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Found 4 results

  1. About the Cradle of Heroes The Cradle of Heroes is a fan created gaming tool that I developed to meet my needs as a GM and player. It's designed so that anyone can create and manage characters and creatures and to simplify the character creation process. Tutorial videos are available on my YouTube channel. The Cradle is also about community and I hope it can grow to become an informal marketplace for NPCs, creatures and ideas for Runequest. Characters can also be added to the open roster by selecting the "Open" check-box when you are creating or editing the character. They can then be coped and modified by other users, making their lives easier and letting them take advantage of your work and creativity. As more users share content in this way, it becomes easier for new and more experienced players to quickly and easily build high quality character for their Runequest games. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the app. I've created a Trello board to help manage feedback and updates. Please note that this iteration of the app is still in BETA phase. There will be bugs and while I'll make every effort to keep and persist all user-generated content, it may not always be possible. If anyone wants to help make the app better, the code is up on GitHub. Any suggestions or improvements (especially to front-end JS) are very welcome. --- ToferC I put together a few tutorial videos on how to sign in and use theRunequest Character App effectively. Intro: https://youtu.be/Lbf7bqYl9tM Finding Characters: https://youtu.be/DpvZ3SkuQgg Creating Characters: https://youtu.be/ARAqgnr3J5U Editing & Updating Characters: https://youtu.be/ReEevV8_d5s Adding Traits & Magic: https://youtu.be/7faq5XMcAz0 Copying Open Characters & Duplicating Content: https://youtu.be/pgy1SdlkTrU Intro to Homelands, Occupations & Cults: https://youtu.be/-pnGjE_zIJo NEW: Adding NPCs and creatures: Cheers! C
  2. Hi folks, I'd like to both announce and get feedback on a major new feature for the Cradle of Heroes: random characters based on the user selecting a homeland, occupation, cult and character scale or tier. You can access the feature from the "Create" tab. This feature is brand new and still in testing, so I'd appreciate hearing about what works, what doesn't, what you like and what you'd like to see next. Weapon choices seem a bit too random, so I'll be looking at that. I'm also looking for Glorantha-esque lists that I can use to automate descriptions. Names, appearances, deeds, anything like that would be fantastic. Here is a fully random character (no touch ups): https://www.cradleofheroes.net/view_character/10069 Thanks in advance for any resources you can share. Next up: auto adding weapons and armor to normal character generation and creating bands of random characters. Cheers! C
  3. Hi folks, I have pretty much finished the character section for Cradle of Heroes. I am now thinking about trying to make the Cults and homeland's more useful to people. My top idea is to create a user-entered repository of stories and myths for each cult. This would allow anyone to add their story and have it available listed under related cults. This is just a quick signal check to see if there's any interest in this in the community, or if this is just one of the issues that I seem to have. 🙂
  4. Beta functionality for Encounters are now live in the RQ Character Creator app. https://rq-web.herokuapp.com Encounters can be created by adding one or more factions. When viewed, you'll have access to a bunch of combat & tracking related details for all characters in the encounter. This is no-where near as clean as I hope to eventually get it. It will take tweaking and some other eyes to get it right. Also - there is no ability to save an encounter in process - if you leave the screen, HP etc. will reset. You can access Factions & Encounters through the new layout tabs and via Add Content. So a question: How much information do you want to see on an encounter screen? Everything? Minimalist? Is it important to track info and save back to characters?  Thanks! C
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