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Found 1 result

  1. The Western Isles are a number of large and small islands at the farthest edge of an old and decadent empire. The indigenous human presence is limited to a relatively small area on the largest of the islands known as Nine Dragons, after a range of mountains to the north, and consists of innumerable clans of primitive hunter-gatherers collectively known as the Wodens, after their practice of using blue woad as body paint. 500 years ago, two of the islands were colonised by the empire. The colony as a whole is called the Westmark, but it is divided between the two rival counties of Delect on Broken Island to the west, and Brum on the island of Fragrant Harbour to the east. Linking the two is the free city of Sandmouth on the Nine Dragons Peninsula. What makes the Western Isles so different from the rest of the empire, however, are the presence of a host of inhuman, intelligent beings. Most fall into one of two distinct branches - fairies and giantkind, each with an entire ecology of unique, or at least "different" species. Only one group from each family deign to have regular contact with humans, and they happen to be geographically split between the elves on Broken Island and the dwarfs on Fragrant Harbour. Both species trade with humans, though they remain alien and unfathomable in spite (or perhaps because) of their apparent disinterest in the colonisation of their lands. The Western Isles are also unique because magic, long relegated to legend and superstition, is part of everyday life. Many creatures are intrinsically magical, and humans have learned to wield magic from both elves and dwarfs - though human magic remains cumbersome and limited in comparison. Not all of the Western Isles are open, however. To the north, beyond the Nine Dragon mountains and the watchtowers making up the Gindrinker's Line, lie the territories of monstrous creatures far more alien and inimical than elves or dwarfs. Wild mountains, forests, river valleys, and swamps cover vast tracts of land unexplored by and hostile to human life. Even the wild Wodens will rarely venture down the northern slopes of their mountains into these fantastic realms. AEON:mageworld™ is the first game in the AEONengine™ system. It is an ancient fantasy game melding aspects of Celtic and Germanic mythology. The game will be presented in four digest-sized books, each covering a modular portion of the whole: Rules Setting Creatures Magic
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