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Found 4 results

  1. I've held off getting into this, but I feel it is time to deal with arguably the great power of Maniria in the Third Age: The Arstola Aldryami. A massive old growth forest with 230,000 Aldryami living within it. Compared to many other regions of Genertela, their lands and authority have gone relatively unchallenged. Similar to other Scratchpad thread, I'm going to list off various things that we know are true (mostly from the Guide), and then I'll add a little commentary. There are three Elven Forests relatively close to Arstola: Tarinwood, the Old Woods, and Wonderwo
  2. "The future of Glorantha", the last chapter from the Glorantha book of HeroWars (2000), contains these lines : Never heard of this Serandarn guy before. Any other reference somewhere ? Nothing on Glorantha Wiki, nothing in the Guide...
  3. I'd like my player to participate to the (Pamaltela) Aldryami spring 'heroquest' where they beat the winter (and the mountain snow as the forest is beside a mountain) and allow the spring to come. Any idea on how the 'myth' should be structured? I'm not a myth specialist, but I want something nice and divers.
  4. A player in my game @Byll pointed this out to me the other day. Cults of Prax Appendix N: Varaneena Cow-Eye says "......An elf saw that and it led to friendship. Now we have worked out that they will return beast tails to us if we return elves we have freed from the Lunars." "What are the Lunars doing with elves as slaves, and obviously enough of them that there's a trade going on with freed ones? This must be somewhere in Prax as it can't be out in the Wastes (can it?). Intriguing to say the least. The elf that saw the singing to the narl flowers must have been at the Paps or A
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