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Found 1 result

  1. Questions from an initiate

    Hello everyone, name's Gustavo. I backed revolution d100 and might have found my new rpg darling. It's a great system and I'm dying to give it a try. Having said that, I've hard a hard time digesting the rules. I guess that it has to do with the fact that this my first d100 derived games (aside from CoC 5th edition which seems rather tame in comparison). 1) by default powers work just like traits, that is, one must invest a trait slot to learn them, is that correct?. If the answer is yes, it would seem that wizards need to dedicate a lot into concentration to get enough slots for both powers and manipulation traits. 2) on page 26 under the "multiple traits" header the rules state that a character gets a bonus to the roll if more it had more than 1 applicable trait. Is this how it works in conflict resolution as well? Or in conflict resolution should one always resort to support actions? My interpretation is that if it would make sense to apply both traits immediately then the character gets a. Multiple trait bonus, but if it needs some preparation then it would require a support action (and neither trait could be used for support). I'm pretty sure Im going to be making lots of questions from now on, so I'm sorry Happy new year everyone