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Found 2 results

  1. **This topic probably comes up every once in a while, I sorry if it's a rehash of a conversation that you already had** **I don't have any idea about how real life bow and arrows work** I see the bow rules and they seem to be made from a list of disjointed situations like: "Someone can shot an arrow every 5 seconds" "Someone can shot an arrow at 250m" "Someone can hit a head size target 19 out 20 times at the Olympics" "Arrows can pierce mail/plate" So the rules try to be a mash up to acomodate all those, then a "master archer" can hit 19 out of 20 times a human sized target at 120 meters, twice per melee round at full damage. Let's challenge that. https://youtu.be/BEG-ly9tQGk Extremely fast shooting, not far, not pulling the whole extension of the bow. There are several examples on YouTube https://youtube.com/shorts/AL1W3HkjJ2Y?feature=share these are all half draw bow shots, fast but not hard hitting and totally not 120 meters range. This is an 120 meter shot, https://youtu.be/sjnG-5N5nL0 there is no way he is shooting 19 out of 20 arrows that far every 5 seconds. This one is 300m https://youtu.be/L-pZgHZp2ug and you can quickly tell this is not twice per melee round with a bone and wood bow. "But he is not an Olympic archer!" You say, well, yes, let's see how far Olympic archers (95%?) shoot - Archers shoot up to a distance of 70 metres (for recurve) and 50 metres (for compound) (Notice that compound bow means with pulleys and multiple strings, modern tech, not just "made with bones" and the ones on my bronze age glorantha are most likely not those or the 14th century English longbows) Ok, so not 120 meters at full %, or 250 meters at half % (which is a fair guesstimate, you are just not expecting to hit a single target, just shooting at troops I guess https://youtu.be/Gg2WImjzaAw ) So I'm planing on house ruling this and I want your opinion. 1- I would love to add half damage modifier to Bows based on weight. 2- Strongly enforce the rules for moving targets, shooting at melee and weather conditions. If the target is alive you are probably shooting at x1/2%, target practice x1% 3- Field archery or half draw - 20 or 30 meters effective range, up to twice that at 1/2%, twice per round (even 3 times maybe? If you can) One step down on damage (1d4+1 for self) no strength damage mod (see 1) Target practice or Full draw - 70 meters effective, full damage, once per round. (Damage mod for heavier bows) Long range, above 70m you can take as much as you want to aim and get the "taking your time bonus", 1/2 % for being above effective range, no damage mod , full damage one shot per round. Clout archery , up to twice the max range, once per round, half %, no damage mod, one step down damage (used in formation mostly) On a horse you can use the field archery option. Thank you in advance for any feedback, more than half of our group uses bows and I want to add some color to it.
  2. Recently Tod has been testing out items against his "Lockdown Longbow"; a modern compound crossbow that has the interesting trait that it releases recreated Mary Rose type arrows with the same energy as a roughly 100 lb. longbow. He's done shooting against a shield, recreated cuirboilli, and now Gambeson material. Mail is coming, but he is waiting on a riveted sample to arrive. Hopefully this link will get you to the playlist... or not. Now on to each individual video. Shields Arrows Crazy Idea Who's Shooting At Me Leather Armor Sandbags Gambeson SDLeary
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