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Found 1 result

  1. Official updates will be down in the Q21 forum (and I may see if I can get a sub-forum for it) and I built a page for it on my website. Nothing is there yet. However, for the foreseeable future I imagine I will be spending time here, answering and asking questions. I want the MW community to feel a part of this. Here are five things about ABaB thus far. Intentionally Multi-cultural. There will certainly be Welsh and Finnish influences, however we are drawing inspiration and ideas from across the full spectrum of human experience and myth. It will not be typical sword n sorcery or typical high fantasy even though certainly those tropes will be covered. Four main Species. For now we are using species and this may stick throughout. I suspect we will find an in-universe term for it. The four are: Humans, Frost Giants, Fire Giants, and Gek. The giants are not huge, they are about 7' tall. The gek are not humanoid at all, but a lizard folk who are powerful magicians. Vast and Dangerous Inland Seas. Without a doubt this may be one of the most important aspects players talk about. So we are embracing that. A wide ocean and at least two inland seas. Plus wide rivers and other things. Social Tension. The class of people (player characters) who still seek adventure are a dying breed. There is still work of course and dangerous sorcerers and greedy alchemists to battle, but people are tired of them as traditionally societies become tired of mercenaries and soldiers when there is no looming threat. This will isolate characters in some ways from the every day folk. The Gods are Unknowable. The divine beings who made the world are long gone and were never really knowable in the first place. There is no divine magic. The gods do not have proper names, but descriptions "He who lay beneath the seas" or "She who is the air you breathe" and stuff like that. Cults will exist of course, because cults are more social constructs than anything. They are built around either people of great power, others (demons and elementals), "beasts" The Beaver of Dark Rive!, or items that may or may not be powerful in some way. No one gets actual powers from cults, but they can be sources of information and obviously, conflict.
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