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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, everyone! Bit of a newbie question regarding MW: I have recently had the occasion to have a look at the book (since I had bought Advanced Sorcery and saw that it references MW), and noticed that there are more sorcery spells in MW than in the core BRP book. Seeing as how I'm planning to host a fantasy campaign with sorcery as the only form of magic, and noticing the differences, this has led me to wonder if there are any other fundamental differences between MW and the BGB. Having the BGB, should I also invest in MW? What would I be getting? If I have the core rules, could I just pick the ones used in MW and run my game like that? Beside the extra spells, is there any more content that might be of interest? Basically, any information regarding the comparison between these two books would be of use, rules- and content-wise, since I plan on doing the setting myself. Thanks for your time and patience with someone who's a bit lost!
  2. Version 0.76b


    First pass at a character sheet for the forthcoming RuneQuest in Glorantha. Based on previous versions and interpretation of characters in the RQG Quickstart.
  3. Hey everyone, some of you may already have read it at the "BRP Computer Tools (multi-platform for preference...)" topic. But to make it more clearly arranged for me, I'll start a new topic. I'm studying game development and I'm doing a research study at the moment (as a preliminary work for my bachelor thesis), where I'm trying to figure out what functionalities a role playing game software tool should have to perfectly assist a game master (and maybe also the players) in order to manage the campaign. Therefore I'm going to make a survey on the matter where I would need people/players to help me (probably in one or two weeks). If anyone of you would be interested in filling in the survey, then please like this post, so I can see how many there would be and if that would be enough. If some of you are interested and have already played for a long time, then maybe even write a comment, so that, if I don't get enough people for the poll, I could make some interviews with the experts Thanks in advance!
  4. The Aethercon V panel where I talked BRP—where it came from (RuneQuest) and what it led to (a whole lot of great d100 games including, of course, Call of Cthulhu). The other panellists are Josh Harrison from FASA and fellow Aussie Oliver Shead from Immersion Studios.
  5. Guest

    BRP Essentials Status

    As per MOB's post that "The new Mythic Iceland is based on BRP Essentials, not the other way round." - are there any updates on the status of BRPE? Format, contents, publication date, artwork, paper quality, etc. etc. etc.
  6. Version 1.5


    The Second Way (TSW) is a set of home brew freeform magic rules for Chaosium’s Magic World setting. Inspired by Chaosium’s Deep Magic and Atlas Game’s Ars Magica, TSW changes Deep Magic’s spheres and glyphs and adds rules for specifying spell range, area of effect and duration as well as for affecting mass, affecting character condition and casting spells against multiple targets. The goal of TSW is to provide a definitive yet flexible way for crafting and scaling spells. For maximum benefit readers will want to purchase Chaosium’s excellent Advanced Sorcery book.
  7. Guest

    Worlds of Wonder

    I've wanted one of these ever since I didn't buy one back in the 80s when I saw it for sale in my FLGs. Well, I finally decided to stop waiting and blew a load of dosh on a boxed set, seems complete from the "what's in this box" page that comes with it. I really want to run something with it now ...
  8. Hi all, I am a BRP noob that after reading Magic World still finds himself with a few questions. If any of you gurus would contribute to my education I would really appreciate it! 1. Assuming a battle is occurring in an open field what is the largest number of attackers that may engage a single target hand-to-hand? In other games my group uses a hex-delimited mat for battles and 6 attackers may engage any target at one time. Is the same applicable for Magic World? 2. How much are actions that affect allegiance worth? For example how many points are incurred when someone is murdered or healed? How many for sharing your lunch with a beggar? How many for building a bridge? 3. What type of actions generate balance points? The book suggest tending trees and building bridges, any other (more practical) examples? 4. If I understand the rules correctly (page 62) characters casting spell in combat may not both move and cast in the same round. Is that correct? 5. Page 85 of Magic World indicates that to disengage from an attacker, an adventurer should use an attack successfully, dodge successfully, or turn and run. Page 62 indicates that to disengage from combat an adventurer must declare his intent at the beginning of the roud, make no attacks, and successfully dodge all attacks made against him. Any insight into how this is supposed to be handled? 6. The weapon length rule on page 92 makes me think that adventurers with long weapons go ahead of adventuers and npcs with shorter weapons despite DEX rank. Is that correct? The same rule suggest that a player using a long weapon cannot be attacked by a player using a shorter weapon until the player using the shorter weapon makes a successful dodge to slip inside the guard of the player with the longer weapon. This implies to me that the player with the longer weapon will get at least one free attack. Is that correct? The rules also seem to indicate that once the player with the shorter weapon is within the guard of the player with the longer weapon he is no longer in immediate danger (assuming the guy with the longer weapon doesn’t move back). Do I have that right? If so why is that true? Couldn’t the guy using the spear just move his hand-hold further up the weapon? Is it accurate to think that weapons such as the quarterstaff and greatsword have significiant advantages because they can be used at short, medium, and long distances (page 72)? PS - I recently posted a review of Magic World on rpg.net at http://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/16/16300.phtml. It will likely all be old hat to people on this site but I would love to get your feedback if you have the time! Any help is much appreciated! Thank you! Best regards, Ronnie
  9. Hello BRP Central! I am currently working on a conversion of Iron Kingdoms to BRP. While most of the items and equipment are pretty straightforward, I've had to get a bit creative get the "feel" of IK magic, yet keep it functional from a game perspective. I'm listing my conversion notes below: o Arcanists (wizards) and Sorcerers will have access to magic spells supplemented by a handful of psychic powers (all appropriately renamed or removed as consistent with the setting) to use with the standard Magic rules from the Big Gold Book. To differentiate between Arcanists and Sorcerers, I'll start Arcs with 6 or so spells at INT%, and they may learn any spell they wish. Arcanists may select spells as professional skills, using their professional skill pool to increase the percentiles. o Sorcerers start with 4 spells at a higher skill level (POW x2%), but must select a single element (earth, wind, fire, water) as a theme for any spells they have access to, and they cannot learn any spell outside of their element. Perhaps they only use personal skill points to increase spell percentiles at creation? Or, maybe that gimps them too much... o Arcane Mechaniks and Gun Mages use similar rules with regard to starting spell numbers and percentiles to arcanists and sorcerers respectively. The differences are that PP cost is double when casting a spell the traditional way, and not activating a spell inscribed into a mechanikal contraption or rune bullet. I'd need to figure out material costs, but a ballpark figure would be 10x the PP cost of the spell in addition to the basic materials? o Faithcasters (priests, paladins, druids, monks, etc.) purchase "super powers" from the BGB. I'm considering a 21 point budget to start. Power selection will be limited based on the character's deity (for instance, a druid of Dhunia, the Devourer, or Nyssor could justify taking "Alternate Form" of a woodland or tundra beast, while a Paladin of Morrow or Menoth could not.) I'd like to figure out a way to incorporate the Allegiance system from the book into the way a Faithcaster works. I'm just not sure what I'd do with it. Maybe they roll Allegiance to activate a power, with no base PP cost? o Warcasters... they are such a different animal in that they generally use powers that require upkeep to buff those around them, or cast area spells. Warcasters have a focus pool equal to 1/2 POW. With their focus, they may cast Sorcery Spells from the BGB (again, appropriately renamed and removed to fit the fluff), and select POW levels of spells at character creation. Rather than burning their Focus to cast spells like a traditional spellcaster, warcasters "slot" their focus to activate a spell. As long as they maintain concentration the spell stays active. If not slotted, Focus is at the ready to use - "potential energy" if you will. They'll also get the "Jack Handling (INT)" skill, enabling telepathic communication with their warjack. o Since so many warcasters are traditional spellcasters or faithcasters, I'll allow players to "cross-class". They simply select half the amount of spells/ powers for both careers. o Fell Callers... would they be similar to a Warcaster? o I'm considering allowing casters to alter such things as range, duration, or area of effect for a spell. To make this work, Arcanists, Sorcerers, and Faithcasters would cast their spell/ pray to their deity at a higher difficulty. Warcasters slot more Focus. I welcome any feedback, ideas, comments, or critiques that you might have. All of this is in the conceptual phase for a possible future campaign. Thanks!
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