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Found 3 results

  1. A weak spot in my adventures is the distribution of allegiance points and allegiance checks. I always seem to forget or have a hard time figuring out what works best. One of the ideas I have to help is, after a session, I could go around the table and use a democratic way of giving points and checks by asking the players how they saw the member of the party acting and what points and checks they should get. i am also going to try to write situations in the adventure to help remind me. How do you handle allegiance points and checks? Any ideas that could help?
  2. As an idea for my house rules, I'd like a rough mechanic of somekind to track relationships between individual NPCs and groups/guilds/etc. My rough idea so far is that every new relationship starts at 50% (neutral). "Any time you use a skill and score a special success working towards something that can reasonably be considered for that individual or group and/or are wearing an insignia or tabard clearly displaying your affiliation, those relationships increase by 1% and any faction or individual you are reasonably considered to be working against goes down by 1%." Relationships would have different levels, like skills (maybe <30% hated, 30-40% hostile, 40-60% neutral, 60-70% friendly, 70-80% honored, 80%+ revered) that would have different meanings and benefits/consequences. This makes sense in my head because as you become more skillful, your chance of scoring criticals increases, so the more legendary your skills, the more quickly your reputation grows. Also criticals are supposed to represent some sort of memorable use of the skill, and memorable events in the name of some relationship or organization would impact your reputation with that person/organization, and with their enemies. This would need to be used in tandem with some sort of skill decay. I would like to avoid the no stat atrophy trope, but also want something that's simple and doesn't require any more notes. So I'm thinking something like: "every month in game time every skill decreases by 1%" and "every year in game time your primary characteristics decrease by 1." At first I thought of something like "every skill that hasn't been used for x-time decreases", but that seemed very difficult to track. This way you simply always have to increase your skills by at least 1 point once a month in game time, and no tracking of when the last time you increased your skill would be necessary. Relationships would be a special case. Any relationship score over 50% decreases as normal 1% per month. Any relationship less than 50% increases 1% per month. This is because neutral feelings is 50%. I should also note that my current house rules allow multiple skill ups per session, not only at the end of the adventure. Thoughts?
  3. So you gain different types of bonuses by being Allied (more points in) each Force(Light, Shadow, Balance). When you eventually (if ever) reach 100 AND 20 more points than any other Allegiance you can gain Apotheosis, which is pretty much like becoming a faithful servant of that force, gaining some wonderful benefits based on that force. The book reads: Champion of Shadow: 1. Magic Points double 2.Chance to commune with a higher power of the Shadow 3. Chance of resurrection Champion of Balance: 1. Hit Points become SIZ+CON+POW (instead of SIZE+CON) Champion of Light: 1. Settle a new land and rules over d100+100 sq. Miles 2. Chance to commune with higher power of the Light. OK. Here's my question to those who are familiar (or the number crunchers): Would it be game breaking if the benefits of Apotheosis weren't restricted by the force? I was thinking of allowing a player who obtains Apotheosis to pick any 2. Thoughts? Also I'm thinking about adding some other benefits. Chaosium is releasing a new supplement called Chroniclers Companion, that will supposedly give new perspective to the Allegiance system and I was thinking how certain deities might reward Allegiance. Any suggestions on different benefits would be appreciated!
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