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Found 4 results

  1. Are there other Aeolian tribes in Southern Heortland besides the Bandori? So the Bandori are in Bandori county. But what about north of that. Since the Aeolians tend to be mainly urban in this area, would they be more of city factions in their cities? Like Mount Passant would be their tribe/faction while say Duchamp is theirs with each owing up to their ruling talar... as i believe the commoners elect their ruling talar, so there's probably loyalty there. I would then think the ruling talar would do what he could to remain in authority. Maybe his council, a talar ring for lack of better words, would already have the commoners doing what they want the result to be. Or maybe that city's talar caste turn into big but subtle political jockeying... (anyway, i'm digressing.)
  2. So I’ve asked many questions about the Aeolians and thank you all. You’re really shed some light. There is still one notion I can’t seem to grasp. What is the difference between the Aeolian house of worship vs the Wind Temple (Orlanth)? I assume they’re different buildings in a town that has a good amount of Aeolians. The Aeolians are henotheist and many (nobles and commoners) worship Orlanth (the Invisible God being too remote to worship directly). They become rune lords and priest and most likely preside over the wind temple... just like their Orlanthi hill brethren. The Aeolian priest however are the sorcerors. Well, what do they do if the Invisible God is too remote to directly worhips? (Maybe except for them). Then if most others are worshipping in the wind temple, would there be an Aeolian temple in town as well? (which may sit empty for the most part because everyone is in the wind temple). (Vizel, Mt Passant, etc.) Thank you in advance for helping me understand, much appreciated.
  3. Page 286 of the core rulebook states the wyter can cast any rune spell or spirit magic known by it's priest, which is probably the village/town talar i'm guessing, the leader anyways. The actual Aeolian priest being is a sorceror. So just trying to reconcile the two. I'm guessing the answer is yes and the Aeolian talar in all probability worships Orlanth... Then what about the Aeolian temple? Would it have a wyter because sorcerory could possibly be involved at this point.
  4. Good Afternoon good people, did the Aeolian saints get redacted or are they still in use with RQG? I'm making some Aeolian NPCs in Heortland, mainly Salt Point, Viziel and Duchamp. If I wanted them to follow Orlanth, would they say it as Orlanth or St Worlath?
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