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Found 176 results

  1. Here's news about the ships bringing the new RuneQuest to our shores! Australia: XIN CHI WAN - arrival date at Botany Bay (Sydney) is February 25th. United States: XIN LOS ANGELES - arrival date at Longbeach CA is March 6th. (btw, the RuneQuest shipment to the United States takes up TWO 40' containers). United Kingdom: MOL TRIBUTE - arrival date at Southhampton is March 7th. We'll be following the progress of these #ShipsofRQ on Twitter via Marinetraffic.com. More details at the link: https://www.chaosium.com/blogshipsofrq-are-on-their-way
  2. Announcing our new collection on Redbubble - The Gloranthan Runes. Available on t-shirts, phone covers, pillows, scarves, mugs and lots more. And there's 15% off everything on our Redbubble site today!
  3. rsanford

    New Magic World Review

    Its well done and can be found on the big purple at https://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/17/17905.phtml. Let's discuss! For one I would like to see a new Magic World book (Yeah I know I am out of luck) that provides a more fleshed out nautical setting, and gets rid of the various typos and layout errors. What about you?
  4. Version 2.0.0


    A RQG character sheet in landscape.
  5. M Helsdon

    Mini Scenario

    A mini scenario that sits between the second and third scenario of the GM's Pack, with a tie-in to another product... War in Winter.pdf
  6. DJ Butler

    Kolating Tradition for RQ:G

    Hi, Folks I'm attaching a write-up I did for my 1618 RQ:G Colymar Campaign of the Kolating tradition. I wanted an option for our clan shamans that was consistent with the excellent HeroQuest description of Kolatings and also didn't leave Kolating shamans disadvantaged vis-a-vis Daka Fal or Waha or other rune cult shamans. My solution was to give Kolatings the unique shamanic ability Exhale Seza. KOLATING TRADITION.docx
  7. MOB

    The Sea Cave

    Just wondering if anyone has played (or read through) Greg Stafford's RQ Classic scenario The Sea Cave yet and what do you think - has it stood the test of time? (BTW, a short while ago Rick added four more pages to the file, which now includes Greg's pre-Griffin Mountain version of the Cacodemon Cult. These extra pages are in the print version that is in production now, and are also in the downloadable file available to backers who bought the Old School RuneQuest Pack.)
  8. Thank you to everyone who posted suggested corrections to our RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha corrections thread. We are now reveiwing those suggested corrections to prepare files to go to printer. We will also be producing an updated PDF which will be made available to everyone who has purchased the PDF. Once the updated PDF has been released, we will open this thread to catch any typos or errors spotted. We will continue to update PDFs on the Chaosium website, DriveThru RPG, and Bits & Mortar. Any later approved corrections will go into a subsequent printing of the book. Many thanks!
  9. Crel

    3rd-Party Publishing?

    I was looking around at Chaosium's submission stuff since I thought it could be fun to try writing some scenarios or an adventure, and it made me wonder what sort of third-party markets there are for Runequest. I know there's a long history of fanzines (like with Tales of the Reaching Moon), and that Chaosium's brought back Wyrms Footnotes but the submissions page seems a bit old and rusty, leading me to think that biennial publication isn't actually happening. Does anyone else know of fanzines, third-party publishers, etc. who are making or planning to make stuff for RQG?
  10. David Scott

    Do you use figures in RQ Poll

    A spin off from a comment in a discussion. https://basicroleplaying.org/topic/8184-facing-and-positioning-in-rqg-combat/?tab=comments#comment-116247
  11. Anzugud


    Version 0.1


    A fan based character creation guide for Ralios. Currently only includes Homelands. Version History 0.1 Homelands initial pass done.
  12. Dirk_the_Dice

    RuneQuest Podcast

    Hi All I've just posted a RuneQuest Podcast to theGROGNARDfiles.com which features an interview with Rick Meints, president of Chaosium talking about how he started in RPGs and how his love of playing developed into running the company. There's also coverage of the RuneRites department in White Dwarf and an examination of the rules of Mythras. In the next part I'll be selecting 5 items from Rick's collection he played back in the day to discuss his experiences. I'll also be looking at Borderlands, which we played twice, 33 years apart. In other RuneQuest news, I also appeared on the Dissecting Worlds Podcast and ran an actual play of Gringle's Pawnshop for the RPG Academy, as part of their 'Trial' Series (coming soon - you can see a recording of the Twitch broadcast on their YouTube channel). Thanks, Dirk the Dice
  13. g33k

    RQG eTools?

    There was some stuff from Chaosium previously, to the effect that they planned (hoped?) to have electronic tools available with (or shortly following) the release of RQG. Give the E-vailabity of RQG now, it looks "released" from the e-tools perspective ... 🙂 FantasyGrounds? Roll20? HeroLabs? Metacreator? Bueller?
  14. Ashurbanipal

    Playtesters wanted!

    Hello RuneQummunity, I published a series of solo adventures for RQ about 8 years ago which where much improved owing to the kind thoughts and comments of a bunch of playtesters recruited from a forum much like this one. I'm looking for interested folks to volunteer to take part in play testing some new solos. Please pm me for details if you are interested. Thanks
  15. One of the great Gloranthan mysteries is what happened to the ducks in RuneQuest 6. They vanished only to return in the newest edition. Theories abound, but I believe they pulled the same stunt as the Amazons in Wonder Woman comics of the 1970s – they left the world and sojourned Out There for a time, literally breaking the glass ceiling to boldly go where no waterfowl had gone before. Anas Gadwell, Captain Quote: “It’s not flying, exactly. It’s falling … with style!” STR 13 CON 15 SIZ 3 INT 13 POW 12 DEX 14 APP 7 Damage Bonus: -1d4 Move: 6 Hit Points: 18 (SIZ+CON) Armor: 6 (Spiffy Uniform) Attacks: Brawl 50%, 1d3+db; Grapple 50%, 1d3+db; Laser Pistol 49%, 1d8 Skills: Command 34%, Drive (Skimmer) 45%, Heavy Machine 30%, Listen 54%, Navigate (Astronavigation) 39%, Persuade 44%, Pilot (Rocketship) 50%, Science (Astronomy) 30%, Spot 50%, Technical Skill (Computer Use) 34%, The Ladies Can’t Resist Me 70% Notes: Pilot profession Vegavis Smew, Engineer and Master Gunner Quote: “Darn it, Captain. I’m a mechanic not an architect!” STR 6 CON 11 SIZ 7 INT 14 POW 7 DEX 15 APP 6 Damage Bonus: -1d4 Move: 6 Hit Points: 18 (SIZ+CON) Armor: 6 (Spiffy Uniform) Attacks: Grapple 57%, 1d3+db; Laser Pistol 52%, 1d8 Skills: Artillery (Ship’s Weapons) 52%, Climb 40%, Craft (Cooking) 37%, Dodge 62%, Heavy Weapons 51%, Martial Arts (Wrestling) 33%, Navigate (Orienteering) 42%, Pilot (Rocketship) 33%, Repair (Mechanical) 47%, Repair (Electrical) 47% Notes: Sailor profession Wyatt Wigeon, Scout Quote: “Oops! Aboriginals. Uh, take me to your leader?” STR 9 CON 14 SIZ 8 INT 12 POW 8 DEX 17 APP 7 Damage Bonus: -1d4 Move: 6 Hit Points: 22 (SIZ+CON) Armor: 6 (Spiffy Uniform) Attacks: Brawl 38%, 1d3+db; Laser Pistol 47%, 1d8 Skills: Climb 40%, Fast Talk 25%, Hide 30%, Language (Duck) 60%, Language (Alien Tongue) 27%, Language (Alien Tongue) 16%, Listen 38%, Persuade 42%, Pilot (Boat) 47%, Research 52%, Science (Antidaeology) 42%, Science (Geology) 36%, Science (Linguistics) 29%, Spot 52%, Stealth 30% Notes: Explorer profession Ensign Whatshisnameagain, Greenshirt Quote: “What was that? Argh!!!” STR 9 CON 9 SIZ 5 INT 10 POW 10 DEX 14 APP 4 Damage Bonus: -1d4 Move: 6 Hit Points: 7 Armor: 3 (Impressive Space Armor) Attacks: Brawl 30%, 1d3+db; Laser Pistol 35%, 1d8 Skills: Listen 30%, Make Officers Look Good 80%, Spot 35%, Track 25%
  16. Hi Chaosium, I'd like to know who is the artist of each piece in the rulebook. I can only recognise Andrey Fetisov, Michelle Lockamy, Mignola and Kalin Kadiev. Failing that, I'd like to know who is the artist who has done the art in page 136, 177, etc.
  17. MOB

    RQG Corrections Thread

    With the release of RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha on PDF, this thread is to catch any typos or errors spotted. Please note them here, quoting the page number, the error, and the suggested correction. Many thanks.
  18. MachinaMandala

    Roll20 Text Game - The River Runs Red

    Link to the Roll20 Posting The River Runs Red It is the Year 1622. Last year, the Lunar Empire killed the gods Orlanth and Ernalda. The Red Emperor declared a year of celebration as, at last, they had triumphed over their immortal enemies. The Great Winter swept across the land, starving many and forcing many others to resort to new allies and create new enemies. At the same time, a cradle carrying a giant's babe was carried down the Zola Fel river. Despite gold spent and life lost, the Lunar forces sent there were unable to defeat its defenders and seize the cradle. This is not to happen again. You are a group of Lunar settlers, granted a piece of land along the Cradle of Rivers. For some of you this may be a reward, for others a punishment. Whether you've been ordered, whether you're a slave or whether you're a freeman looking for a piece of land to call your own, you have what seems to be a simple task ahead of you: Make the river run red. What is this? This is a RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha game utilising the new RuneQuest rules. The game is taking place from the perspective of the Lunars who are, by most souls on Glorantha, viewed as a pretty damn evil empire who cavorts with Chaotic beings and is seeking to end the worship of anyone else across the whole world. The game will be text-based and will likely run 6pm GMT Wednesdays. Info for Gloranthaphiles In this Glorantha, the Grantlands were never truly settled by Lunar occupants. Everything south of Sun County is wild countryside. The timeline for this is shifted back a few years from the default starting date just to allow the players time to ramp up while the Hero Wars does. P.S. Not sure this is the right place to post this but I couldn't find a LFG sub forum.
  19. We've sent out our latest RQG Preview, featuring preliminary sketches of Andrey Fetisov's wonderful piece of the adventurers in Snakepipe Hollow. Plus the finished work. We've also reminded everyone that RuneQuest goes on sale tomorrow (June 1st)! The preview list is here, if you'd like to join it: http://eepurl.com/dtqE9T
  20. RUNEQUEST: ROLEPLAYING IN GLORANTHA is available as a PDF download from DriveThruRPG. Where it is currently the #1 selling item site-wide! Available from DTRPG here: http://bit.ly/2JbMIzW
  21. This thread is for collection of errata in the RuneQuest Quickstart Rules and Adventure booklet; my hope is that some of these can be corrected or clarified for the 1 July 2017 PDF and print-on-demand releases. p. 7, Strike Rank Modifiers table and Magical Attacks and Strike Rank section: These sections both say that the first Magic Point in a spirit-magic spell does not add to the strike rank of the casting, conflicting with the Spell Strike Rank section on p. 20. p. 18, Spirit Magic section: Says that spirit magic spells usually have duration of two minutes, conflicting with Duration section on p. 20. p. 20, Spell Strike Rank section: This section says that all Magic Points in a spirit-magic spell add to the strike rank of the casting, conflicting with the Strike Rank Modifiers table and the Magical Attacks and Strike Rank section on p. 7. p. 20, Duration section: Says that all temporal spirit-magic spells last five minutes (25 rounds), conflicting with Spirit Magic section on p. 18. Back cover (bottom centre): In the "For more information about Chaosium..." text, "seeour" should be "see our".
  22. What's been keeping Jeff busy after the RQG rules themselves headed over into layout? Find out here... https://www.chaosium.com/blogwhats-happening-with-rqg-2-the-gods-of-glorantha
  23. Jeff and Jason have passed on some exciting news: layout and proofreading of RQG is all-but-done ("we're just doing some final finishing up and tweaks"). The book is truly both a thing of beauty, and also a very easy-to-use reference when playing the game. Stay tuned for an announcement soon about preorders! Art credit: "Binding an Earth Elemental" by Andrey Fetisov
  24. In our last update, Jason revealed the new RuneQuest logo, and the process we went through to get there; in our newest Design Note, here it is on the cover of the book itself, with amazing art by Andrey Fetisov! Jeff also details where we are with the whole RQG project. Well worth a read... https://www.chaosium.com/blogdesigning-the-new-runequest-part-23/ (please note, the cover is still a work-in-progress!)
  25. First in a new series - What's Happening with RQG. Jeff shares some of the new layout in progress: this is a book with a lot of art, and where we could visually explain a concept, we did! Art Credits: 'Missile Weapons' & 'Shield Types' by Simon Roy