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Found 1 result

  1. Darkholme

    D&D 5th Edition

    I was curious what the other folks at BRP central have to say about 5e. I think 5e is in a much closer category to d100 than 3 and 4 were. I feel it's particularly close in function to MagicWorld, or perhaps OpenQuest. It's no longer magic item collection focused. Magic items are a rare and cool thing, rather than par for the course. They reigned in the upper levels of magical power significantly. Magic is a bit less pervasive in 5e than it is in most of the d100 fantasy games, since most of the d100 fantasy games seem to suggest that everyone should have some kind of magic when magic is an option. They've gone back to a similar feel 2e had in many ways. Personally, I have yet to be convinced I want 5e; we'll see about that in the future, however (and if they're any good this edition -I think they did a poor job with the setting in 4th-, I will likely still go out and pick up the forgotten realms books, even if I'm not using the system). In short, it looks alright, but I've not seen anything about it that says to me "Pick me! Pick me!", unless I really wanted to run a 2e D&D setting (I wouldn't want to go back and replay 2e itself).