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Found 4 results

  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. So as I have been working on Skaerune' I started with some ideas firmly rooted in the history of BRP and influenced by OpenQuest and what has come before. Now, what two or three years in, I feel like I need to chisel away those aspects more. So a few things may change about Sjaerune' specifically and Q21 in general over the next month or so. Name Change. So Skaerune' means SKy Rune and really.. that aspect of the design just does not fit any more. So I am thinking Sky Weird or Skaewyrd or Sky Storm, Skaemyr. Have not decided yet. Magic: Magic is maybe too complex. I still want to add a Smithing magician style as well. I may Revamp Weird and Soul Magic into one style, keep Sorcery and add in Smithing/Crafting/Some name... And pairing down Skills some. Right now that is it. IT means reworking Salt Mine Blues, but that is okay. The feedback I am getting now is good. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  3. Normally I skulk about and offer help and advice to others on here, but I'm curious about what other d100 gamers think of this houserule that I first came up with almost a year ago for my d100 AD&D PHB thing (heavily influenced by Rod's Classic Fantasy). Apologies in advance for the massive infodump I just threw out here, but I'd rather try to get everything out there now instead of leaving any ambiguity. Aside from the FATE writeup at the end, I wrote this up pretty much on-the-spot, working off of my notes. Hopefully my ramblings make sense. Please keep in mind that while this originated in my d100 AD&D thing, it's something that I figure could be useful in all d100 games, such as (a slightly pulpier) Call of Cthulhu, Legend, Runequest, Magic World, Renaissance, and others. Hope to hear from you guys on it. Thanks for your time! -Chris aka "Lord Sephleon" FATE is an additional Characteristic which, unlike other Characteristics, is never randomly rolled for. Instead, characters begin character creation with a standardized maximum FATE score; although the standard is usually 10, different races may have a higher or lower starting amount based on the campaign; for example, Elves begin with 7, Dwarves, Gnomes, and Halflings have 8, Half-Orcs, and Half-Elves have 9, and Humans have 10. This maximum FATE score may be further tweaked inversely with various other aspects of the character (only during creation) via the following methods*: 1 Max FATE = 1 Characteristic point 1 Max FATE = 2 Derived Attribute points (HP, FP, MP, Initiative) 1 Max FATE = 10 points in a single skill of choice. No skill may be altered more than once 1 Max FATE = 1 Trait/Perk/Flaw/Stunt (as per GM's decision or campaign style) 1 Max FATE = 100 gp/USD in additional gear 1 Max FATE = 50 gp/USD in cash on hand *NOTE: numbers may be altered as per GM if desired After the character is completed, the player then marks down Luck (multiplier dependent on campaign, but tied to FATE instead of POW) and, if used, Heroic Vitality (multiplier dependent on profession/class, though GM has final say). Luck is based on current FATE, not Maximum, so the more FATE you spend, the worse your luck gets. (To add to the above race example, Halflings have an innate +20 bonus to their Luck score, so a Halfling with 0 FATE still has a Luck of 20). In my d100 thing, Luck = 20 + [current FATE x4] Heroic Vitality is something like what Hit Points represents in high fantasy systems like D&D: a bit of skill, luck and endurance throughout a battle that turns what should be direct hits into near misses and lucky dodges. I've been considering that characters get a number of Heroic Vitality based on class; the "warrior" types get FATE x5, the "priest" types get FATE x4, the "rogue" types get FATE x3, and the "wizard" types get FATE x2. These act like a single, additional pool of extra hit points that function much the same way as normal hit points in most respects (such as AP reduction), but they do not factor at all into location hit points. When the character reaches 0 HV, future hits deal damage to HP. All HV recovers after a good night's sleep. Healing magic/skills always affect lost HP first, then HV. I copied/pasted the information I wrote up in my d100 thingy about FATE, FATE use, and FATE Recovery for convenience, below. FATE All characters begin with a default maximum of 10 FATE that can be spent throughout the game session for various reasons: rerolling, automatic successes, resisting damage, and even dealing maximum damage. Each use has a certain cost attributed to it, though note that any skills made successful through the use of FATE does NOT acquire an Experience Check as destiny guided you to your goal. Note that NOTE: Maximum FATE can be modified at character creation to be higher or lower, though it can never rise above 20. Rely on Luck for a single check = Gamble 1 FATE If you must make a skill check and the chances are likely that you will fail, you can choose to gamble 1 FATE to roll a Luck check. Critical: You succeed as per a Special Success, you may check the skill you replaced with Luck, and you keep the point of FATE. Special: You succeed as per a Normal Success and you may keep the point of FATE. Normal: You barely succeed as per a Normal Success, and you lose the point of FATE. Failure: You fail and lose the point of FATE. Botch: You either fail and lose 2 points of FATE, or you botch and lose 1 FATE. While not as good as making the skill itself, it ensures a better chance in some circumstances. You cannot acquire an Experience Check when using this method unless you roll a Critical Success. Reduce Damage from a single attack = 1 FATE per point of damage reduced You can reduce damage taken from a single attack by spending 1 FATE per point of damage that you wish to reduce. You do not have to negate the entire attack. Reroll a single percentile roll = 1 FATE You can reroll a single percentile roll by spending 1 FATE. You may keep either roll, and you do not acquire an Experience Check regardless of Success level. Shift a result up by one step = 2 FATE for first step, +1 for each step thereafter You can shift the results of a check you made by one step for the cost of 2 FATE. You can choose to spend additional FATE to continue shifting the results by an additional step per point of FATE spent (maximum of 6 FATE to shift a Botch to a Critical). Critical > Special > Normal > Failure > Botch You cannot acquire an Experience Check when using this method regardless of Success level. Inflict maximum damage with a single attack = 1 FATE per damage die (without Damage Modifier) You can inflict maximum damage with a single physical attack by spending FATE equal to the number of damage dice that the attack deals without adding Damage Modifier (which must still be rolled afterwards). 2d8 + 1d6 db = 2 FATE for 16 + 1d6 db Avoid a Mishap = 1 FATE In the unfortunate event that you roll a Fumble and risk a Mishap, you may choose to spend 1 FATE to negate it instead, making your check's result a failure instead. However, if combined with shifting the results by one step, you are still considered to have rolled a Fumble. This use is only to prevent a Mishap. FATE Recovery Spent FATE fully recovers to the character's maximum value (determined at character creation) at the end of an adventure. Additionally, you may be rewarded with a point of FATE for outstanding heroism in the face of danger, incredible roleplaying, an ingenious idea, going above and beyond in aiding the GM, or for contributing to the group's overall fun and enjoyment.
  4. As you might have noticed, the old smileys are back and the quickreply function have been amped up some levels. Hopefully the ugly smileys will stay away. I'm currently working on getting a review function up and running again. The old review software was not compatible with the new forum software, and the beta version that is supposed to be compatible is full of bugs. I've been trying to tweak the CMS to take over this function, and made one testrun for Fractured worlds. Have a look and tell me what you think. You can both rate it and review the products: http://basicroleplaying.com/content.php/36-Fractured-Hopes If this works out, I'll port over the reviews from the old software and open this possibility for all the other published products. SGL.
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