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Found 1 result

  1. We have been playing he GPC for a year from 485 to 518 and we started to use the book of the manor since more or less the start of the Anarchy (and the book of battle but that's not relevant). At the time the book of the estate already existed, probably, but I had manor and used manor. After obtaining the book of the warlord and the book of the estate, I'm entertaining the idea to transition from the old to the new economic system. I have some questions for the most experienced players and gamemasters (this is my first time playing and gming pendragon). 1) How fair is gonna be for the characters? I've been very generous with them. And a player recently married the wife of good young count Robert (who died in the Humber) and was even more generous with his friends. Most hold good amounts of land: two are bannerets, another one has three manors (with two vassals) and the other has four mannors in Salisbury and is count Rydychan. The knight with three manors has castle Ebble and one of the bannerets has Tilshead which I misinterpreted as akin to a castle a long time ago (so now it's a castle because it was my mistake, not the players). Castles, towns and counties aren't managed, we assume that any income they provide is used for maintenance or reinvested (but I allow the count to demand everything a count would have, like good equipment, an appropriate lifstyle, etc.). The count's player retired the character when he achieved the honour but then he was obviously present during the battles of the anarchy so it was a fake retirement. Same with the son and current main Pk until his death in Badon, since he's a foolhardy youngster that would absolutely leave the country in the hands of older vassals to adventure and fight with his childhood friends from Salisbury. 2) Is it feasible to use warlords without ditching the old pendragon 5.2 hierarchy? That is vassal-banneret-baron-count-duke-pennath-king. Like many people in the forum (apparently) I'm not a fan of DMing spread-out noble domains and either way it's too late after 33 years of local counts. 3) How unwise would it be to use book of warlord for a player knight who is count Rydychan? He's the only "baron" (by BoW definition) except for another one who is an absentee lord with a viscounty in Galicia (Spain). Both characters died gloriously in Badon and both heirs are children, so it's not a pressing issue, but the former will be playing with a brother (uncle of the boy count) and will probably be the guardian and de facto count. The other is playing with the son of his first character and who, ironically, is technically the liege lord of the spanish viscount but otherwise is just a regular vassal knight. 4) How unwise would it be to not use the whole homage thing? I like conflicting loyalties and I have used them to roleplay (and presented it as a common thing in feudalism to the players, which is true). PK seemed to enjoy the drama it caused during the anarchy too when some accepted lands from Idres or Nanteleod but some didn't. 5) The whole issue about having to provide knights and infantry is new right? I honestly thought that a knight was able to hold 8 manors without having a single vassal or household knight if for some wild reason he desires to. As for the infantrymen I thought only counts and holders of castles were required to have them. Would it be wise to introduce all this as some kind of reform by Arthur or will it look arbitrary to do it when the saxons have just been defeated and peaceful times are to be expected? 6) Several of the players have been investing a lot of money into their manors and have a lot of improvements built, which together with the big tracks of land means they're very rich. If I'm correct this is gonna change if we start using Book of Estate. Most of them enjoy the management minigame and of course they enjoy being filthy rich. In fact they're actually under the impression that the BoM is harsh and that they don't have much money the years they can't get loot (mostly because they're unlucky when rolling in the destruction table). I'm afraid to make them disheartened with the change and make them perceive it like I'm punishing them. Do players lose a lot of economic power after transitioning from BoM to BoE? Is an actual transition even possible? Should I just wait for the next campaign (if there's one) to use the new system or are the problems with BoM too large to ignore? Sorry if I have beaten around the bush too much in some of the questions, I feel like there's a lot to explain. Looks like, since we're new and I made quite a lot of mistakes, we're playing Pendragon very differently from what's intended.
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