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Found 15 results

  1. When setting up explosives (such as C-4, Pipe Bomb, Anti-Personnel Mine, etc) do I roll for Demolition or Electrical Repair? The weapon table says its Demolition, while the description of the Electrical Repair skill says it can be used instead.
  2. What would be a reasonable number of hitpoints for a door?
  3. Do Mythos Monsters & other supernatural creatures take Major Wounds? I noticed two monsters make explicit use of Major Wounds (the zombie & the werewolf). What about the rest? A critical hit with a shotgun can do 24 damage, which is over the Major Wound limit of most monsters. Should they fall prone, and/or have a chance to become unconscious?
  4. How do burn attacks (flamethrower, molotov cocktail, etc) work against monsters? According to the rules, the target must roll Luck to avoid catching on fire. However, no monsters have a LUCK attribute in the manual. How do I know if the creature caught fire or not?
  5. Shotguns do less damage at long range. The average shotgun does 4d6 at close range, 2d6 at medium range, and 1d6 at long range. On top of the lowered damage, do I also need a Hard / Extreme success at these ranges? Or is a normal success enough?
  6. What skill makes the more sense to drive a motorcycle? Drive Auto, or Ride? Or maybe even Pilot: Motorcycle!?
  7. I appreciate the concept of Build in CoC7 (combination of Size & Strength) as it makes sense for maneuvers: in general, a strong and heavy person will be harder to push than a similarly strong yet skinny person. However, it makes no sense for the Build of a creature to affect how easily it is to shoot it. According to the manual, if the target is Build -2 or smaller, one penalty die needs to be applied to the shooting skill. If the target is Build 4 or more, one bonus die is applied instead. This is absolutely illogical. If two targets are of identical size, it shouldn't be
  8. Has anyone tried using the Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Pulp rules for a "Conanesque" game? I was at SaltCon in Utah back in March and one of the games that I played in, the GM had created an Conan adventure with the Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Pulp and it worked very well. I was wondering if anyone else on this board has tried it and perhaps documented it.
  9. I do enjoy the chases rules of 7th edition CoC. They can be really fun and a good chase can feel like a horror movie. However, I have issues regarding some aspect of the chase rules, First, the chase depends too much on the initial Speed roll for movement, especially for the NPCs chasing/get chased by the investigators. Most PCs will have a default move between 7 and 9. Suppose the PCs are chasing a cultist with a Move of 9. If the cultist fails its CON roll, he ends up with a Move of 8, and the chase will probably be quite easy. If he gets an extreme success, the cultist ends up wit
  10. From my copy of the manual, the "Listen" skill default minimum is 20%. However, from the Autocalc character sheets provided by Chaosium, the default minimum "Listen" is 25%. So which one is it? 20% or 25%?
  11. My players may be facing a monster that is resistant to conventional weaponry but not to fire. They have the credentials and resources to obtain Incendiary Rounds. However, the 7th edition rulebook does not contain stats for such ammunition. Maybe a previous edition manual has stats for incendiary rounds? If not, what do you think would be balanced?
  12. We're about to start another massive campaign for 20+ Investigators and 5 Keepers set in the Gaslight era of London using 7th edition. I'm having problems finding a version of the Cash and Assets table for the Gaslight era or any math I can use to generate something approximate. Can anyone give me some pointers? Thanks!
  13. Shield all use 6th Ed Shield HP stoppage. doesn't match Through the Ages, p.32, Table 2: Shields Book 3, p.72, col 1, TYPICAL FRANKISH MAN-AT-ARMS, TYPICAL FRANKISH KNIGHT, Shield 40% (20/8), blocks attacks, 20 hp => Shield 40% (20/8), blocks attacks (1d3) Book 3, p.73, col 1, TYPICAL VENETIAN SAILOR-WARRIOR,TYPICAL VARANGIAN GUARD, Shield 40% (20/8), blocks attacks, 20 hp => Shield 40% (20/8), blocks attacks (1d3) Book 3, p. 74, col 1, CAPTAIN RAMARDI, Shield 60% (30/12), blocks attacks, 25 hp => Shield 60% (30/12), blocks attacks (1d4) Book 3, p.76, col 2, GILLES
  14. My SMG skill is 80%. I can fire 8 rounds in a volley. If I split the damage of the volley among 4 opponents all within my normal range, I have to make an additional roll every time I switch targets. Do these additional rolls incur penalty dice? Or do penalty dice accrue only when I fire multiple volleys? In addition: This costs me 11 rounds Each opponent is hit by one bullet
  15. It seems to me that the quick start rules (Pulp Cthulhu p.41) result in a much more skilled character than the regular rules. The skill points for Archetype and personal skills seem to be same so I'll ignore them and concentrate on occupational skills. The quick start rules allow the following skills 80, 2X70, 2X60, 3X50, 40 and ignore Base values. This gives a total of 530 skill points. The normal rules are more variable so I'll assume an average value and that skill points are based on 2X(Core + Edu). Average core stat = (3.5+13)X5 = 82.5 Average Edu = (2X3
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