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Found 22 results

  1. I'm gearing up to run a Dolmenwood campaign using Mythras, Lyonesse, Mythic Britain and Mythic Constantinople. I like the idea of including sandestins, but I'd rather tweak them to be spirits, rather than utilize a wholly separate magic system. For this campaign most magicians would be animists (Sorcery being reserved for the Drune, Theism for Witches) and including sandestins seems like an excellent way of allowing access to unique spells (sandestin abilities), ala Mythic Britian's Spirit Powers. My quick and dirty ideas for converting sandestins to spirits are below. Acquiring sandestins in the first place requires traveling to an otherworld (e.g. Lyonesse's Tanjecterly) or the use of an already bound sandestin (this would require a new sandestin ability.) Both binding and calling upon an already bound sandestin would cap the magician's bind skill by their commerce (or maybe "Bureaucracy (Sandestins)" skill. Bound sandestins allow the casting of whichever sandestin abilities they have access to, similarly to spirits in Mythic Britain. Sandestins cast their abilities using their Willpower, capped by the magician's commerce skill. Finally I modified the Lyonesse "Spirit Being Table" to provide stats for sandestins. Intensity POW STR DEX INT HP Weapon Size and Damage Action Points Sandestin Abilities 1 1d6+6 1d6+2 2d6+4 1d6+6 1d6+6 M/1d6 1 1d3 2 1d6+12 1d6+4 2d6+8 1d6+12 1d6+12 M/1d6 1 1d3 3 1d6+18 1d6+6 2d6+12 1d6+18 1d6+18 M/1d6 2 2d3 4 1d6+24 1d6+8 2d6+16 1d6+24 1d6+24 L/1d8 2 2d3 5 1d6+30 1d6+10 2d6+20 1d6+30 1d6+30 L/1d8 3 3d3 6 1d6+36 1d6+12 2d6+24 1d6+36 1d6+36 L/1d8 3 3d3 +1 +6 +2 +4 +1 +6 H/1d10 +1 per two steps +1 per two steps I haven't worked axioms into the conversion, which feels like a shame (though maybe they could act as subtypes similarly to elementals?) In any event this is still a WIP and I'm a newcomer to Mythras so I'd love some feedback on this idea. Thanks
  2. I have seen an attempt to convert Rolemaster spells to Basic. Someone has attempted to do the same stuff with HARP ? The tables look easier to integrate with Basic. Basic should provide: a definition of stunned and bleeding and that's all. (so it's already done) I think one could leave basically everything untouched and must only: * map the resistance rolls of HARP to some Basic mechanics.... (a comparison on the resistance table?) * maybe scale the damage a bit .... x0.5 or x0.75 If someone played HARP ideas on the topic are welcome.
  3. The Hollow This adventure is designed for 1st level characters. It is structured using the 13th Age Adventure Toolkit from the 13th Age Game Master’s Screen and Resource Book p.8 In this adventure, the characters must rescue more than a dozen children in order to thwart Gloomwillow’s ritual for Harsandra the Quick. But the Woods of the Dead are not for the faint hearted! Montage Tell the players that their characters just undertook a long and difficult journey to get to the spot where the adventure begins. Turn to the player on your left and ask them to describe one threat or obstacle that the party faced on their journey toward the location where the adventure begins. The obstacle could be large (a dangerous ambush, or an avalanche) or small (someone stole the Storm Voice’s trousers). Turn to the next player clockwise and tell them that their character did something impressive to overcome that threat or obstacle. Ask them to describe what they did. Don't make them roll dice at this point — this event happened in the past, and they succeeded. Continue around the group until every player has had a chance to invent an obstacle and describe how their characters overcame an obstacle. If some players aren't comfortable with making something up on the spot, feel free to coach them, or turn their one- or two-word answer into something bigger. The First Probe In this scene, the characters must overcome a major obstacle that stands between them and their goal, using roleplaying, skill checks, or a combination of each. Challenge DC 15 Normal Flock of Ravens +5 vs PD (multiple targets) — 1d10 damage Giant Dragonflies +5 vs AC — 2d6 damage The Second Probe At last, the PCs get to hit someone! This is a fair fight. PCs Mossback Mossback Minion 2 0 4 3 0 6 4 2 5 5 2 7 6 4 6 7 4 8 Mossback is a reskinned Newtling Grownup (13th Age Glorantha p.319) Mossback Minion is a reskinned Newtling Juvenile (13th Age Glorantha p.319) Visions Most Foul They must now overcome a more difficult — and deadlier — challenge to reach the next battle. Challenge DC 20 Hard Chill Sounds +10 vs MD (multiple targets) — 1d12 psychic damage Disturbing Patterns +10 vs MD — 3d6 psychic damage Terrifying Forms +10 vs MD — 3d6 psychic damage The Willow’s Crown When Gloomwillow is staggered for the first time, she concentrates on the battle against the adventurers. This has the ancillary effect of letting the walking willow out of her control. The tree begins walking, then sprinting. This is a double strength fight. PCs Gloomwillow Mossback Mossback Minion Walking Willow 2 1 0 0 0 3 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 4 2 5 1 2 5 3 6 1 3 6 4 7 1 4 6 6 Gloomwillow is a reskinned Wild Dryad (Lions & Tigers & Owlbears: 13th Age Bestiary 2p.206) Walking Willow is a reskinned Awakened Trees (13 True Ways p.202)
  4. I converted the scenario "Temple at Feroda" from the Gloranthan Classics PDF Pavis & Big Rubble from RQ2 to RQG to practice the math & formatting, and (hopefully) use in my own game. Figure since I've got a clean and tidy version I'd share with y'all . You'll still need a copy of Big Rubble in some form to run the scenario. As an aside, I found that in RQG baboons have a hit point distribution not provided in "Creature Hit Locations" on pages 10 and 11 of the Glorantha Bestiary. Based on the baboon entry, here's what I determined is the chart for 13–15 hit points. As usual, for each additional 3 hit points, add 1 to each location. Subtract 1 per 3 points below 13. Baboon Hit Locations Location D20 Hit Points Right Hind Leg 01–02 4 Left Hind Leg 03–04 4 Abdomen 05–07 6 Chest 08–10 6 Right Foreleg 11–13 4 Left Foreleg 14–16 4 Head 17–20 5 RQG Temple at Feroda Conversion.pdf
  5. A few folks have asked about this, so let's set this up. This thread, you are going to want to bookmark it, is for crowd sourcing stats for anyone who is running The Coming Storm and The Eleven Lights with the new RuneQuest Roleplaying in Glorantha. I'll try to keep and eye on it, and provide what help I can, but generally you should ask for help with stats, and provide it. Eventually we might be able to create a community PDF of suggestions from folks who have worked their way through the campaign for those coming along.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Rough outline proposed for writing up HQ Major Arcana Originally uploaded to Nephilim HeroQuest Yahoo Group by ianabsentia May 7, 2005
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Rough outline proposed for creating HQ Metamorphoses Originally uploaded to Nephilim HeroQuest Yahoo Group by ianabsentia May 7, 2005
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Rough outline proposed for creating HQ Past Lives Originally uploaded to Nephilim HeroQuest Yahoo Group by ianabsentia May 7, 2005
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Fate conversion by Rick Neal @ http://www.rickneal.ca/ Originally uploaded to yahoo group by jessejmulkey Sep 20, 2018
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Notes and tables for a nWoD version of Nephilim Originally uploaded to nephilim yahoo group by sneadj61 Jun 17, 2010
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Fuzion rules Conversion notes Originally uploaded to nephilim yahoo group by jp_james Jun 5, 2003 _fuzion.pdf
  12. While browsing my RPG collecion of books, I stumbled about the 'Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls' rule book. Distant memories came back to my mind and I thought I will have an other read. So I tried out some of the easily available Solo Adventures T&T sells on RPGnow.com, and was amazed how similar the game feels to RD100. It is lacking a bit in terms of character variety, but the rule system itself feels interestingly 'modern'. Then I thought: it is actually possible to use RD100 to play these games. Since Monsters in T&T have (mostly) just a Monster Rating to calculate Damage and their Ht Points, this is easy to translate. The rest of the system is relying on so called Saving Rolls, which is nothing more than an Attribute+Skill check. So, here we go, converting the Monster Rating (MR) to RD100: divide the MR by 2 to get the Resource Point Pool for Rd100. A Monsters Damage dice in T&T are multiplied by 10 to get the Monsters Skill rating (in %) for RD100. The actual Damage a Monster is doing in RD100 is a bit more complex: every odd die adds 1Might and every even Die adds 1d6 damage. This is just a fast rule, use it as a start. It might also even be better to have a look at a similar creature in RD100 to get better stats, but so far it was fun and I got the results I wanted/expected (read: lots of dead characters, died by the hands of creepy things in the dungeons). Here's an example: a Bandit with a MR of 28. In RD100 translation rules he will have a RPP of 14 (MR /2), with a skill of 30% (MR28 does 3d6 damage in T&T, so 3*10=30), dealing 1d6+2Might Damage (3d6 = 2odd dice (#1 & #3) and one even die (#2)). Although you might say the Skill rating is a bit low, the Bandit is still a considerable foe due to the high RPP and the decent amount of Damage he'll inflict (once he hits). In regards of Saving Rolls: simply use a Skill+Trait combination that works for the situation and if it has to be made against a different 'Level' in T&T, simply add a Penalty to your roll (e.g. a Lvl 2 SR will add one Penalty in RD100, a Lvl 3 SR will add two Penalties, etc.). This might seem tough, but T&T is a deadly game (yes, tunnel delvers die regularly from a failed Saving Roll. It's called a Saving Roll in that game for a reason). I hope this little guide enables you to play some really good choose-your-own Solo Adventure games , brings back some fond memories and most important: gives you something fun to do when your RPG party does not have the time but you still want to delve into amazing old-school adventures. Cheers, Rob.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    While I have nothing against the Sanity rules of Call of Cthulhu, I don't think they are necessarily suitable for all horror settings when simulating Fear. Another horror RPG that I believe does it just as well, if not better for my uses, is Pacesetter's Chill. Years ago, I translated the Fear Check rules to BRP for a yearly Halloween BRP Chill game that I ran for more then a decade. Here are those rules, along with the rules for Sensing the Unknown. These rules are written by Michael Williams and only converted by myself. Chill Fear and Sensing the Unknown.pdf
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Years ago, I ran a yearly Halloween BRP Chill game for more then a decade. Here is one of the adventures that I converted to BRP during the playtest. The adventure is only converted by myself, and I do not claim ownership of the material.
  15. Version 1.0.0


    During the playtest of Basic Roleplaying, my group and I converted tons of settings to see how they held up. Star Frontiers was one such setting. Here is the conversion of SF-0: Crash on Volturnus, the adventure that was originally included in the Star Frontiers boxed set. I didn't include the maps as I own the original adventure and just used them, however they can more then likely be found on the internet. Rod
  16. I have a copy of Mongoose Runequest legend City of Sheoloth and was wondering how easy is it to convert the rules to Open Quest?
  17. Around the web one can find a lot of things being converted to the One Roll Engine. I'm kind of looking for the opposite: I've no love of ORE, but find a couple of the settings kind of intriguing. The only thing vaguely like a conversion from ORE I can find though is Elder Godlike. I plan to get Elder Godlike, but was wondering if there are any hard-and-fast conversion guidelines for Grim War (or any other ORE products) to other systems. Conversions to BRP in particular are ideal, but any others would be of interest as well. Thanks.
  18. I've been a fan of Fallout for a long time, but am rather late to the joys of BRP. I've noticed that there was a WIP file that was part of a conversion project, but it seems to have died. My question is this- How do I go about implementing the flavor and style of Talents and Perks from the setting? I know that most BRPers really hate the idea of an advantage/disadvantage system, but I really believe it has a place and isn't just the domain of munchkins. I also am not necessarily going for a 1:1 conversion of all Perks or anything like that. I know that down that road lies frustration. I am also curious as to how one would reproduce some of the creatures in the setting. I figure Supermutants can just be reskinned Orcs/Trolls/Giants, Yao Guai are just tougher Bears, Deathclaws I would guess can use the Allosaurus stats (slightly modified, of course), but what about Centaurs? Or Glowing Ones? Sorry if this all seems scatter-shot, I've got a lot on my plate so I'm trying to get this all done ASAP.
  19. I was wondering if anyone was familiar with and took the steps to convert (or make something similar) the Ritual Path Magic system of GURPS into BRP.
  20. Hello BRP Central! I am currently working on a conversion of Iron Kingdoms to BRP. While most of the items and equipment are pretty straightforward, I've had to get a bit creative get the "feel" of IK magic, yet keep it functional from a game perspective. I'm listing my conversion notes below: o Arcanists (wizards) and Sorcerers will have access to magic spells supplemented by a handful of psychic powers (all appropriately renamed or removed as consistent with the setting) to use with the standard Magic rules from the Big Gold Book. To differentiate between Arcanists and Sorcerers, I'll start Arcs with 6 or so spells at INT%, and they may learn any spell they wish. Arcanists may select spells as professional skills, using their professional skill pool to increase the percentiles. o Sorcerers start with 4 spells at a higher skill level (POW x2%), but must select a single element (earth, wind, fire, water) as a theme for any spells they have access to, and they cannot learn any spell outside of their element. Perhaps they only use personal skill points to increase spell percentiles at creation? Or, maybe that gimps them too much... o Arcane Mechaniks and Gun Mages use similar rules with regard to starting spell numbers and percentiles to arcanists and sorcerers respectively. The differences are that PP cost is double when casting a spell the traditional way, and not activating a spell inscribed into a mechanikal contraption or rune bullet. I'd need to figure out material costs, but a ballpark figure would be 10x the PP cost of the spell in addition to the basic materials? o Faithcasters (priests, paladins, druids, monks, etc.) purchase "super powers" from the BGB. I'm considering a 21 point budget to start. Power selection will be limited based on the character's deity (for instance, a druid of Dhunia, the Devourer, or Nyssor could justify taking "Alternate Form" of a woodland or tundra beast, while a Paladin of Morrow or Menoth could not.) I'd like to figure out a way to incorporate the Allegiance system from the book into the way a Faithcaster works. I'm just not sure what I'd do with it. Maybe they roll Allegiance to activate a power, with no base PP cost? o Warcasters... they are such a different animal in that they generally use powers that require upkeep to buff those around them, or cast area spells. Warcasters have a focus pool equal to 1/2 POW. With their focus, they may cast Sorcery Spells from the BGB (again, appropriately renamed and removed to fit the fluff), and select POW levels of spells at character creation. Rather than burning their Focus to cast spells like a traditional spellcaster, warcasters "slot" their focus to activate a spell. As long as they maintain concentration the spell stays active. If not slotted, Focus is at the ready to use - "potential energy" if you will. They'll also get the "Jack Handling (INT)" skill, enabling telepathic communication with their warjack. o Since so many warcasters are traditional spellcasters or faithcasters, I'll allow players to "cross-class". They simply select half the amount of spells/ powers for both careers. o Fell Callers... would they be similar to a Warcaster? o I'm considering allowing casters to alter such things as range, duration, or area of effect for a spell. To make this work, Arcanists, Sorcerers, and Faithcasters would cast their spell/ pray to their deity at a higher difficulty. Warcasters slot more Focus. I welcome any feedback, ideas, comments, or critiques that you might have. All of this is in the conceptual phase for a possible future campaign. Thanks!
  21. Version 1


    New version of my Savage Worlds to Basic RolePlaying Edges for my weird wild west campaign.
  22. My gaming group normally runs low fantasy, but during a recent session we were discussing other settings. Most of the players were RP virgins before joining, so a lot of this is new. Among the things that blew them away was the Shadowrun setting, since they hail from Seattle and had no idea it existed. So now that will be the next campaign. Thing is, I've never actually played it myself. I'm familiar with the setting via the videogames, and the consensus on rpg.net seems to be that the system is a bit shoddy. I have nabbed the 4th/20th anniversary core book and a handful of pdfs, but the reaction from my players is fairly strongly resistant to the d6. I think now that they get to use the weird dice they don't want to go back to the Monopoly ⚄. I have a healthy D100 library, BGB, RQ6, MRQII, CoC, etc, how difficult would it really be to swap it mechanically out for a BRP system? I don't think they'll want to give up the RQ6 combat. Also, they're not dying for the authentic hardcore canonical FASA experience, we can fudge elements if necessary, although it seems much of the futurist elements are somewhat underrepresented, at least in my library... Thanks for reading
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