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Found 1 result

  1. I'm going to to play the Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign in a near future. In 1925, looking for information is a bit more complicated than looking it up on the internet. I would like to prepare a list of places in New York where the investigators may end up doing just that: looking for information. To be more precise, I'm not interested in locations specific to that campaign, but rather places in New York City in 1925, known to the general public, that may give access to potentially useful knowledge in any campaign setting. So far I have: The New York Central Library, 5th Av, 42nd St. Described in the campaign. The New York University. The Bellevue Hospital, 1st Av, 27th St. Described in campaign. The New York City Police Department, 240 Centre St. The NY Police is mentioned in the campaign. The Sugar Cane, a clandestine bar, 5th Avenue, 135th St. Not the only bar where information can be garnered of course, this one just happens to be somewhat detailed in the campaign. Newspapers: Daily Worker, Negro World, New York Times, World, New York Pillar Riposte. I like the idea of restricting clues to press articles of specific newspapers only. The Hall of Records, built in 1907 (later renamed to Surrogate's Courthouse in 1962). The New York Municipal Archives was only founded in 1950. Any additional idea or suggestion is welcome. For example, where would one find birth or marriage certificates in 1925? Information regarding real estate and land registration?
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