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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, while waiting for the publishing formalities to get sorted out for BRP Space, I have been working on a scifi setting I'm very happy with. Last week I finished the groundwork for the book and would like to show you what I've been busy with. It's an alternate history set in the 1930s where Christianity never caught hold in the western world. As a consequence, traditional shamanistic magic has partly survived and scientific progress, untethered by religious prejudice (together with some luck), allowed humans to go into space much earlier. In the 1880s several intelligent alien lifeforms, stranded without FTL for two centuries, were encountered. But a terrible disease called The Odd Soot is assailing the interstellar community, and only a few tragic heroes are standing up to the threat. Cover plus short blurb below it. And here's a link to the introductory chapter: http://ge.tt/9acymz12 Let me know what you think; all comments welcome. More to come soon. Odd Soot Eorthe, 1932. A universe separated from our own only by a thin veil. It’s been 50 years since the first humans crossed the voids between the stars and found it teeming with alien life. The Odd Soot is spreading from planet to planet, driving humans and aliens alike into madness. After 230 years the gruesome disease is on the move again. But only a few dare see the truth. The Philosophy Engine is presenting stranger and stranger predictions and the Skreeder Shamans see signs of worrying times to come. Will the insanities of the infected once more threaten to throw entire worlds into chaos? Are the desperate actions of a few ragged individuals enough to turn the tide? Comae Space need heroes more than ever. The survival of civilization is in the hands of the characters. Cover: Depiction of an Aygaan Seeker, by xeno-anthropologist Karyn Oakley. 1929.
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