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Found 2 results

  1. In 480, their first year after getting their spurs, 3 of my 4 player-knights married. Apart from making sure they understand they won't be getting that much Glory every year, I've been mulling over how I want to deal with their wives... In most Pendragon games I've played or heard about, wives are basically just an APP stat and Stewardship skill, maybe also First Aid and/or Chirurgery, and that's it. We'll see how much or and my players want to involve the wives in the game, but working on a sheet to keep track of the ladies, I became curious: how have you GMed wives in your games? Call me a feminist, but I'm considering having tick boxes on the wives' Traits, Passions & Skills, and giving them annual Glory, as if they were actually people. Maybe it'll be a pain in the ass and just stretch out the Winter Phase too long, but I like the idea of wives who might possibly change over time, and not just in that they automatically get better at doing the things their husbands need them to. Have you dealt with any of this yourself already?
  2. I'm working on a character sheet layout that includes BoE changes (among others), and I was wondering how you handle squires and knightly skills... BoE page 13 says: So all of their knightly skills would start at 3, since they start at age 14. So how do you handle advancement? A successful roll of under 15 raises all 8 skills, or do you break them out and roll individually? I guess they're squires, and that kind of granular detail isn't worth it, but I have had players take over their squire as a second character...
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