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Found 4 results

  1. The AEON:engine™ trademark applies to a number of related D100 games. These grew out of the now obsolete AEONS™ and GLYPHMASTER™ projects.GLYPHMASTER™ will have lost its raison d'être once Chaosium re-issues RQ2 in all its glorious glory and is no longer an active project. AEONS™ has moved a long way away from its RQ2/BRP roots and is now being developed privately by myself and another writer as AEON:core™. This is clearly part of the D100 family, and some of you may note a certain similarity to a favourite boxed set of mine as well as the former AEONS™ D100 playtest rules.The AEON:engine™ family is just my name for projects using the A:c rules. However, the idea is that AEON:engine™ books will be internally consistent right throughout the family, so bits can be used across genres without any modification at all. I should also point out that AEON:core™ has been de-linked from the OGL entirely, and is not in any way based on the text from the MRQ1 SRD or my D100II SRD. However, there will be a simple (and free) licence. AEON:core™ is a basic, stripped-down quickstart role-playing system for gaming in any period (no science fiction or fantasy). AEON:engine™ is the collective name for stand-alone games using AEON:core™. AEON:mageworld™ applies the rules of AEON:core™ to a Germano-Celtic fantasy setting, the Western Isles. AEON:gateworld™ uses the rules of AEON:core™ to model a science fiction setting.
  2. Vile


    As mentioned elsewhere, AEON:core™ is intended to be the 16-page BRP of the AEON:n™ line. That's not to say it will be 16 pages (I highly doubt this, even if only because it will be in digest format), nor that it will only cover pre-modern eras. At present we are designing it to accommodate basic, character-focussed play in all Tech Aeons from neolithic to modern day. It's highly unlikely that vehicle (or aircraft or watercraft) rules will be included except perhaps as equipment items under the transportation category. We're not sure yet whether full life-path professions will be viable - probably not, but the alternative profession packets will be. We are now primarily hammering out skills, with the intent of limiting their number as much as possible, but allowing rules for a wide range of application and effect. The characteristics will be 7 familiar faces to everyone here, of course.
  3. I'm likely to put down a disparate plethora of thoughts on this board as I take a fresh look at the AEONS™ project and determine what will bits will survive the transition to AEON:engine™. Discussion is more fun than bouncing ideas off the inside of my own skull. As you are all no doubt aware characteristic modifiers have been with us from day one, with the very minimal modifiers of Original D&D and Classic Traveller through the more fine-grained systems like RuneQuest 3 to what seems to be a general tendency towards quantitatively increased bonuses today. At the same time there has been a move towards more coarse-grained situational modifiers in an attempt to limit the amount of book keeping at the table, like the advantage / disadvantage rule of D&D 5E or even the chunky modifiers suggested in OpenQuest. Now, personally I have never been a fan of big skill modifiers based on characteristics, especially in a skill-based game like Basic Roleplaying. Remember that many iterations of BRP don't have characteristic modifiers for skills. I don't believe there is enough variation in human potential to make a great difference, certainly not as much as training / research / experience. Coupled with the move away from relatively insignificant modifiers in games, I'm seriously considering to completely remove characteristic modifiers for skills in AEON:engine™. This has led me to look back at the point of characteristics in the first place. If they no longer determine whether you are better or worse in game terms, what do they do? Quite a lot, it turns out: Hit points, power points, and damage are still determined by characteristics. There are always characteristic rolls for situations where skills are not appropriate. Characteristics are the foundation of the player's image of a character.
  4. Well, as Loz has let the RQ6 cat out of the bag, I suppose it's about time that AEON revealed its true colours. Brought to you by Ganbat Badamkhand (yes, you're right about the inspiration behind it). AEON Cover Art Preview
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