem to be "in tune" with the Cosmic Harmony that Vithelan philosophy seems to expound upon at length. At the same time, I can see horrible conflicts arising with the limitations of above-ground land on an island and whether it belongs to the humans or the elves. It seems honestly that the various Antigod races indigineous to Vithela fill up a bulk the roles that a lot of the Genertelan Elder Races would inhabit. Andins, Sorn, Taktari, Eresteenes and others all fill the "decidedly non-human and a threat to human civilization" niche fairly well.
  2. Namaste all: After a long time away from Glorantha, I've been drawn back by the possibility of co-running a game set entirely in the East Islands, sometime in the 3rd Age, prior to the Opening. I've been collating all my resources for Vithela (which is fairly scant, but it is what it is), and at the moment I'm trying to assemble some background materials before recruiting players. I know in the Guide to Glorantha there is a partial listing, but I was wondering if there were any more complete lists for both the Parloth and Adpara. Island deities should be fairly simple single rune entities to figure out.
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